Chief Kuntaja condemns Malawi women for sexy or revealing clothing

Senior Chief Kuntaja of Blantyre has condemned dressing of some women and girls saying it is one of the factors contributing to increased sexual assault cases.

Senior Chief Kuntaja (left in a hat) condemns women dressing

Speaking during the commemoration of Day of African Child at Maliya Primary School ground, Kuntaja said God created the body of a woman very different from that of a man.

He said the distinction compels women to always dress properly for fear of provoking men.

“During our youthful days, women never exposed their body anyhow; they covered it properly and wore skirts beyond their knees.

“However, what we are seeing these days is totally different from the past; women, particularly girls, feel like exposing their bodies is being modern and fashionable,” he said.

Kuntaja, therefore, appealed to parents and guardians to be the first persons to monitor and control their children before they go out of their homes.

“Although we blame men for all the rape and defilement cases; let’s also consider the factors that arouse men into this behaviour.

“Let us all play our roles and be responsible in what we are doing so that we fight against the malpractice,” the Senior Chief said.

Speaking on the event, Kuntaja said it was very important for countries to celebrate the rights of children who were the possible future leaders.

He said if children’s rights are violated, chances are high that the country may be governed by irresponsible citizens.

“When we talk of children’s rights, we talk about a child in all aspects; children need to be provided with better education, good health care and all the basic necessities to grow into full potential.

“Having commemorations of children’s rights only provides a better platform for leaders to take issues concerning children seriously and act on such issues,” he said.

Acting District Social Welfare Officer for Blantyre Chikumbutso Salifu said in 2018, the district registered over 587 cases at the district’s one-stop centre and 90 percent of the cases concerned children.

Salifu said early marriages, rape and defilement were on the increase in the district due to negligence of parents, among other factors.

“Despite various efforts to arrest child-related problems, the district continues to register high rates of rape, defilement and child marriages. The biggest challenge is that parents or guardians seem to have abandoned their role; hence, subjecting children to all sorts of violence,” Salifu explained.

“I would like to use this opportunity to ask communities to protect children and ensure their rights are not violated,” he said.

Meanwhile, the district social welfare has since put in place mechanisms aimed at reducing cases of rape, defilement and early marriages. The sector has also facilitated the establishment of children’s corner and community victim support units.

Every year, African countries celebrate the day of the African Child in memory of children who died in Soweto, South Africa while fighting for their rights.

The day was adopted on June 16, 1991 to honour those who lost their lives for the cause of freedom in South Africa.

By adopting this day as the Day of the African Child, the African Union has drawn attention to the plight all children in Africa.

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1 year ago

Was Chief Kuntaja’s suit invented by Malawians? People used to walk naked in this country and around the world. They lived well. So, it’s ridiculous for traditional chiefs to forget that their ancestors used to walk naked. FOTSEKI! Let women and men dress the way they want.

1 year ago

It’s truly pathetic to read almost all the comments posted above. We are Malawians. We are Africans! The same white people who took our parents away as slaves, the same Europeans who taught their children and even brainwashed the commentators here that we are nothing more than monkeys are the people who taught us (through democracy) that we can walk naked without any problem. Wake up Africa! Africa is important. That’s the reason we kept Jesus in Africa! That’s the reason we kept Joseph in our land. Africa is failing to progress today because we want to be like Europeans.… Read more »

1 year ago

End of the days



1 year ago

Stupid words from Chief Kuntaja. Men have no right over any woman’s or girl’s body. Men can look and admire women or girls BUT do not touch, abuse or violate women and girls. Indeed, the Bible says “if your eyes cause you to sin, pluck them out.” By the way, our ancestors used to walk naked -so stop this nonsense.

Reply to  Wewe

Women / men need to respect their own bodies
themselves —– they are the temples of christ ( spirit of God dwells in them) what images do they portray to their daughters sons and the outsiders ??

1 year ago

A Mfumu Kuntaja pitani ku Saudi Arabia, kumeneko kulibe ufulu wa kavalidwe. Zobwezerana pano ayi, Kamuzu anapita. Tiyeni timange Democracy

1 year ago

stone age thinking…tell ur daughters that but not others you have no right! 2019 let them entertain our eyes we tired of seeing zitenje when we in Malawi when we fly out we see bum shorts leggings and mini shirts its fucken beautiful!

1 year ago

Chief Kuntaja the same bible says if your eyes cause you to sin, pluck them out. It’s time men learnt to control themselves. They are not animals that they should assault women anyhow. This message rather should be addressed to the youth. They need to learn to respect the rights of others. Kamuzus days of forcing people to look a certain way, or judging people for looking a certain way are over.

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