Clergy say Malawi need honest and God-fearing leaders

Some religious leaders have emphasized that Malawians need  serious reflection and  decision to vote for credible, honest, intelligent and God fearing leaders to rescue the country from the clutches of  corrupt authorities and achieve its national development agenda.

Bishop Mbewe: Malawians need serious reflection and decision to vote for credible, honest, intelligent and God fearing leaders

Delegates pray for credible, honest and God fearing leaders with clear moral conscience to do what is right by God and by the people of this country.

The observation was made in Blantyre during an interface meeting organised by the Transformation Alliance (T.A) for leaders of religious organizations that are not fully represented in the Public Affairs committee (PAC).

Making his contribution at the gathering, Bishop Gift Chaula of the Kingdom Glory international Church said Malawi has been struggling to end the mediocrity that surrounds governance because religious leaders have not seriously taken their role to balance the leadership challenges the country is currently facing.

“The purpose of the church is to give solutions to the world. Malawi does not currently have solutions because the church is divided and is not involved in finding solutions to the challenges the country is currently facing. We have forgotten this responsibility to advocating for good governance in the country,” said Chaula.

He said while the church had a triangular role to offering leadership solutions to the country, the church has remained silent despite many Malawians living under hard economic conditions.

“The country’s economy is currently in a very bad shape and poverty levels have reached miserable conditions yet beside the social injustice being experienced by our faithful we have been sleeping and not taken it as our responsibility to condemn the political leadership which does not have interest in the people’s welfare,” he said.

He said currently Malawi is bleeding because of corrupt and Godless minds and needed leaders that are God fearing if we are to develop as a country.

Making his contribution, Bishop Mbewe hailed the interaction describing it as timely since it came at a time when religious leaders have been praying for good governance in the country.

He said politicians that are not religious are the ones that have been engaged in corruption and mismanagement of national resources and they cannot believe in transformative governance arguing they have trusted in magic over God’s principals and the end result has been that demons have taken control of the running of national affairs.

“The church has a very big role to transform the country but religious leaders have not been part of the governance solutions the country needs because some of them are greedy and they are not ready to offer honest solutions to the leadership. Malawi continues to be governed by leaders who do not have religious values, then the country will
continue to have the leadership problems it is currently facing,” warned the servant of God.

Interestingly, the leaders observation are coming at a time the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) is planning to field Lazarus Chakwera who has himself once served as a church minister as its presidential candidate in the 2019 tripartite elections.

Chakwera has however come under heavy criticism from some politicians for deciding to venture into active politics.

Recently,  southern region Governor for the ruling DPP Charles Mchacha branded Chakwera ‘Jonah’, likening him to the Biblical Jonah.

Meanwhile, the Transformation Alliance through its Spokesperson Davis Sauka has said the pressure group engaged the religious leaders because it realized the important role that the church has played in the advancement of civil rights in the country.

He said the Transformation Alliance is very committed to transformative politics on behalf of the millions of Malawians who have been deprived of a voice in the political spectrum by politicians who have been dictating the citizens how they (the politicians) want to govern Malawi.

“By transformative political advocacy we mean a political process that seeks not only to influence decisions in the formal political realm, but also to review the structures and processes of public decision-making to be more equitable and inclusive resulting into the ‘peoples manifesto’,” he said.

Sauka disclosed that the meeting with the religious leaders finalised a series of consultative meetings the grouping has been holding with different groups in the country to draft a people centered development agenda for the country.

The grouping is scheduled to release ‘The Peoples Manifesto’ a document which outlines the aspirations that Malawians have voiced of the ‘Malawi which they want’ mid-March.

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It feels good to listen to clergy pointing out the flaws and no no doubt that is the way to go but my worry is intergrity by men of the color is the biggest obstacle. Oftentimes you will hear that they are the first to support the gabbage coming out the corrupt politicians. They always seem to be in competition with traditional chiefs outdoing each other. For me it is difficult to take them serious. Amene wadya kenako chete osamumvanso. Izi zimapweteketsa mutu. Apa zikuoneka ngati tili limodzi koma dikilani muona nokha maka komwe tikuloweraku.


We need God-fearing people. All these political leaders are coming from churches and mosques all around the country. It is not good to blame political leaders while the electorate is full of idle people, beggars and criminals. If the church members are God-fearing, for sure they will vote wisely, but because they too are corrupt they end up supporting their fellows. This is the message to preach!

Defender of Faith

If you have found one or them identify them by name so that we should start scrutinizing them. Otherwise, during campaign periods we experience lots of sheep wearing wolves skin.


Komatu this TA group honestly is level headed …some young people can really think positively. Osamaangolubwalubwa pa social media.


Unfortunately, si onse onena ambuye-ambuye ndi omwe akalowe kumwamba.


inuyo azibusa mwangolekelera andale akumanga nyumba za K800 million imodzi ku maula osadzudzula!!!! Tamufunsani mkulu ameneyu komwe watenga ndalama zimenezi. Ngati saulula tidziwa kuti ndalamazo zachokera ku katangale.


mozondoka uku. Zikhale zakatangale sibwenzi panopa the biased ACB itachitapo kanthu motumidwa.


What a good summary Bishop Mbewe! Sincerely now I can appreciate and agree with you when you say: “DEMONS” have taken control of the running of national affairs!! Chonde organize crusades nationwide to ask people to join forces in seeking God’s intervention on this!! Anthu akulira m’midzimu…………………………………………. abale!

kaka ni dada

Inuyo abusa mwangolekera a Chakwera basi akudzudzula za katangale mdziko muno, inu muli pheee osawathandiza, muyambepo kuwapangila campaign mtchalitchi ife tikuthandizani. Mwamvaaa!

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