Corruption ‘damaging’ Malawi, Commonwealth and Afrobaromatter say: Govt in denial

Commonwealth and the new survey of Afrobarometer indicate that Malawi is performing poorly in the corruption fight, damaging prosperity prospects.

Tembenu: Malawi Government is eager to reinforce its stand against corruption

But Malawi government through its spokesman Nicholous Dausi has rejected the Commonwealth and Afrobarometer, saying it is a “stale” perception.

Malawi  is hosting the Commonwealth meeting of heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa currently underway in Mangochi.

“Malawi is among the African countries that continue to be performing poorly in the fight against corruption because of bureaucratic issues which have led to the country failing to prosecute senior government officers that are suspected to be involved in corruption,” said Adviser and Head of Public Sector Governance at Commonwealth Secretariat Roger Koranteng in a keynote address in Mangochi.

“This has to change before we start celebrating that we are doing anything to fight corruption,” he added.

And the new survey, carried out by Afrobarometer—a pan-African non-partisan research network that conducts public attitude surveys on democracy, governance, economic conditions and related issues in Africa—indicates that most Malawians feel corruption has increased in the country over the past year.

In its summary of findings, the survey shows that about half of Malawians think that “most” or “all” police officers, business executives and officials in the presidency are corrupt.

According to the Afrobarometer survey’s key findings, more than seven in 10 Malawians, representing 72 percent, say corruption has increased over the past year, including two-thirds (66 percent) who say it has increased “a lot”.

The survey says most respondents deem police officers as the worst corrupt (54 percent) while business executives and presidency officials both come second with 47 percent.

Other government officials are on third position with 44 percent then members of Parliament (MPs) are fourth (43 percent) followed by traditional leaders (42 percent) and judges and magistrates on 41 percent.

But, according to the survey, most Malawians feel religious leaders are the least corrupt at 22 percent.

However, government spokesperson Nicholas Dausi, who is also Minister of Information Communications and Technology, said Afrobarometer survey  is  “not fair “.

He said: “ I don’t think it has taken cognisance of our efforts to fight corruption.”

Dausi said the survey may have been conducted before government launched certain initiatives such as the national anti-corruption conference organised by Ministry of Justice and ACB aimed at finding solutions to the vice.

He said: “Maybe, they have taken it from the point of perception not the reality on the ground. But that aside, government will continue collectively fighting corruption and ensure it is eradicated and nobody benefits from corrupt acts.”

And Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu said Malawi Government is eager to reinforce its stand against corruption as evidenced by the increase of funds to the ACB and other oversight agencies.

He said his ministry will do everything possible to continue with the reforms to make sure that the ACB remains independent in its quest to achieve zero tolerance to corruption, adding the government wants to invest a lot of resources in corruption prevention and not the other way round.


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Nepotism and corruption r twins all big appointments to lhomwes this country will go thru civl war one day


When you collect 20% from total road contracts and other big contracts, when Police are put every 1 km on major roads to extort money from commuters, when ESCOM guys can provide free services, what else can be said?


Yet the Budgetary support is back.


Malawi is being governed by corrupt, selfish,self centered, evil and devilish ,gluttonous witches and wizards.


Corruption is not only in Malawi as this guy is saying, its all over the world. where was this org. during Joice Banda and her cashgate issues. Fighing corruption is a proccess, people need to come down. e.g if JB is called to be arrested, you same people will be talking nonsess. APM is trying, thats why moneys are coming in Malawi. Lates talk the truth allawys, not politics.


This is true reflection of wat is happening on the ground..all senior minister s has acquired dubious Worth’s and the government is just watching..almost all Lomwe minister s are corrupt. think of the Nankhumwa s, Chaponda etc mbava zenizeni

kazionele njowe njowe
We can’t deny the truth. They have never lied before. They are professionals and they know their job. The government is looking for solution in order to curb for corruption but they knows the reasons why Malawian are More corrupt. Check pay slip of a teacher and a policeman. make a budget for them only for a week. you will feel sorry because money will become to an end before you finish. It is not easy to end corruption with only salary but you better introduces soft loans to all civil servants at least can curb the system. Introduce all… Read more »
concerned Citizen

How can the so called Government accept that they are corrupt when they are the ones stealing from the citizens? It’s a given fact, they cannot accept no matter what. The good thing is that many people know the truth.


A ndale a ku Malawi ndinkhutukuve zenizeni.Zimava nkhwagwa ili mutu.Zimene a kuyankha a Dausizi ndiye unkhutukuvewo.

Zander mutiuze
A government of Nepotism ia always corript government. Ut shields freds and families. Since APM tok power he talks NO oberoende Will be shields. But NO one of DDP has proscuted on corruption charge despite evidence. He d he says there are NO corruption in his cabinet. Does he tel us Chaponda with evidence from Zambia is not corruption? Is he not one of hus highly cabinet? The only people Who are julen because of corruption are those Who were in PP/ JB. Hus cabinet came from UDF,DDP, PP and again DDP same shit of thieves. Malawians have become rich… Read more »

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