CSOs back PAC on time-bound electoral reforms

Malawi Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have given their “unwavering support”to the continued public calls for the Democratic Progressive Parrty (DPP) government to honour its earlier pledge of tabling the electoral reforms Bills in the current sitting of Parliament.

The CSOs leaders pushing for electoral reforms bill

The CSOs pointed out in a statement that while  commending the efforts of the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and other selected CSOs for sticking to their mandate by being the voice of the voiceless in piling pressure on government to live up to its promise, they have observed with “great concern” some covert and overt attempts by some stakeholders to frustrate these reforms.

“We wish to categorically dismiss the misleading suggestions by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and some quarters that PAC and others have ambushed government and Parliament on the Reforms when in actual fact government already committed itself to tabling these Bills a long time back in April 2017 – meaning it had ample time to prepare for the tabling of these Bills.

“So what PAC and other stakeholders have all along been doing on the issue is to simply remind government on its earlier pledge based on the constitutional principle that those who govern do so on sustained trust of the people. It is in this regard that we view the remarks by the Minister of Justice Hon. Tembenu on the demands by PAC and others as out of order, and if anything such remarks are an attempt to institutionalize impunity,” reads the statement signed by amonth others  Youth and Society (YAS) executive director Charles Kajoloweka,  Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence, executive directors for CHRR and Cedep among others.

The campiganer said thet are concerned with DPP’s “ hired mercenary CSOs” aimed at blocking the citizen’s voice on electoral reforms by spreading the lie that there has not been enough consultations on electoral reforms particularly the 50+1 electoral system.

“We recall that some of these mercenary CSOs were also hired by the previous regime to fight the mainline CSOs attempts to hold the then government accountable.

“While the undersigned CSOs recognize that every citizen has freedom of expression, we believe attempts to mislead the nation on the reforms are unacceptable. We would like to remind the current regime and these so-called CSOs that the call for the 50+1 electoral system, the need to have transition procedures and elections management fund amongst others were born out of thorough nationwide consultations with key ones traced as far as 2006/7 as climaxed in the Constitutional review. It was clear since then that these issues had generated public endorsement hence the April Special Law Commission report’s recommendations to have them legislated.”

Besides, the CSO’s said  in their  “20 months assessment of Joyce Banda in office: a missed opportunity to reclaim public trust statement” led by CHRR and Cedep, they reminded government on the need to priotise the 50+1 electoral system.

“ It is in this regard that we view such attempts to frustrate the electoral reforms in general and the 50+1 electoral reform in particular as ill-founded. “

The  CSOs stated that they fully support PAC’s 7-days ultimatum on electoral reforms and appeal to the Members of Parliament including those in opposition to protest the failure of government to table these electoral reforms Bills

They have since called on government and MPs to prioritize the tabling and enacting of  electoral reforms that are time-bound- those that require to be implemented now for thorough preparations of the 2019 elections.

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PAC has created an opportunity that should not be wasted. Lets use this opportunity to voice out our concerns, this government is taking us for granted. Some MP are forgeting that 2019 is around the corner, they seem not concerned with 50+1 but time is coming they will learn a bitter lesson.

Malawi is not for the politians only. Malawi is for Malawians not only from particular region nor tribe. The is no need for some few chiefs and bogus CSOs to be paraded on my tax funded television. This is old fashioned way of life. Malawians have brain, let alone the electral reform bill be table and see the results. Why trying blocking it? How many bills have passed without thorough consultation ? Was the land bill widely consulted? Don’t be afraid of unknown. Once Julius Caesar said and I quote, ” Cawardice die many times before their death and valliants… Read more »

I can’t wait! 13 December it’s when DPP will know that Malawians are eagerly looking for the tabling and passing of Electoral Reform bills. Nothing else. Our mercenary Chiefs hired to frustrate these bills will know that they have lost respect which they had in the past.

It is sad that some CSO’s are still being used by those that do not want trasperancy and accoutability of elections to be implemented on this land, just because of the few kwachas that they have pocketed from the DPP. its also sad that the opposition and the general public at large are still keepin a distance form this call, we need to be united in pushing for the bill to be tabled in parliament now. we need to support PAC and indeed we need to change this. Just look at Kenya and Liberia this is what we call democracy… Read more »

These recycled DPP leaders are taking Malawians for granted, sponsoring some T/A’s ( Ngolongoliwa, Lundu etc) to look like they’re not in support of tabling the bill, is total mockery to Malawians. Bakili Muluzi tried to mock PAC, parading chiefs to support third term/open term bills but he failed — DPP, your end is so close, take it, leave it.

bwabwalala mlakho wa a lomwe
bwabwalala mlakho wa a lomwe

Ka demo kayende. This is the only language which DPP understands.

Dipipi wa Yudiefu

Just like we went to parliament to the beat the stupid MPs up during the reign of Bingu, this time around we should ask the MP not to come to their constituents (they should remain at parliament) chifukwa akupanga zofuna okha. Time has come to “Beat the bastards”-new strategy.

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