Concerned Citizens scolds MCP over water scandal

Opposition Malawi Congress Party’ (MCP) involvement in defrauding water supplier, Lilongwe Water Board and the subsequent defence they have offered on the same is a cause for grave concern for a party that play-acts to stand on high moral ground on issues of fraud, corruption and theft of public resources.

The so called concerned citizens

These bashing sentiments are contained in a statement that has been released by individuals calling themselves Concerned Citizens who have further called on the party to own up the illegal connection, pay all associated fines and issue a public apology to Malawians on the matter within 14 days and move on.
This has been followed by reports that have come to light revealing that former ruling Party for 31 years, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has been defrauding Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) for over two years coupled with failure to pay K6.8 million in water bills at its National Headquarters in Lilongwe.

In the statement, which has been signed by Chairman of the Concerned Citizens, Phillip Kamangila, the group scolds the country’s oldest political party saying it is a pity that an institution which plays a ‘holier than thou’ attitude towards fraud and abuse of public resources is at the centre-stage of defrauding a public institution.

Reads the statement in part: “MCP was on top of its voice accusing LWB and Government for failure to fix the water and sewage problem in Area 18 in time yet the money that the party has been defrauding LWB through the illegal connections was enough have the problem fixed.”

“We find the explanation by the Deputy Security General of the party to be abysmal as he wants us to believe that the accumulated bill of K6.8 million is nothing. How can a responsible party that wants to be trusted with power accumulate such bills?” further queries the statement.
The statement pointed out that the excuse that the party is giving for the illegal connection as being based on the connection to fire hydrant is lame as it is common knowledge that fire hydrants public water and cannot connect to one single building.
“By failing to acknowledge the problem, the MCP leadership is convincing us that they do not see anything wrong with the illegal action and criminal intent provided it is done by them,” add the statement.
The concerned citizens says the party (MCP) has been called upon to name and shame all individuals who were involved in the illegal connection of the water otherwise Malawians will be left with a feeling that the entire party leadership including its President, Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, sanctioned the (criminal) act with intent to defraud LWB.
“Government and LWB must treat all illegal connections of water as criminal offences and ensure that any institution and company heads involved in the malpractice must face criminal proceedings,” appeals the concerned citizens.
In a separate interview Kamangila said as Concerned Citizens they thought of coming in after noting that some institutions and companies feel they are above the law and are bent towards crippling public service providers.
“We believe that water is life and any attempt that appears to defraud the very body that provides water to Malawians is a human right issue,” he said.
LWB loses 40% of its water to illegal water connections and just last year the body lost K4 billion through such illegal connections.
MCP was not readily available to comment on the statement as the party’s spokesperson, Eisenhower Mkaka could not reached on his phone as his phone went ringing and ringing.
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It’s not good to support just for the sake of it. Anthuwa abadi madzi ndipo amalawi titsawasekelere a congress wa. Ndi mbava izi ndi mtsogoleri waoyo.
Illegal connection imeneyo was done by their MYPs under the party gurus’ instructions. Treasury,don’t pay the MYPs; they were MCP employees. Let MCP pay them.
Treasury, suspend Party funding to MCP and channel the same to LWB until the water they were stealing is paid for in full.


Ma cadet a DPP kusowa chochita pa town….how many government departments have huge unpaid water bills? you should be concerned with that not MCP. Misonkho yanu imapita ku boma not MCP……. nonsense!!!!!

Rhodwel Banda

cheap politics, its dpp propaganda to label our mighty party to be like DPP. I hope this is happening in the houses of DPP top officials right now, you will agree with me go into their houses they are bypassing water from Lilongwe Water Board. Believe me!


I saw them akubwebwetuka pa MBC chani chani. Hahaha! DPP at it kkkkk. Sorry many people cant see u blah. No magetsi in town.


Childish politics! Very cheap politics. Moti a DPP want to justify this as a huge watergate scandal so that people can forget their own cashgate scandals.

If Malawians were of agile minds, they could have noticed and deduced from this stage act as a DPP defamation tactic.


MCP, DPP Palibe chipani apa these two party has made Malawian to live in this situation of poverty both party no more in our country you are thieves killers destroyers of Malawians life’s new party is coming in to build the lost grory the lost economy the lost electricity the lost education tmand the lost peace of Malawians DEPECO the only party to change things criss Daza 2019 Boma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Yap. Koma ukavu wafika poipa. Anyamatawa akusowa zochita. Shaa. Guys you mean you can’t do anything better to sustain your lives. Zovetsa chisoni

Ambuje Kukaya

Concerned Citizens, have you become the mouthpiece for LWB??? Ithought the Board gives a disconnection notice to all customers with overdue bills.


Dont blame the MCP on incompetence of Lilongwe waterboard. What i know is that ma bill akafina certain amount waterboard amabwera ndikupanga disconnect to force the client to pay. How come a waterboard analekelera mpakana MK 6000000 ? Thats gross incompetence

Please MCP supporters, it is this blind support on top of savagery that made the MCP a party of death and darkness. You are failing to accept that the party was in the wrong to have illegal water connections. Don’t you see anything wrong here? Then there is no doubt that given a chance you will repeat the same things you were doing in the one party Malawi. Ndinu anthu woopsya kwambiri. No wonder people did not vote you back to power in the past five elections. Mabala akupweteka. You talk of a win at Nsanje bye-elections that it can… Read more »

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