Ravi Rach duped Malawi: NAM can only terminate the sponsorship contract

There is nothing Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) can do to enforce the MK600 million five-year sponsorship UK-based Rach Family Trust (RFT) contract apart from terminating it when it feels the other party was not honouring its part.

Ravi Rach duped the nation

Last year NAM announced a mouth watering contact with the Rach Family Trust but one year down the line there is nothing going on the ground.

However a clause in the contract prohibits NAM to legally take the family trust to task because the clause states that any side can terminate the contract if it feels that the other party is breaching its obligations.

The sponsorship deal with Netball Association of Malawi (Nam) was witnessed by government through its sports arm, Malawi National Council of Sports.

Sports Council Executive Director George Jana said the agreement does not necessarily provide for legal action on breach of any provisions therein.

“It only provides for termination. However, nothing really stops anyone of the parties from taking the route [of legal action]. However, one wants to consider the kind of outlook that would put on NAM for others who may in future want to offer sponsorships NAM or any sport organization in future.

“In my view, the best would indeed just be to terminate the agreement,” Jana said.

Reports also indicate that it’s actually the whole nation that has been duped because Rach Family Trust’s chairperson Ravi Rach met President Peter Mutharika and promised him the construction work of a netball court as part of the sponsorship and lied that its construction had already started.

It has been reported that Rach just wanted to influence Mutharika to give him land. However, Jana said he was not aware of the Rach Family requesting for land from the State President.

He, however, confirmed that NAM was indeed offered to be provided with netball court but “when asked about when the construction will start, the Chairman of the RACH Family has always been saying he wants to be shown the land”.

“The piece of land has always been there. In fact, there are two pieces of such; one in Blantyre within the Kamuzu Stadium land piece and the other at Kamuzu Institute for Sport. So the excuse has not been truthful.

In an interview with the Malawi media, Minister of Labour, Youth Sports and Manpower Development Francis Kasaila has also confirmed that Rach has been playing hide and seek to honour the contractual obligations and he has since asked NAM to cut ties with the Trust.

According to the botched contract, NAM was obliged to allow Rack Family Trust (RFT) to use Malawi netball as a marketing too as for their business and that NAM be in the forefront to ensure its proper coordination by ensuring that the Queens’ uniforms be branded ‘RFT’ for all local and international games where RTF is the main sponsor.

According to the contract, RTF was supposed to sponsor the national netball league, provide the Queens with kits and organise refresher courses for coaches, umpires and administrators.

NAM was supposed to be receiving K120 million a year but only released K15 million.

“From what I know, it is the Rach Family themselves who contacted NAM offering the sponsorship. I have a feeling there is something they wanted to benefit out of the offer,” Jana said.

It seems like there was no prior scrutiny as to the character of the Rach Family but just that they hold duo citizenship of Malawi and British

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Nox Nthambi
Nox Nthambi
4 years ago

kkkkkk the whole country being duped by a family…..too bad, Malawians we are very myopic, we ca’t see with our naked eyes even during the day. I remember before, during and after signing the contract/agreement there was a lot of talk from government officials, NAM representatives, National Council of Malawi team and junos blablablabla but now they are all silent as if they are learning to speak. Wake up Malawi. Does the Malawi Council of Sports and its affiliates have legal teams? This is a disgrace at its best. Having tertiary education does not necessarily being intelligent but only that… Read more »

ananveruwa akumalowa
ananveruwa akumalowa
4 years ago


4 years ago

The only good Indian is a dead one.. Sadly Malawians have low iq no wonder all good orders are given to these bafoons

4 years ago

But how did you sign a deal without seeing the proper contents of the contract?Why are we being used on each and everything in Malawi.The problem is,whenever you hear that they is money,you don’t even care of reading the mode of the contractual,you tend to be carried away with money forgetting about what will happen tomorrow.Its high time for you to broaden up your mind and you must always have these questions when signing or agreeing contracts,if this,what will happen in case,etc…

4 years ago

Amafuna akhale a Gupta akuno??

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