Chaponda hits UK top newspaper over corruption: Fired Malawi minister in emergency aid ‘scam’

Fired  Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Geogre Chaponda has his headlines in  British  newsapaper, The Times for bad reasons  – for his involvement in maizegate scandal and corruption allegations.

Geroge Chaponda: Investigations under way

Chaponda is facing investigations from Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) following a recommendation by the  presidential commission of inquiry into Malawi’s maize imports from Zambia.

In The Times, the British newspaper  reported that a Malawian government minister who visited Scotland to ask for millions of pounds extra in foreign aid “has been forced to resign while officials investigate an alleged scam involving the supply of emergency food to the African country.”

It noted that Chaponda, 74,  was relieved of his cabinet post after a raid uncovered £180,000 hidden in his home in Lilongwe, the Malawian capital.

The paper reported that last year Malawi High Commissioner to UK, Kena Mphonda, wrote Scottish governe,tn asking for money to help in Malawi’s food crisis, saying: “As a result of the maize production decline registered in 2015-16, the country’s food security situation is characterised by a large number of people in need of food assistance.”

He said that the government was buying maize to alleviate the crisis, but added: “We would be most grateful for any assistance the Scottish government may offer in this regard.”

The paper report that two months later, in April 2016, Chaponda became minister for agriculture and has been accused of corruption over the emergency supply of maize to millions of people at risk of starvation.

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Onse a ddp ndi a bwampini okhaokha, chomwe tingachite apapa amalawi tidzavotere mwanzeru kuopa zinthu ngati zomwe zikuchitikazi


I and myself I will always vote for dpp no matter what


Zizavota dpp ndimbavava zokhazokha. Tikuonera 2019 not Malawi

chaponda mchimanga
Do you call 34% of Mr Ibu winning the elections? Are we now interpreting that democracy means minority shall rule??? Dpp is taking advantage of our poor crafted constitution. The best way to go is dpp should bring a bill in parliament which should speak about a president amassing about 50+1% of the votes. Otherwise stop praising dpp as if it formed a majority government. Za umbuzi basi. if they fail to bring such a bill as recommended by Malawi Law Commission it means they are afraid of losing because I cant see dpp wining if this 50+1% was implemented.
Mudzamva liti

Yet the president is just watching. Arrest chaponda please; let the courts clear his name if he is innocent all.


Politics is a game of numbers. How can MCP win with few followers as compared to the mighty DPP?. Malawians, lets learn to accept the truth sometimes. There is no question of which party will form next government – its DPP obviously. If JZU Tembo failed to win elections what more with Chakwera?. Lets face fact here.

Mundimva Atsambani

wina afune kaya asafune DPP singachoke m’boma chifukwa choluza mavoti, kapenatu imfa zokonzedwa zomwezo basi

Uncover Malawi

This was a thinly disguised attack on the Scottish Government by a supporter of the Tory Party. They are attempting to associate Scotland’s support of Malawi with corrupt practices for party political purposes.

Putting support of Malawi at risk for tawdry short-term politics – despicable.


Yet another reason why developed countries won’t trust Malawi! The government must clean up its own house before Malawi can be trusted by donors.


Ndisiyeni pang’ono nzanu ndipume. Kundichotsa u Minister ndi chilango chachikulu pepani

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