Chief Kyungu hits at critics over Bingu Highway: ‘Some Malawians are ungrateful’

Chief Kyungu of Karonga has hit at critics over the government decision to name the Karonga-Chitipa Road to Bingu Highway, saying some Malawians are ungrateful.

President Peter Mutharika confers with Paramount Chief Kyungu during the visiting of flood victims in Karonga District (C) Stanley Makuti

President Peter Mutharika confers with Paramount Chief Kyungu during the visiting of flood victims in Karonga District (C) Stanley Makuti

“I know some sections of the society will insult me, but this is what all chiefs and members of parliament from Karonga and Chitipa agreed that we rename the road after Bingu.

“It is just a coincidence that this is coming at a time you are our President. Please blame us for this decision, they should not blame you,” said the traditional leader.

He said the chiefs and legislators wanted to respect the former head of state post humously because of getting the grant from the Chinese government to construct the road.

Kyungu said this on Friday when President Peter Mutharika went there to visit flood victims.

“History will absorb us that we honoured Bingu post humously. We made a right decision together with all our MPs,” he said.

However reports indicate that some opposition MPs, including Speaker of National Assembly, are against the idea.

But Chief Kyungu said as custodians of culture and tradition and honours of the land, the chiefs had powers to make a decision on such matters.

“The former president did a great job here. We now travel 30 to 40 minutes. What should somebody do for you to say thank you. Everybody, including politicians from all political parties are using the road,” he said.

There has been strong opposition from some people on the decision to name the road after Bingu, the third after Bingu International Conference Centre and Bingu Stadium in Lilongwe.

However, the leader of the pressure group Steven Simusokwe condemned Kyungu’s speech saying “it is undemocratic.”

He then said his group will continue pressuring government to reverse the decision by holding a massive demonstration.

In his few minutes address to his followers at Baka community ground in Karonga the north of Malawi, Mutharika said that the suggestion was from traditional leaders and not his party.

According to him, only his late Brother and DPP government managed to construct the road hence deserve the name.

“Starting from the colonial, one party and United Democratic Front era, they all failed to construct this road apart from DPP. And on top of that it is your chiefs who proposed the name Bingu high-way through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development which was approved after following the right procedure, as such I therefore declared it,” said Muthalika.

Before holding the rally Muthalika visited over flood victims 1000 at Kakoma the north of Karonga, where he donated K5 million as part of relief aid.

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Winston Msowoya, it will be best if you concentrated on Kyungu than bringing in other people including his close relatives. What you know about Kyungu is what people know about you and they are quite because that is your private ventures. Du Chisiza Jr was a minister under MCP, Catherine Chipembere was also a minister under UDF, Akogo Kanyanya was minister at one time,the Bwanausi was an Ambassador during the multi party dispensation, Kwacha Chisiza has just finished his positing as Deputy High Commissioner in Tanzania. I am giving you this to understand that the closest relatives of those you… Read more »

Northerner you don’t appreciate and you want attention all the time why? What’s wrong with that? In our cities we have paul kagame road, Ali Hassani mwinyi roads are they MCP or Chewa? Mwaonjeza tsapano.


Tokotani atumbuka, mukamaliza muonenso chomwe chitasinthe ndi chiyani, anthu opusa inu zeru mulibe chifukwa chake mukumalimbana ndi ma region azanu kuti musokonezenso. khalani ndi moyo wanu odelerawo koma kumapeto kwake simudzalamulabe malawi, muzilamulira mobisalira momwemu basi. mumuuze Nyondo apange chitukuko ndiye adzichitchule Chakufwa Chihana bypass. tsekulani maso muone kuti kunjaku anthu akutani. maiko onse osauka amu Africa akaona zitukuko za choncho amaikabe maina a atsogoleri awo sizachilendo izi, pitani ku Zambia mukapeza Mwanawasa Stadium, moti misonkho yomwe anamangila stadium ndiya Mwanawasa family?????? wakeup the Northern pple.Dzukani.

The Patriot
Bakili Muluzi set a good precedent, national assets can be renamed. I can assure APM and the DPP, the first thing that my government will do once we get power is to rename all public institutions with non political names or with real heros! I see no heroism in becoming a President through being handpicked and begging money from China to do a project! The money used to build the road did not come from the Mutharika family pocket, for Christ sake! Me and my children will pay this loan until we die, so tell me why this road built… Read more »
Loyal Malawian

Kyungu is lucifer in disguise an angel of death and destruction selling out northerners with other political prostitutes to Mutharika.

Jelbin Makamo
Kyungu!!!! Do chiefs own land in Malawi? Land in Malawi is owned by individuals and chiefs only facilitate their subjects as they utilise it freely. Chiefs have no right to dictate on how their subjects should use land eg mu own chief has no authority over my personal land. And remember Malawi is a democratic state ruled according to the constitution. There is no any letter in our constitution that says cheifs have powers to name or rename any landmark or any development instead the constitultion does not mention or recognise chiefs not even in one section or subsection. U… Read more »

chief kyungu you just have to forgive this kids of yours they have no idea what it is to be the leader,,, they even failn to maintain their familys at home, all they knw is to talk what they dont know!! I support your decission…. And after all is just a name of a road:…… Khuku ya njiru siimaswa madzira


he always dresses in black..witchcraft..karonga is hot but he is always in black..muhawi

Winston Msowoya

Chief Kyungu,tell the people the truth.Even though the so-called MPs from the North voted to name the road Bingu,you had the guts to protest against the treacherous decision.You have demonstrated or stooped so low that we northerners,are now regarded by tribalists from South and Central as weaklings and unprincipled opportunists.Kyungu you have shown us your true colours and this is a naked betrayal of your fellow Northerners.What are going to tell MWAHIMBA,YATUTA,DUNDUZU,MWAMBETANYA and the rest of the patriots who laid down their lives for you when you meet them along the distant journey.SHAME ON YOU!!!!

Tiona mall

Chamba ndiye chimenechi, why segregating yourself

Paradigm shift

Kickbacks with fake smiles whilst naming same old leaders on every thing! This is very shameful we have other national Heros like Orton Chirwa who deserves recognition. The leaders are not patriotic at all as they professed to be! # Kyungu should know the heart is deceitful above all things!

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