Chilima warns Mutharika against suffocating Malawi fresh polls: ‘No cracks in Tonse Alliance’

Vice President Salous Chilima has warned President Peter Mutharika against stifling fresh presidential elections and undermining the rule of law by threatening judges and disrepecting court rulings.

Chilima waves at supporters in Zomba
Chilima: President Mutharika has a history undermining the laws 


Crowds turned up at Zomba for Chilima rally

Speaking to a large crowd at Gymkhana Club in Zomba on Saturday, Chilima said Mutharika has a history of undermining rule of law, saying his attempts to prevent fresh electiosns will not succeed.

“As professsor of law learn to respect rule of law and court rulings. Accept that Malawians want change and fresh elections. These elections will take  place,” said Chilima.

He said in 2012 Mutharika ganged up with other Cabinet ministers to prevent the then Vice President Joyce Banda from ascending to the presidency after President Bingu wa Mutharika died, in what is commonly known as ‘Midnight 6’.

Chilima said in 2014 Mutharika was sworn-in as President with the help of the courts after Judge Kenyatta Nyirenda ordered Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC)  to announce results in a judgement he delivered at 10 pm.

“Today,  Professor Mutharika is all over the place insulting the same judges and courts. It is the same judges and same courts that swore him as President in 2014,” said Chilima.

The Veep said after the February 3, 2020 Constitutional Court ruling Mutharika appealled to the Supreme Court and lost again.

“Nobody forced you to appeal to the Supreme Court. But you lost again so respect the decisions of the courts,” said Chilima.

Tonse united front

The UTM leader then dismissed the regime propaganda machinery that that there  are divisions in the Tonse Alliance.

He said the alliance is intact as it is rooted in the hearts of its leaders and supporters.

“There are no divisions in this alliance. There will be no divisions. The alliance is intact because it is God given,” said Chilima.

He condemned violence that erupted in Machinga, saying he cancelled planned whistle stops after his security notified him that people had blocked roads and were stoning cars.

Chilima urged Tonse alliance members to remain peaceful and not retaliate.

“Please let us not retaliate. This is not time for violence. Your vote on June 23 will be the greatest revenge,” said Chilima.

Speaking earlier, former president Joyce Banda said she is immersely concerned that there are attempts to kill Vice President Salous Chilima.

Banda said any attempt to kill Chilima or Tonse torchbearer  Leader Lazarous Chakwera will have serious repercusions.

“The whole world and international community their eyes are on these two leaders. It will be a very dangerous situation if anything happens to one of these two,” said Banda.

The former president urged Tonse Alliance leaders to build new houses for Army and Police Officers in all barracks and police stations.

She said most officers are living in pathetic conditions and staying in dilapidated houses.

Banda also revealed that huge sums of money is comimg into the country meant to caushion Malawians against effects of Covid-19.

She said Tonse alliance leaders should conduct an audit about how the funds are being used to guard against abuse of the funds.

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nafundo zalo
nafundo zalo
8 months ago


8 months ago

Peter will never be able to suffocate democracy in Malawi. Democracy will suffocate him very soon as the masses rise up and fight for their freedom.

Coronavirus Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba

Thanks for reminding Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba of what he did in 2012. He let his brother body start decomposing just to find a way to block Joyce Banda to take over. Even Bakili then was against APM move. It was BBC News that announced that Bingu was dead. Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba is evil. He even took the remains of Bingu to South Africa to cheat us that he was taken there ill. Bingu died at the State House and even CPR failed. At your age you want to suffocate justice. How many times have you been saved by the same… Read more »

William Chirwa
8 months ago

Divisions or perceived divisions can be put to rest RtHon VP is you all pull in.the same direction. In this case MCP ticket right or wrong it is Chakwera on the ballot. Now you seem to be pulling in.the other direction trying to propel your party as if it is the senior party amongst the alliance. The alliance as I see is of equal partners but UTM seems to say we are the king makers and no other dog barks apart which is wrong. Your time will come if God actually annoin you. By the way. What’s your take… Read more »

Mr Truth Pains
8 months ago

Majority of MPs will not support Muntharikas ideology .
Atupele and UDF survival depends on Fresh Election , they surely know about this so won’t join hands with Peter Muntharika to suffocate Fresh Election .
Opposition MPs which will include UDF MPs plus independent MPs will unite and give lesson to Muntharika to respect the Law.

The Defender!
The Defender!
8 months ago
Reply to  Mr Truth Pains

Mr Truth Pains,you are genius, the UDF need the Election for them to survive right? So they cannot try to be the side of No’s? Wow! If they can be the side of No Election, then the baby is going no where? Hahahahahahaha! When God is on his throne………. Kikkkkkkkk you can’t stop what he want to do! UDF is at the side of Tonse Alliance hahahahaha encouraging the election to be conducted! Eeeeeee yes yes yes yes yes! Koma 50+1 anapanga! Kikkkkkkkkkk! Koma a che Ndanga zimenezi akuzidziwa? Mutharika akuzidziwa zimenezi? God bless Malawi!

8 months ago

Kikikiki JB tidathana naye, reason we are having elections is because he respects courts, akuvoterani ma judge omwewo

Malawi walero
Malawi walero
8 months ago

Joyce Banda where is cash gate money?

Anzelu ndi Anzelu
Anzelu ndi Anzelu
8 months ago

Its not Tonse Alliance, its MCP and its puppets. Its an MCP government that Chilima is fightibg for, he is just a passenger.

Jason Mlowoka
Jason Mlowoka
8 months ago

Saulos are you not aware that those who misled APM soon after Bingu’s death are rubbing shoulders with you in your alliance? If you talk about cracks in your alliance, signs can be seen on the wall following differing messages the two of you are sending to the listeners. Reason being you want to contest and outshine each other to show who is the best orator. Fortunately, Malawians are more wiser after having seen you cheat them by embracing the same party you went out castigating when you were fighting for the No. 1 plot which didn’t materialise. Finally, it… Read more »

8 months ago
Reply to  Jason Mlowoka

Misled APM? Is he a useless sheep?

Malawi belong to the citizens

Kuvulaza those two leaders (Chakwera and Chilima)kungayake and no one will be at peace in the country.Dpp your time is up,best solution is to jump the sinking ship now.Dpp has destroyed our country.Vuto lomasankha Mtsogoleri chifukwa cha Mbali yomwe amachokera,mumasauka anthu wopanda masomphenya.

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