Clergy blesses Mia at Assemblies of God fundraiser: ‘I am a Muslim but also help Christians’

Business magnate and  opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) influential politician, Sidik Mia, has gotten whatever is the wish of his heart, that is if the prayer offered by Pastor Dyce Chikopa  of Assemblies of God is anything to go by.

Pastor prays for ‘humble’ Sidik Mia: ‘Like Naaman, May God grant thee thy heart’s desire’

Mia with Thoko Katimba in an interview with the press : I remain a devout Muslim but with religious fraternal I also hope churches in need

Imprompt meeting: Mia addressed the people

Upon invitation, Mia on Sunday attended a fundraiser for Malawi Assemblies of God Church in Machinjiri’s Area 10 in the commercial city of Blantyre.

During the function, the presiding clergy Pastor Chikopa, delivered a sermon from the Book of 2 Kings Chapter 5 from verses 5 to 13, a story of Naaman in the Bible.

Naaman was a powerful and influential warrior from Syria but the problem with him was that he had leprosy.  He was told to go to Israel to meet Prophet of God and wonder-worker Elisha to have his leprosy healed.

“When all was said and done, Naaman humbled himself and did exactly as instructed by the man of God to go wash himself seven times in the river Jordan and his leprosy was cured,” narrated the Pastor in the process drawing parallels with Mia whom he said humbled himself for availing himself at the church when they requested him to attend their fundraising function.

The Pastor pointed out that God is always pleased with humble people saying he elevates such characters and demotes the proud, the arrogant and indeed the chest-thumpers.

Pastor Chikopa then instructed Mia to kneel down to pray for him to which the man of God, assisted by the whole congregation, raised their voices to heaven, requesting the Almighty God to grant S Mia the desires of his heart because of his proven humble and unwavering commitment to help both the work of God as well as the poor people, regardless of their religion, whatsoever.

Taking his turn, Mia thanked the church for inviting him to attend the function.

He was humbled by the Pastors recognition of his character of promoting the work of God and helping the needy.

“You know I am a Muslim but you may wish to note that I have built many churches in the Lower-shire where I come from than mosques,” said Mia saying it is his nature to be provoked to help for any noble cause.

“By the way, I know the Bible very well. In fact I got a distinction in BK (Bible Knowledge) at Chikwawa Secondary School,” said Mia who jokingly challenged that he would “outclass” Pastor Chikopa in preaching the word of God from the Bible.

Mia then contributed K1 million to help the church buy the said sound equipment.

He also splashed K100 000 to popular Gospel Musician Thoko Katimba, who entertained the congregants with his best gospel vibes throughout the entire function, using a live band.

Mia praised the youthful Katimba for using his talent to glorify God. He encouraged him to continue doing that.

On his way back home after the church service, Mia met a group of people along the Machinjiri road who demanded that he speaks to them.

In his brief remarks, Mia told the people that MCP under the leadership of Lazarus  Chakwera is ready to transform and set our country on a true path of real progress.

‘Our country is riddled with corruption but I can assure you that we are committed to fight this vice. Nepotism will have no place in our country and we will create jobs for our people. Businesses will tick once more and with Dr Chakwera, Malawi will no longer be the same,” said Mia who promised that the party will crisscross the width and breadth of the country to connect with the voters to be part of the movement to reboot the system in 2019.

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Osamangoyamikira ziri zonse. Amalawi mukudziwa kuti akuluakulu amatsogolera mademo aja athokozedwa ndi ulendo wopita Ku Mauritania? Is this not one of the Arab influenced countries in Africa? Who has financed their trip?
Amalawi tikugulitsidwa tikuona ndithu. All those politicians who participated in the demos know something about this. Makamaka inu akhirisitu musataye nthawi ndi kuwelenga zikalata anzanu akugwiritsa ntchito inu nomwe to cement their influence.

So he was INVITED to the church of his boss carrying an MCP flag with him? Meaning the invitation was political? The problem with politicians they think they can fool God with their cosmetic charities. The syndrome of ”man of God” is what fooled Chakwera in the 2014 elections. Chakwera cried in prayers and thought God would give him the presidency just because he served Him. He forgot that God was angry with him for dumping the work of the Lord. Therefore God despite Chakwera’s cries he made him lose the elections. Chakwera is a curse and will never win… Read more »

Msilanu wakuti? Mkazi wa msilamu samavala tight trousers ngati momwe anachitira Abida tsiku la mademo. Mkazi wa msilamu sadzikanikiza pakati pa azibambo a eni monga anachitira Abida tsiku la mademo.
Ndikukaika ngati msilamu amakhulupilira kuti Yesu ndi mwana wa Mulungu komanso iye yekhayo ndi njira yofikira kwa Mulungu atate choncho onse ofuna kufikira atate ayenera kupemphera kapena kupemphereredwa mu dzina la Yesu. Ngati bwana Mia akhulupulira izi ndi kusiya chisilamu anene amen!!!
Muslim Association of Malawi nkhaniyi ndaisiya m’manja mwanu; banjali likuchititsa chisilamu manyazi chifukwa cha dyera.

Che Ntopeya

Uyu kungoti wakhala pampando azaletsa Gilbert mmisika ndipo azaikanso lamulo loletsa kupotokola khosi la nkhuku nokha

Che Ntopeya

Uyu kungoti wakhala pampando azaletsa Gilbert mmisika ndipo azaikanso lamulo loletsa kupotokola kiosk la nkhuku Nokia!


Nkaladi kugula madalitso…kkkkkkm

Kanthiti Mzandu

Moto kuti buuu M C P woooooooooooo yeeeeeeeeeeeeee yalowa ku chipinda kwa ena ndikukhazikikako wina alira


while msowoya is busy in courts. Ziiiii not even a single day of conducting a rally. Poor Msowoya. Next Gvt: President = Chakwera; Veep: Mia; Speaker: Atupele Muluzi. Muluzi will work with MCP this time around.
apo biiii his father will be in for it

winston msowoya
Malawians,why are you so cheap and foolish? Mia does not give that money with all his heart,that is part of his campaign if you are still slumbering.If you do not know,this guy is an active representative of Islamic movement dealing with Southern Africa.Such tactics failed to work in State of Angola instead,the Progressive Republic of Angola,deported all the Muslims from the country and consequently,banned the Islamic Religion and pulled down all the evil structures (mosques) in the country.This is the type of leadership we need in Africa.Right now,Muslims are busy trying to turn our Continent into an Islamic satellite that… Read more »

You always write bad things about Islam. But what do you gain? Either East or West, Islam shall remain there. What you write is like a drop of tears in the Indian Ocean. Pitilizani kupempherera zolengedwa zanuzo forgetting the Creator.



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