Court suspends injunction for Umhlangano wa Maseko: Update on Malawi Ngoni festival

High Court in Blantyre has  suspended an injunction granted  to one of the royal family member of Inkosi Gomani, Senior Titus Philip Gomani and Dingiswayo Samson Gomani stopping the Inkosi Gomani V , Princess Rosemary Malinki and District Commissioner of Ntcheu District from holding the cultural entertainment ceremony known as Umhlangano wa Maseko Gomani on Saturday.

Senior Prince Titus Gomani: Obtains court injunction

Senior Prince Titus Gomani: Obtains court injunction

The function will take place at Manda aGomani in the area of Nkolimbo in Ntcheu as Ngonis in the country as well as Mozambique and Tanzania converge to showcase and celebrate their tradition and culture.

The injunction which was obtained through Chamgwanjira company lawyers delivered by High Court Judge Justice Maclean Kamwambe  stopped the three from holding the Umhlangano ceremony on 5th September or any date untill the inter party hearing  of the injuction or when another order is issued to remove the current order.

According to senior Prince Titus Gomani who is the only surviving son to Inkosi Phillip Gomani
also a Custodian of Mkolimbo and grandfather to Ngwenyama Swati Gomani V, he is against the idea to hold the Umhlangano ceremony at Mkolimbo citing several reasons .

Titus Gomani argues that it is against the culture of the Maseko Ngonis to hold celebratory event when they are mourning Royal Son Inkosi Christopher Bvumbwe –TA Bvumbwe .

“ How can the Ngwenyama hold a Kingship ceremony whilst one of his fathers has just died two weeks ago . We are mourning and its not time to hold cerebrations, that abormination,” he told Nyasa Times on Friday.

He also said the royal family has a lot of “issues” to be resolved before the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Nyasa Times has learnt that the Ngwenyama went to apologize to Prince Titus Gomani last Tuesday at his place in Machinjri, Blantyre to allow him host the ceremony but it is reported the senior prince refused the apology and threatened Swati Goman V that he must host the ceremony at his headquarters in Lizulu not at Nkolimbo.

The Inkosi has involved lawyer Chancy Gondwe to vacate the injunction to allow them proceed with the event .

Gondwe confirmed to Nyasa Times on Saturday morning that the injunction has been suspended by Judge Kamwambe and the celebrations will go ahead as planned.

“I was instructed by the Inkosi Gomani to move the courts and have  [the injunction] suspended and the court agreed with us and proceeded to suspend the injunction,” Gondwe informed Nyasa Times.

According to Inkosi Yamakhosi Gomani V, before the ceremony there will be a Kukhwisulua pa Manda event at Gomani Chikuse grave early in the morning.

Chikuse was known as a courageous man who fought for the rights of local people. He was later killed by the colonial settlers.

Another function that will also entertain people is kuulutsa nkhunda where the chief releases a white dove to symbolise peace.

“Development occurs when there is peace in the country. As Ngonis, we always promote peace. This ceremony is an indication that we need peace as it will accelerate development in our country,” he said.

People will also know the history of the Maseko Ngoni and there will be a display of Ngoni paraphernalia.

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Wakwandewo ku mlowee.
Wakwandewo ku mlowee.

Kusalemekeza maliro a ngoni.


Very disgusting.


Kodi anthu inu, mumalankhula chilankhulidwe chanji? Siyani chathuchi tikumveniko mukulankhula cha achambwiyanu.

Joseph Moyo

Wawa ANGONI wawa
Angoni mwatichisa manyaz zoona ndizomwe munthu wamkulu akunena Mfumu tingailire2wks?ndye tikabwera kosangalala tizipitiliza kubuma amfumu BVUMBWE?
apatu tikutengera za ena pot apanga mlakhu,kulumba ifenso tipangire kuonera pamene tili mmaliro!anthu anga,[email protected] mtundu wanga

Keen Observer

Mukutichitsa manyazi zomwe akunena Senior Prince ndiye zowona how can you celebrate pa nthawi ya maliro????????? Useless anthu a Mtundu wanga.


For as long as Mrs Rosemary Malinki remains the real power behind the ngoni throne, and for as long as the young Inkosi ya Makosi continues to be her puppet, the Maseko Ngoni group in Malawi will remain a laughing stock . Why can’t this lady relinquish her hold over this ufumu?


Hahahahahaha, kodi ungoni wake uti umenewu? Kumwa mowa ndi uhule basi ndinu angoni? Musatiseketse. Achewafe ndife okhazikika osati zoberazi ayi. Shame on you Maseko ngoni. Vindele vakufikapu.


Chikuse was not killed by colonial settlers. He was beheaded by overzealous Malawians, that had lost a sense of identity.
Tradutionally, this celebration is an annual event that follows a cycle, seasons. Therefore, nothing can stop it, unless the ingwenyama themselves, the inkosi ya makisi himself, has died. But inkosi gomani is alive and well, bvumbwe was already burried honorably, so let life continue.


Atcheya! mukutipo bwanji pa nkhaniyi? “HA!HA!HA!HA!….WAPAKALIYALA SAYIMBA BELU”.

matako a pusi

Higj court is senseless thoughtless childish useless and clueless iyi ndi nkhani yofunika injunction? Leave them azikamwa mowa wao kukwerana kudya nyama etc the jugde has been insensitive and inconsiderate

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