Chaponda defamation case against Times newspaper adjourned: Defence not ready

Former Mnister of Agricuture Dr George Chaponda defamation lawsuit against media giant Times Group and some of its editorial staff in connection to stories and comments on the suspicious maize deal between Malawi and Zambia failed to start at Blantyre High Court because the defence was not prepared.

Chaponda: Suing Times Group for defamation and libel

Chaponda sued Times Group Editor-In-Chief and Malawi News editor George Kasakula, the Daily Times editor Innocent Chitosi and The Sunday Times editor Chachacha Munthali.

He was expected to give evidence on why he thinks he was defamed by the publication.

On Monday morning before the start of the hearing, defence counsel Patrick Mpaka told Judge Kenyata Nyirenda that he was not ready for the case.

“You see that on record we filed our defence and a list of documents. However, we did not file our trial bundles.

“I will also need to reconcile some documents and organise my thoughts for cross examinations. With the situation I am in, I don’t think I will help the court that much if the trial is set,” said Mpaka.

He said the practice has been that he was always a stand-in-counsel for Times Group lawyer Innocent Kalua who was in United Kingdom for further studies but he was told late to continue with the case.

Among other things, Mpaka said he needed to organise documents he will make reference during cross examination.

“I would also want to make more copies like newspaper articles to share with my colleagues,” said Mpaka’ who asked for a three hour adjournment.

However, lawyer representing Chaponda,  Madalitso Mmeta wondered why the defence took time to organise themselves when they were served with trial bundles in October last year.

“Its now six months down the line,” said Mmeta who did not object to the request by the defence.

Justice Nyirenda adjourned the case to Tuesday afternoon.

Chaponda is also seeking damages from Times reporter Alick Ponje and Daily Times assistant editor Madalitso Mussa.

He claims that the scribes “falsely and maliciously” published defamatory words of the minister and that the Sunday Times positioned Chaponda’s picture against a headline of ‘Epitome of Decadence’ an opinion piece, claiming it was calculated to portray the minister as a morally rotten person.

Chaponda is claiming damages for libel, exemplary and aggravated damages for libel and costs of his lawsuit.


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May be they should change the name from MCP to another one. As the label is still MCP people will still be shivering at any mention of it. Mukuwonetsa kufatsa panopa chifukwa mwayi wolamula mulibe koma any mistake yolora inu kulowa m’boma Youth League idzatuluka from nowhere mwinanso before official results. Uniform ya red and khaki zili thoo m’ma suitcase. Kulephera kasanu kwa chipani chachikulu ngati chimenechi ndichinthu chokhumudwitsa kwa masapota. The history of the party is still in people’s minds that is why when a polling day comes many voters remember the party’s history and vote it negatively. Chakwera’s… Read more »
Brian Chikopa

The Good thing is that people know that Times Group is used by MCP to push for its agenda including kuipitsa mbiri ya Chaponda. Nation newspaper is the best.


Kodi a Kongolesi ndinu otani, mwayamba kale mantha bwanji? Nkhani siyinalowe nkomwe mu Court, zitsiru za wanthu inu, a party of death and darkness. What I can tell you is “you can’t delete history” any attempt to erase history becomes history itself. Don’t we read about zimene ankhachita a Roma during dark ages, don’t we? Nde why should we not talk kuti ndinu akupha? As far as am aware simudzawina nso chisakho, I swear. Muzingolira kuti atibera mayooo!!!! chisakho chilichinse unless you resurrect anthu amene munawaponya ku ng’ona aja. Mbuzi inu, mabatile anu.

A. Katona

Aputa munthu olakwika. George Chaponda from Yale University. Madalitso Mussa ndi anzake anye manyi sopano

peter george

George Chaponda akupita kumapeto andale zawo akufuna Court liwavere chisoni koma ACB musamusiye ameneyi ngwakuba Times sinalakwe ,komanso a DPP anamugula Kenyatta NAYIRENDA

Kingstone Kalulu

Anthu amenewa anamuipitsira mbiri Chaponda they have to pay for their professionalism


Eiiiiiish, zinakhalaso bwanji kiti nkhaniyi ikakhale kwa bwana Kenyatta. Bwanawa ndiokaikitsa machitidwe awo zedi, anatigulisila zotsatila zachisankho

Maxwell Masa

There no professionalism at Times group. Madalitsa Mussa and George Kasakula sensationalize issues because they want money. Bravo Chaponda

Vuka Vuka Eyes

Chomvetsa chisoni ndi a Kasakula ndichakuti ndi Chaponda nde kunyumbanso madam Flora Suya anthu kumakuchindirani inu muli busy ndi propaganda..kikiki …Ine ndangodutsamo.

Simeon Chingwe

It is clear that Chaponda will win ndipo wina asanamizirenso judge.Amulipire.

moyo kuwawa

Or upange ma tricks Dr chaponda chimanga koma nyengo ikasintha 2019 udzamangidwa basi

Mfumu Sothini

Chaponda will win his maizegate case and stupid Kasakula and his friends will pay him bigly.

Neria Pondani

Well done Chaponda suing Times Fools. They made everyone believe maizegate hoax

Ngozi iyo!

Times Group lost their integrity long time ago? What do you expect from Kasakula,Brian Banda and mnyamata wadziphuphu dzosaona nyengo uja otchedwa Madalitso Musa.This is payback time!

kaka ni dada

Kukana kuti unaba, lero bwanji?

Donald Jamu

Chaponda did well to sue the overzealous times group.Its only in malawi where people think can say or write anything they think without consequences.Ena atengelepo phunziro.

Joe Kampaundi

6 months yonseyi sanakomzekebe? zopusa basi! Times Group and its goofy editors can run for now but will not hide. Karma is a bitch!

Chilungamo Kuwawa

Times Group is worse than MBC. Serious Journalist like Ntchindi Meki left because they can’t be mkhwapa mwa MCP.


To prevail in a defamation case you have to show malice and the absence of any substance and truth in what was written or said about Chaponda. That is a tall order but knowing our judges anything is possible!

Magede si wandale

Daily times is full of MCP Propaganda.They are no better than MBC. People who are FOOLS believe in their news without seeing the MCP element in it. Zodiak, Nation news paper and Capital Radio are the only professionals reliable to reporting news. I will not be surprised with Chaponda’s win on this one.

donnex kwalenga

Chaponda will prevail in this case. Atolankhani adyerawa anakomedwa ndi nkhaniyi because they thought Chaponda would silence them with money.Well done Hon. George Chaponda.Lets meet in court

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

You may hide the truth in the flames that engulfed your office, but you know the truth. Sometimes those in power think they are so powerful that they can hide the truth and threaten those who seek to reveal, but the truth is the truth no matter how deep we want to bury it, one day it will out

Docus Mwale

Chaponda anaonongeledwa mbiri ndi akanganya amenewa.Amulipire kumene.

Danny Chikale

Chaponda will win all these cases. Times avoids reporting whenever court proceedings are his favour.


Kangaaroo tricks /crocodile tears
from dpp crooks

Calling themselves field marshalls
embezzling peoples taxes !!


Ian Kamwaza

God will not punish Chaponda or other DPP officials just because you said so. He is the only judge.

Tina Kalawe

I’m not surprised that people are leaving Times Group.You luck objectivity.


mbamva izi …za DPP

Ruth Sumaili

Times Groups imaonjeza! Bravo Chaponda

Patience Kunthembwe

Anaputa olakwika! lawyer from Yale University

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