Chilima says fresh elections ‘last chance saloon’ to change Malawi: ‘Vote for Chakwera presidency’

Vice President Salous Chilima, who is also Tonse Alliance running mate has said the fresh presidential elections is the last chance saloon to vote for change of leadership, saying the opposition alliance has capable and visionary leadership who will usher in a new Malawi under Dr  Lazarous Chakwera presidency.

Chilima and his wife Mary arriving at Likuni in Lilongwe for the rally
Chilima: Paid tribute to Usi (L) and Mia for their sacrifices and resilience to ensure Tonse Alliance comes to fruition
Chilima: Turn in large numbers to vote for Chakwera
Usi: Speaking at the rally
Gorgeous: Mrs Mary Chilima at the rally
Likuni had huge crowd for Chilima rally

Chilima said after the court battle to nullify the Tippexed elections last year, the ball is now in the hands of the electorate to come in large numbers to cast their votes and elect Chakwera of Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  as sixth president of the country.

Speaking to a huge crowd at Likuni in Lilongwe on Sunday, Chilima said in a televised rally that President Peter Mutharika government has not achieved much to write home about and that the majority of Malawians have suffered a lot in the past six years.

He said people from the DPP-UDF alliance are daily expressing willingness join the opposition alliance.

“Malawians have shown that they are tired of corrupt leaders and liars. The alliane has honest and visionery leaders who will unite the country without regard to tribe or region,” said Chilima.

He said the 2019 elections were stolen through the “evil of one woman-Jane Ansah” but the opposition sought justice at the courts and triumphed.

Chilima, in his usual orataroy prowess, said the fresh attempts by MEC chairperson Ansah to circumvent the will of the people and rig the polls in favour of DPP and Mutharika but will not yield anything as the Tonse Alliance is ready to protect each vote.

” Even if you remove the symbol on the ballot and leave it blank people will still vote for Dr Chakwera because they want change,” said Chilima in reference to a decision by MEC to reject a request by Tonse Alliance to change its symbol on the ballot.

Chilima paid tribute to MCP deputy president Sidik Mia and UTM veep Michael Usi for stepping aside to allow the alliance take root.

He described the two as selfless leaders who need to be applauded and prayed for.

Chilima then spend much of his time to articulate priority areas that the alliance will force on once it gets into power.

He assured the people that manifestos for all the parties in the alliance will be merged into a single package.

Chilima reminded people that the price of fertiliser  will be at less than K4 500 from the current K25,000

He also said reminded people of pledges such as  three meals a day, duty free week, K70 billion loan scheme, one million jobs for the youth and honoria for the those above 65 years.

Chilima also talked about removing taxes as well as connection fee on water and electricity to esnure that more poor households access these basic necessities.

The UTM leader  said the alliance will root out corruption and promote servant leadership so that money is channeled to build schools, roads, hospitals and bridges.

Polling is due on July 2, but could be brought forward to June 23 by Parliament, according to the Malawi Electoral Commission.

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Kuswa Kuswa
2 years ago

Amazing! Zeze wazolowera tsopanokumayi Kwacha…Kwacha…kwacha dzuwa likuswa. Ndi pa mdima pomwe…kkkkkkkk

2 years ago

Fifteen parties failed to Likuni Boys ground. Sorry

2 years ago

Change is my mind and nobody can tell me to change or not.

Forgive them
Forgive them
2 years ago

Kodi mulipobe,takamusiloleni dausi ndi adad kumphanga kumene aliko,ada paja amati zaka 31 palibe chomwe anapanga,
Koma akugona mu nyumba zomanga amene akumunenayo,
Kuyambira mawa ndi operation kusaka dausi kuti alikuti 📣📣📣🏨🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Kuswa Kuswa
2 years ago

Zeze said in Likuni that we can hug each other and there is no threat of disease? Under Covid-19? What a remark from an educated Savage!

2 years ago
Reply to  Kuswa Kuswa

This means that Covid 19 is just political gimic as far as Malawi is concerned. All will be clearly known after fresh election .

Kuswa Kuswa
2 years ago
Reply to  CADET NO. 1

Meaning because Zeze has said it. Umbuli wakuvutanitu baba yufi wa kongilesi.

2 years ago

chakwera and chilima have already won

Mangochi Kabwafu
Mangochi Kabwafu
2 years ago

Simply unstoppable and it’s a landslide come July the 2nd. Mukumva bwanji agogo ku mphangako?

N one
2 years ago

Looks like these guys are scared of peter and atupele. They are right.

2 years ago
Reply to  N one

yes, they are. they can sense danger ahead of them. DPP ndi team yayikulu.

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