Chief Lundu’s derogatory remarks gets condemnation

Paramount Chief Lundu is facing strong condemnation for his derogatory remarks at a political rally addressed by President Peter Mutharika when he called Goal Malawi — a non-governmental organisation (NGO) stupid.

Chief Lundu: His comments were decried as derogatory

Lundu, infamous for his foul-mouthing, could not even come out clear on what Goal Malawi has done wrong to deserve such a public slur at a political meeting broadcast on tax-payers Malawi Broadcasting Corporation

“The vile and vulgar language by the Paramount Chief Lundu is unacceptable,” youth activist Steven Simsokwe said.

Lundu has been accused of political rubble rousing over several issues.

Malawi’s flagship newspaper, the Daily Times, in its editorial comment pointed out that chiefs are supposed to be role models who must conduct themselves with decorum since they hold positions of authority.

The paper said Lundu had no point to castigate Goal Malawi but all he wants is some undue attention.

“NGOs—especially respectable ones like Goal Malawi—must not be put under pressure because of some chief’s love for inexplicable reverence,” the paper said.

It said traditional leaders in the country should be reminded that their role in society is to provide guidance to subjects other than being “some loudmouths who talk before reasoning.”

In its editorial, the paper said the behaviour of Lundu must be discouraged because it threatens organisations that are in the country on goodwill.

“We all know that the government’s gaps in areas like education, health, agriculture and nutrition are covered by organisations such as Goal Malawi and others and it would be imprudent for some chief to make statements that would discourage such organisations. The truth is that this country needs these organisations and we must make sure we create workable environment for them.”

The paper strongly condemn the crude remarks made by Lundu and persuaded the relevant authorities to spare some time to civic educate some of the chiefs on decency and decorum.

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Christian Beilke

While other African countries are progressing Malawi is falling more and more behind. Why is there no discussion to abandon the system of traditional authorities to allow Malawians to progress in life. Hard to see any purpose or value for them to still be in power


What truth can Kasakula talk to us? The Daily Times and Malawi News have been campaigning for MCP in all the elections which it failed. Ubongo wa Kasakula stopped working sometime back. If they failed to campaign for JZU can it work for Chakwera mwana wosapola pamchombo.

If it were Paramount Kyungu the page could be full of dirt language but here it is smoothed condemnation. Kusiyana kumwera ndi kumpoto!! As much as we need chiefs to be schooled i would extend the same to Journalist who through their platforms can say very inciting and dirt things (Brian Banda/Kasakula ) at Times Television, Chindunji at MBC, Zodiak etc. The same goes to the Clergy who through their platform can decide to call a legitimate president to step down or through the pulpit give out a very provocative sermon or prayer. I should not forget the so called… Read more »

I think you are foul mouthed like Lundu…. Tell us what Goal Malawi has done wrong, then we can understand Lundu in black n white


Every time Lundu opens his mouth, I wonder if this chief ever engages his brain befere saying what he always says? Chiefs were supposed to be exemplary in their conduct and speech. But what the Paramount chief is doing ndi zodzichotsera ulemu wao.

Patrick Phiri

Unfortunately, Daily Times and Nyasatimes are opposition MCP mouth pieces which twist stories to tarnish the government. They are not independent and we can’t believe their stories.


Koma MBC ndiye ili independent mr Patrick Phiri? Whether you want to clean the image of your chief or not nobody can take your word.

Dan Tiluwe

I actually disagree with this. Of course the Paramount took it too far. But organizations should respect us, even though they are helping. There should be some level of self determination by the villages. Otherwise we become slaves to their whims of charity.

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