Circumcision and the increase of HIV, whither to Malawi?

Many people and some medical doctors think circumcision removes and damages nothing more than a little extra skin. This is because they don’t know how the intact (uncircumcised) penile shaft functions. The truth is that circumcision removes and damages several critical components of male sexual anatomy which gives more chances to HIV virus transmission.

Remember that when a penis is just circumcised there is a wound developed and when it gets healed it becomes a scar on a very sensitive part of a penis for the rest one’s life.


Sensitivity: The foreskin is a highly nerve-laden structure, containing nerve endings. It is this structure that gives the man his most pleasurable sensations. It also helps to retain penile shaft sensitivity. This is why during romance a woman holds the penile shaft and glides it up and down and immediately you will see it is at noon.  Circumcision removes this structure and over time sensitivity decreases, making it more difficult to achieve satisfactory stimulation. A question would be: “Is it easy for this person to put on a condom which also reduces sensitivity?” The answer is NO!


Protection: The foreskin protects the sensitive penile shaft throughout life from adverse conditions, such as the abrasiveness of clothing friction, soap, heat, sun etc. Without the foreskin, the penile shaft becomes dry, dark, calloused and desensitized. Shaaa!!

The unnatural dryness of the circumcised penile shaft and head causes some men and their partners pain, abrasion, and bleeding during sex. Breaks in the skin are an effective way to transmit and contract sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV. Where is one’s safety of not transmitting and contacting HIV if circumcised? Men and especially women are 100% at risk of getting HIV. Very bad! If our women can easily get the HIV virus, how can they achieve uchembere wabwino which is an emphasis by our dear mother her Excellency Madam President. Let us together help her in achieving uchembere wabwino in our beloved country.

Pleasure: The anatomy of foreskin and sex is very unique. That is why God created it – “Msiyeni Mulungu akhale Mulungu”. The foreskin enhances sexual pleasure, especially as it glides over the corona (ridge of the glans) during sexual activity.

Privacy: Like the female clitoris, the gland is designed to be a protected internal organ, exposed only when aroused for compatibility.


The man or woman guides the penis into the vagina. The couple then moves their bodies so that the foreskin moves up and down inside the vagina. This usually rubs the penis and makes the man sexually excited so that he continues to have an orgasm. The foreskin movement also rubs the woman’s clitoris and sensitive areas inside walls of her vagina so she can also continue to have an orgasm. This is why the penile shaft or the head has got a ridge. When a woman sits on a man, the woman pushes herself down to open, glide and rubs the foreskin which makes both of them sexually excited to have an orgasm. The penile ridge acts as a lock nut which also enhances sexual pleasure for both partners, and when the corona (ridge) becomes dry, both partners are in danger of pain, abrasion, and bleeding during sex. The foreskin is very critical as far as sex is concerned.

Lubrication: Much as the way the eyelid lubricates and protects eyes, the foreskin keeps the glands moist and sensitive. This effect is helpful during sexual penetration as the penile shaft glides within its own skin sheath rather than directly, chafing one’s partner. Without the foreskin, many couples need additional lubricants. During fore play, both a man and a woman produce water like fluid. A man produces semen which acts as grease to the head and the foreskin ready for penetration. When this foreskin is removed, the semen falls down or dries out and if the man insist to penetrate before the woman gets wet which is very likely in most cases (man kupupuluma) then pain, abrasion, and bleeding occur. Remember that in most cases a circumcised man takes time to release the sperms due to low sensitivity caused by the damages. When the woman gets sexual satisfaction before the man, she gets dry inside her. However, the man insist to make sure he finishes too,(man samaimva) this also brings danger of pain, abrasion, and bleeding putting both of them especially the woman to high risk of getting HIV virus. Where is our safety then? Circumcision is not a way of preventing HIV virus.


Some people say that a circumcised penis is hygienic. This is not true. We do not achieve hygiene by removing some parts of the body. Do you know that if you don’t open your mouth for some time, the moment you open it bad smell comes out? Should we cut off our lips to allow air and the sun to dry up our teeth and the tongue to avoid the growth of bacteria and bad smell? NO! Tooth pest and tooth brush work for us. Think of the buttocks and the arm pit.

Women produce much more “smegma”, all kinds of discharges, wetness, and smells; because of physiologic and anatomical reasons. How would women feel if they cut their vulva lips??? Women are more likely to get urinary tract infections and no one suggests we surgically alter them at birth to reduce the risks. Do Medical Doctors mean that the only remedy for man’s hygiene is circumcision? Where is soap and water? By the way, how much do you charge to remove the foreskin and how much money do you make per day? But money! Guys lets wise up!

Length and Circumference
Circumcision removes some of the length and girth of the penis – its double-layered wrapping of loose and usually overhanging foreskin is removed. A circumcised penis is truncated and thinner than it would have been if left intact. So guys if you want your man to still look bigger don’t go for circumcision. You may end up looking like a baby!

Circumcision is simply the removal of a foreskin and not the extra skin. There is no extra skin on the human body.


Why is it that those Districts with almost 90% circumcision rate in Malawi complain of the high rate of HIV/AIDS cases? They don’t use condoms!!! BUT WHY? Unsatisfaction is the answer! They want to be satisfied!


*Chifundo M Matabwa

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