Crackdown for Malawi opposition, Lunguzi marked for arrest: MP says ‘am straight forward person’

Malawi government is launching a crackdown on opposition members  with arrests galore looming that will see among others  the arrest of Dedza East Member of Parliament, Juliana Lunguzi who has been critical of government in parliament.

Lunguzi: Iam ready, rbing it on

Lunguzi, who is a member of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), has been subject of smear campaign on regime propaganda machinery on social media platforms.

But Nyasa Times understands that she is also being marked for arrest.

Sources at Malawi Police where Lunguzi’s late father Mac William Lunguzi was its chief year back when it was an effective service, told Nyasa Times that the arrest has been instigated by  Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Grace Chiumia.

“The Minister instructed Inspector General Lexten Kachama to investigate and arrest Lunguzi,” Police sources said.

Lunguzi  in parliament called the Peter Mutharika cabinet of comprising ministers who are  all thieves.

But Chiumia told the House that Lunguzi is no holier and that she has “evidence” of wrongdoing which she handed to police.

Chiumia said Lunguzi “ knows what she is doing and I have evidence about what she wrote through the phone.”

Accoridng to Chiumia, Lunguzi “sent information through WhatsApp and she was requesting Honourable Members that are interested in illegal immigrants business  she can assist them because she knows the man called Abdul.”

Said the Minister: “Mr Speaker, Sir, I forwarded the message to the Inspector General of Police.  This is not an allegation.  The last part that she wrote reads, tisamale, aboma asadziwe zimenezi.  I got that message and the Inspector General has it as well.  So, what type of thieves are we talking about here?  This is very sad for the nation.”

Lunguzi told parliament that she is being targeted for being critical to government but challenged that  she is “ a straightforward person.”

“ If the Honourable Minister wants to tarnish my image because I take these people to task, bring it on. I am ready,” she said.

Meanwhile,  MCP  deputy secretary general Eisenhower Mkaka  has said plans of arresting political competitiors is just the latest sign of increasing repression in Malawi and shielding “thieves in government”.

He said ruling Democrtaic Progressive Party increasing intolerance of any dissent should be strongly condemned.

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Grace Chiumia, So you want Mathanyula to be left to do as he pleases as if Malawi is his personal estate? Where was your Mathanyula when people were fighting for democratic Malawi? You are a disgrace to our beloved nation. We will keep on fighting. Don’t think you were given that position to silence critics. Mutu ukakula sulewa nkhonya so expect more to come. Mxiew!


Take care you on the government side we are seeing you and tied of your tricks that have come a daily thing now, we have lost trust in you and if you don’t amend these mistakes, you will be embarrassed soon in 2019. arresting the opposition is another great mistake you will make, try it, we are too tied of you.

mahope a mamita

someone should not think of arresting mahope angawa tiyambanapo. Vuto lanu ndi limeneli, mkazi akakana kumugona basi mumapupezera mlandu. why do you men do that? Kabwira anakana kumuchinda basi, munamupezera mlandu. awatu ndi mahope anga as erious ndipo kungowamanaga ndizamatcha

sazilala mbuno

kukana cilungamo. monga akunama?????????????sasamba iwe kumaso ngati cule kagwere. zija umanama dzana lija za ma immigrant uyu mankhwala amapereka ma paspot kaamba ndi bwana. tangoyesani zibwana zanuzo/
zisilu inu mmalo mopanga za citukuko, koma ndi daily misonkhano ya usiku, ma phwando osatha, kumwaza ndlama zaulere


whatever the DPP is doing tonse tikuona…2019 is coming

deliwe nhlema

awanso nde manyi

Mphukira pa Ndale

She is not alone. if you think that you will be doing every jim and juck in this Country and we will be just looking at you, humiliating your fellow Malawians, be carefull. Where we are going now, some of us we are almost ready to be on the ground for revenge. Enough is enough. You may kill one or two people in the process but you will not finish us all. This is civil war. start it and we will follow you. Take my word or leave it.

Mphukira pa Ndale

Lets wait and see if you will succeed. And be prepared to defend yourself in future.


Treason case ya kabwila pano Ku zii!!
Pano mukufuna lunguzi!
Can see government compensating these innocent ladies soon using msonkho wanga


Amalawi tisadele nkhawa, the same was the case towards the end of Bingu’s era, WHAT FOLLOWED SOME FEW WEEKS LATER???? DEATH. CHILIMA KOMZEKA

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