Chiefs denounce April 27 demo, say CSOs have no powers to reverse K4bn funding

Traditional leaders from the south and eaatern regions have urged Malawians not to take part in the much touted  April 27 2018 demonstrations civil society organisations (CSOs) are planning to hold  demanding cancellation of disbursement of K4 billion fund for parliamentarians.

Lukwa and Ngolongoliwa at the news conference

Lundu (in suit) and Kawinga

The CSOs argue that the K4 billion allocation is illegal and not in the best interest of Malawians; hence, the need to immediately cancel it and they are demanding the resignation of Cabinet ministers Goodall Gondwe (Finance, Economic Planning and Development) and Kondwani Nankhumwa (Local Government and Rural Development).

But the chiefs, under the banner of the Chief Council and led by Paramount Chiefs Kawinga of Machinga, Lundu of Chikwawa and Ngolongoliwa of Thyolo, also observed that nobody  cannot cancel  the allocations because Parliament already approved  Minister of Finance to spend these resources in line with the Public Finance Management Act.

The Paramount Chiefs were flanked by Senior Chiefs Lukwa (Kasungu), Chowe (Machinga), Chikumbu (Mulanje), Mphuka (Chiradzulu), Kapeni (Blantyre), Chikowi (Zomba), Nkanda Mulanje), Chamba (Zomba), Nazombe (Phalombe), Chitera (Chiradzulu), Nankumba (Phalombe), Mulumbe, Mpama (Chiradzulu), Chimaliro (Thyolo); and Traditional Authorities Kaduya (Phalombe), Mlauli (Mwanza), Govati  (Neno), Kuntaja  (Blantyre), Chigaru (Blantyre), and Liwonde (Machinga), among others.

Addressing journalists at Mtunda Wosema, Paramount Ngolongoliwa’s Headquarters, Kawinga said the funds were passed in Parliament and that the Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have no powers to reverse the appropriation law approved by Parliament.

Kawinga further spoke against calls for Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe and  Local government minister Kondwani Nankhumwa to resign and the upcoming April 27national demonstrations.

“That’s very ignorant of CSOs and some opposition MPs. Once a Bill is passed it becomes a Law and it can only be undone through the same process in Parliament,” said Lundu.

On his part, Lundu claimed that organisers of the demonstrations and some politicians, mainly from opposition parties, are giving out cash [K3000] to people, including students at Chancellor College, Polytechnic and Mzuzu University, to take part in the demonstrations scheduled to take place in Blantyre, Zomba, Lilongwe and Mzuzu.

According to him, the organisers have engaged the leadership of MCP students wings in these colleges to coaxed their colleagues with cash.

Adding his voice, Senior Chief said the CSOs have taken advantage of the K4 billion issue to advance their interests.

Lukwa observed that most of the CSOs pushing for demonstrations are not transparent and accountable and remain silent when government is doing fine.

“We know where they are getting money. CSOs are always critical of government when it comes to issues of transparency and accountability, yet the the leaders of these organization are not transparent and accountable,” he said.

He then called on all Malawians to stay from the planned demonstrations, saying past experience has shown some people seize the opportunity to loot and steal from innocent Malawians.

Human Rights Defenders Forum chairperson Timothy Mtambo, who is also leading the CSOs, said they will go ahead with the protests.

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Gucci Graci

Mfumu koma kale Izi zamasiku ano ndi masanje zibwana .


Kupatula Inkosi Mbelwa, Themba Chikulamayembe. Zikywoneka mystic Mtemi Kyungu nawo ayemba kuuimila anthu awo


There palms have been oiled with blue money. This is a free country. It s the people’s right to demonstrate

The Patriot

Ngongoliwa, Lundu and Lukwa…..your time will come. Just wait and see…are you chiefs or tribal governors for the DPP ?

Old AP Munthali

Mfumu kapena dpp cadets? Vitsirudi ivi. Mbuli. Mbuzi.


Izi ndiye zitsiru zotheratu


Stupid chiefs indeed…………….!! Ndinu okanda ndalama too much…………………………..!! A sane leader can never be behind kutenga ndala mzipatala kukagawana!! Ana a satana inu………………………..!! Once again ndinu zitsiru zomwa mkodzo wanu omwe and can never be my leaders…………………………………………..!! Fotseki

If this is the example to go by then its time Malawi stopped having traditional leaders…………………………………………..!!.Mxiiiiiiiiiiii


The Conference of hypocrites. In order for them to meet wherever they met, they were sponsored. Who doesn’t know that. Their conscious is not clear whenever they are bubbling whatever they are bubble. But because they receive something after thir stupid talk, they have no choice but to say whatever they told to say. Akapanda kutero salandira kanthu. Kumvetsa chisoni mafumu….

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

But who listens to the Ngongoliwas?

Alamu Mwakalamba Pumani
Chiefs, if they exist, have become irrelevant and more stupid with politics. Likwa, Lundu, and worse than these two Ngolongoliwa is are liabilities. They are now behaving like wa youth of those days. Malawi and Malawians are no longer living in the 50s and 60s. This is a digital age and the beasts in dpp don’t realize this. That K4 billion was meant to appease those that shot down the electoral bills that could have helped young generations strengthen democracy in Malawi. K4 billion can build good roads in our cities. K4 billion could build several schools and pay teachers… Read more »
Roll out ATI now

Nothing new. We have been here before. You are asking about transparency of CSOs, how about your own transparency, wink financed your trips?

Chief Kawinga, you are a Yao and we Yaos are not as daft as you want to portray, your conscience must speak the truth. Democracy give a right to assemble peacefully against something I do not like from this govt. Let me exercise this right freely.

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