Malawi police calls for release of children from initiation camps before school opens

Child Protection Officer for Balaka Police Station Sergeant Elias Sungani has asked Traditional leaders and initiation counselors to see to it that children are out of initiation camps come Monday next week.

Girls at initiation ceremony

Girls at initiation ceremony

Sungani has made the call amid reports that some children are still in initiation camps two days before school opens.

He said random interviews in the district have shown that children are still in initiation camps.

“We are therefore calling for the release of these children because keeping them in initiation camps after school has opened is an infringement to their right to education as stipulated in the Republican Constitution,” he said.

Last year, children were kept in initiation camps a week after school opened in Balaka district and it took the courage of some duty bearers to force them out.

The police have also commended the traditional leaders and Initiation counselors for not forcing children into initiation camps.

This year police in the district did not register any case to do with forced circumcision unlike last year when the district registered five cases of forced circumcision.

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Pitani kwa nkando kaliati dambwe lake wawalowesa kumene atsikana ..mumangeni…

Islam Waste of Time

Tell us the verse in Koran where it say you should get circumcised. If anything the Koran says Man was made perfectly and why should ruin or disfigure or mutilate Gods creation.
Circumcision is the practice of most Arabs and its not in the Koran.

Jesus was circumcised when he was 8 days old. That was the practice of Jews. He was a baby and had no say to his mutilation.
Tell the chapter where Jesus encouraged Circumcision.

Differentiate between Religion and culture.

Wake the mutilated zombies.

Ngondo Amawo

Surprise, surprise, do we really have child protection officers in Malawi? Is their office functional or its just one of those offices. What’s their job description? Do the function on seasonal basis, during initiation period only.
Just one more questions out the million questions I have. If this department is live and functional, what do they think about those mentally ill women we see living rough with children under bridges or streets. Is that not a child protection issue?


Stupid circumcision. Sex siikukomaso masiku ano after loosing my foreskin. Kadulitseni zanuzo. You shall regret like me if you are honest.

Koma naye UYU ndiye uyudi kkkk. Lets go to Brother Leader,this Binoculars has big and clear senses of his binoculars but doesnt understand Why Jesus was circumciced in Luke 2:21 and why God Himself,declared to take away the foreskin Nido reserver in Genesis 17:9-15. I dont blame him because there are those that doesnt believe the existence of God.So,how can you convince them the reason to why the foreskin of the penis(though the article is above is not about boys but its The Binoculars point of view)has to be Wake up man and go knife it away from you.You will… Read more »

Stupid tradtions which are keeping us backwards.

The brother leader jamahirya juma@zombacity central
The brother leader jamahirya [email protected] central

The Binoculars.
You’re not cuted yet?
See Luke 2:21.
Genisis 17:9-14.
Dont talk shit here

The brother leader jamahirya juma@zombacity central
The brother leader jamahirya [email protected] central

Traditional is traditional


Atulutseni basi mahulewo azafalise matenda a edzi

The Binoculars

Iyo ndiwo mwambo wa achawa.Cutting off the foreskin is their game.Why did God give a penis a foreskin which we now mutilate.

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