Malawi’s head of Catholic Church blasts ‘disinformation’ MBC: Minister Tembenu says ‘sorry’

The head of Roman Catholic Church in Malawi, Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa on Thursday lost his temper and blasted the tax-funded  broadcaster, MBC for twisting his words to suit its political propaganda in favor of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Archbishop Msusa: One day power of the gun won’t be feared

MBC has for years been criticized of operating as a propaganda media-outlet for the ruling political parties and government, departing from its entrusted objective of disseminating unbiased information to the public.

Speaking during the second-day session of the Public Affairs Committee (Pac) 5+1 All-Inclusive Stakeholders Conference in Blantyre,  His Grace Msusa seemed enraged with how MBC portrayed him as President Peter Mutharika and the DPP’s sympathizer by sensationalizing and quoting him out of context.

While tempting to control his temper and emotions,  His Grace Msusa warned that, if not controlled, the continued MBC propaganda could incite anarchy in the country.

“Using of what I said as if I agree with everything of what is happening; that is wrong. I don’t like what MBC has done to use what I said out of context,” said Msusa who sounded infuriated with MBC’s action.

The statement in context “we will support you” is the one  Archbishop Msusa said when Pac had an audience with Mutharika last year.

Archbishop Msusa, who is regarded as a one of the pillars of integrity and faith in the country, has since warned that Malawians might one day rise to fight against such conduct displayed by MBC.

“One day the power of the gun shall not be feared. Am not a prophet but we should remember that one day the power of the gun will not be feared.”

He said: “I am angry.”

Leader of government delegation to the conference,  Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu apologized to  Archbishop Msusa on behalf of MBC and government.

“I should apologize to the Archbishop. Please be informed that the complaint has been noted. As government will be able to correct our ways and do things in a right manner,” said Tembenu.

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Getrude, I know this is your feud name but still you should know that Bishop Msusa has high sense of humour than whoever your masters have. Am still waiting to hear what President will have to say on this, if at all he has the integrity he longs for but miles away to comprehend. People like Getrude are the ones who kept lying to Kamuzu at the people are behind him while they are not. The truth is that people are fed up with DPP. In 2014, they did not vote DPP to win, but the crooked DPP systematically rigged… Read more »

MBC shall never learn. DPP will sink together with MBC one day. Just look at Philip Business, reduced to a mere idiot of the ruling DPP. Shameless journalist. You never find peace.

Can Msusa tell Malawians which party used MBC to the benefit of all Malawians? Was Msusa outside Malawi when the MBC was being controlled by the ruling parties for the past 23 years? The problem with Malawians is that they take the Catholic bishops as the wisest and most feared type of men. The comments people are giving are as if MBC has insulted Jesus. Msusa is just a man like everybody in the eyes of God. Wearing a robe and a cap daily does not mean you are more closer to God than others. It is only God who… Read more »
Generation of Vipers

I cant wait for the day when power of a gun will not be feared, kayende basi ka demo pamenepa


Nthawi yamasika mabishop amazungulira mitu ndikuchuluka kwa zopereka zomwe nawonso amakapereka kuzibwenzi zawo. The church is NOT clean by any means. It is rotten just as good as CSOs, NGOs, Churches, Mosques, Political Parties, Chiefs, Judiciary, etc. Not even a single institution is clean.

Kodi ngati corruption-yo mukuiwonadi, why don’t you (ampingonu) assemble witnesses and bring to book those that are corrupt? And the ultimate beneficiary of corruption is the church itself in my view.

I am afraid if my chopereka is meant to subsidize church arrogance towards other institutions like this.

konda nzako

kugwila ntchito ku MBC is just as good as kugwila ntchito ku zimbudzi zokumba, MBC ilibe fungo labwino wailess yokalamba.

2019 voter

I watch other countries public TVs but you hadly see their presidents. Kodi iwowo samakonda mapresident awo. Koma MBC tv, iiiiih!! Just tune now, umpeza, chonsechotu wowinila 36%. Nanga akanawina ndi 50%??? Nyimbo ya MBC ndi yoswa basiiii. Koma Yoswa mumamudziwa? Tapota nanu. You are making more enemies than friends.


When u see and hear men of God start speaking against the evils the county is going through just know that time is ripe for action. Remember that whatever is agreed or condemned on earth God does likewise. I can foresee panic, disintegration, desperation, sorrow, fear, shame, grief engulfing our beloved our country.
“Owulula machimo ake adzapulumuka” koma machimo a MBC ndi DPP achuluka…


yes they always talk when things have gone beyond recovery, God bless MALAWI.

Sultan Bin al Bin Moya
Sultan Bin al Bin Moya
Congratulations Bishop for putting these guys on that whip. their job is to serve Malawi equally and fairly but what we see and hear is not in the public interest t all. MBC is serving the interest of government at the expence of the will and interest of the people. At the recent PAC meeting chiefs were not present for the first time. Had no input except going on air on this TV and start castigating those that are helping the country to go forward. What MBC must not forget is that the budget hasnt yet passed and if what… Read more »

To say sorry is the most honorable thing one can do when things go wrong. God bless you Samuel tembenu. But we shall be looking forward to seeing change in line with the apology.

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