Crossing the Red Line: Malawi surely needs divine intervention, now than never before

O Lord, how long shall I cry,
And You will not hear?
Even cry out to You, “Violence!”
And You will not save.
Why do You show me iniquity,
And cause me to see trouble?
For plundering and violence are before me;
There is strife, and contention arises.
Therefore the law is powerless,
And justice never goes forth.
For the wicked surround the righteous;
Therefore perverse judgment proceeds.
–Habakkuk 1: 2-4 (New King James Version)

I now really believe Malawi is truly doomed. It is a country beyond redemption. I wonder if the Satan that bedeviled us as a country is the same Lucipher, we all know, or as a country we have our own special Satan reserved for us and who is on call 24-hours a day to ensure that nothing plays out in line with our dreams. This nation seems to need some real divine intervention so that we probably salvage the little that is left for the next generation.

To begin with; a lot has been written and said about the United Nations General Assembly circus that President Peter Mutharika has defiantly decided that should be his normal play year in and year out. Then we witnessed the violence in Lalanje, Nsanje, and then in Bolero, Rumphi. And, just within the same space of time we witnessed the senseless comedy featuring one misguided DPP Publicity Secretary Francis Kasaila trying hard to defend his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) savages involved in the Bolero violence.

Before the dust settles on this one, Mutharika decided to throw it straight into our face when he decided to give journalists a cold shoulder by refusing to go ahead with a scheduled press conference as per the UNGA tradition, instead the DPP in its warped thinking thought that some equally misguided ministers would be better positioned to hold this post-UNGA press conference on behalf of Mutharika. If truth be told, all along Malawians have been thinking that our President’s attendance to these UNGA meetings is of the greatest value to our country and something that deserves all the respect but surely when the President decides that ministers can address journalists to explain what news he has brought from this Presidential global gathering and instead opt to make himself available for mere campaign rallies; then I think probably we have been exaggerating the importance of this UNGA thing, it is now clear that the meetings are not as important as we were made to believe.

Now, let us begin with looking at our ‘learned’ Minister of Labour, Youth and Sports Francis Kasaila and his attempts to exonerate the DPP and its cadres from the Gonapamuhanya violence. This to me is a job which our Honourable Minister has started but is yet to finish that is if his utterances are really to be believed by all well-meaning Malawians. His attempt is still work in progress. He still has a lot to do to give a clear picture of what he was talking about in that statement which has so far been rated as the most senseless to come from a man of his caliber, whose job is to speak for and defend a ruling party. Up to now I am personally failing to understand his statement even after reading it more than 20 times, literary.

Throughout the saga, most of the people who attended the event claimed the terror in Rumphi was unleashed by some DPP thugs, however, this meaningless DPP official statement from Kasaila claims it was actually MCP that brought the terror in Bolero. Kusaila, who I am yet to be convinced that he was in his straight mind when drafting that statement (probably he was high on something illegal), said the DPP preliminary findings are that these most unfortunate incidence was properly planned and executed by supporters of the opposition MCP and that the MCP supporters were in possession of some unauthorized dangerous weapons such as pangas, knives and teargas that were put to use during the fracas.

I would not want to talk about the teargas, as I am ignorant of how far MCP can go with its operations. However, my interest is on Minister Grace Chiumia’s apology which was made right at the event where she was the Guest of Honour. Not only apologizing, but Chiumia even said the DPP and herself were ashamed of the act done by the boys from the ruling party. Chiumia’s apology and utterances just gave weight to what everyone was suspecting; that it was DPP hoodlums behind the bloody violence. Here is indeed where the DPP side of the story as per the gospel of one Kasaila gets interesting. Without having any further elaboration from Kasaila, the conclusion would be either Chiumia is so insane a woman who is always happy to make headlines for silly things or Kasaila is a water-drenched dunderhead who thinks that Malawians are in his same league.

Now Kasaila’s other task in his efforts and if indeed he wants us to believe his story, is to explain how the DPP as a party made investigations in such a swift style surpassing the effectiveness of even the Malawi Police Service, but fail to explain how the MCP supporters were able to acquire such said hazardous weapons especially the teargas which to my knowledge it is only the Malawi Police which has the due authority to acquire and import into the country. Or should we say that the MCP all of a sudden has become so sophisticated to easily beat the security of this country and manage to successfully smuggle teargas in.

Probably, Kasaila and his henchmen at DPP should institute another investigation because my fear is that the Malawi Police could be the supplier of this weaponry to the MCP. Now, with such questions hanging, people have been wondering and raising concerns, rightly so, as what Kasaila could now say about the country’s security if the teargas could be found in the hands of such individuals like the MCP supporters and their political allies. How could we all be assured that through the same means this same teargas would not one day (if it has not already) find its way to some criminals and thieves in our cities?

My plea, please the Malawi Police stop dozing on the job. It is not the duty of the DPP to carry out such criminal investigations. It does not matter to Malawians, whether it is DPP, the MCP or any other political party behind the violent acts, what bothers us is that those behind the violence are doing it with impunity knowing that our sleepy Malawi Police has no spine to act. To all political parties in Malawi, the message is that Malawi belongs to Malawians and not to any single political party. Political parties should stop using our youths as political ponies and instruments of terror. We are tired and sick of these political fights. We expect people like Kasaila, who have a story of having gone to school, to lead and guide their supporters appropriately and not teaching them arrogance and savagery as the case so far.

Now, the comedy that is our country has not ended with Kasaila. Again, some crazy-heads masquerading as a minister and technocrats decided to play it on Malawians by defending Mutharika’s press-dodging on UNGA. The wise suggest that it is a sign of great maturity for one to remain silent especially when one has nothing to say, lest you give it out that you are but just a boob.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Emmanuel Fabiano, Presidential spin doctor Bright Molande who is State House Director of Communications (mind you he is a real doctor in his profession, though at times he behaves as if his doctorate brain has taken a sabbatical to give a chance to its masters to fool around a bit), and Presidential spokesman Mgeme Kalilani said to their knowledge there is no law demanding President to hold press conferences. What an insane argument. A line of thought that needs no further discussion as any debate could just dignify such silly thinking coming from three grown up men. I, therefore, choose to rest my case and remain ignorant on whether there is no law demanding the President to address the people of his country, on whatever issue.

But, wait a minute. Probably the silliest thing of all is that the same zealots took it by themselves to start explaining what transpired at UNGA and the opportunities that the gathering offered to Malawi-especially where the country was able to share its success stories to the world. According to a statement read at the press conference, Malawi’s representation at UNGA was vital and a successful one as it accorded the country a platform to showcase the strides it has made in a number of areas.

Now my only hope is that these successes do not include ruthless and shameless plunder of public resources by our so called political leaders; having 253 households drink water contaminated with human excretes; having our cities go dry for weeks without potable water; the persistent blackouts that have now become a norm in this country; consistent failure by our government to pay in good time our civil servants especially our teachers; the endless song of political violence; the political arrogance by our leaders; political murders; and the recent blood-sucking incidences in Mulanje and other districts.

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6 years ago

Well written. Real Malawians are tired of this DPP led government

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