CSOs defiant on demos, plan to hold vigils until Malawi presidency receive ‘10 demand petition’

The civil society organisations (CSOs) that have  planned April 27 demonstrations  against the K4 billion budget allocation to legislators and other social issues such as state of governance and persistent electricity blackouts are defiant that they are prepared to hold vigils until President Peter Mutharika or Vice-President Saulos Chilima should
 receive a petition in person – setting the stage for a brutal fight with government.

Mtambo: We will not deliver our 10 demands petition to middleman 

The Presidency has rebuffed a request from CSOs and said the Office of President and Cabinet (OPC) would designate someone to receive the petition.
But in a letter to Chief Secretary to government, Lloyd Muhara, the CSOs led by Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive director Timothy Mtambo, said The nature of the issues contained in the “10 demands petition” which require the  “chief political executive” of the political arm of the public service and also in line with  the Human Rights Based Approach to Development’s Duty bearer-Rights Holder relations,  and the principle of social contract, they shall submit the petition addressed to the Head of State and Government – The Presidency- through either  the President or Vice President in person at the Office of the President and Cabinet at the
Capital Hill in Lilongwe between 9:00am and 11:00am.
“Mindful of the executive attempts  to frustrate these peaceful demonstrations despite the cooperation of the organisers with  relevant authorities to ensure a peaceful demonstration, we will not at any cost accept  anyone besides the Presidency (The President or Vice President) to receive our petition  even if it means conducting vigils for days at your office until either of the two receives  our petition in person,” reads the letter as seen by Nyasa Times.
“We would like to put it clear that the issues being raised by citizens are meant and  addressed to the Central Government. The only reason we will present the petition to the  local governments authorities in the other districts and cities is that those are the only  highest offices representing the central government at that level,” it continued.
The CSOs are defiant that theywill not accept any  form of “middle man” in Lilongwe which has the presence of the highest office of the  central government.
“We say no to any form of middle men to Central government and the  leadership,” the organisers of the protests said.
Mtambo said they have previously delivered many petitions through other channels to Mutharika, but they have not seen any change; hence, the decision to deliver the petition direct to the President.

He insisted that there was nothing wrong with the CSOs and the citizens demanding that President Mutharika or his deputy Chilima  should receive the petition.

Said Mtambo: “We are very determined to conduct the peaceful demonstrations and present the petition to the presidency. ”

 The CSOs are demanding cancellation of disbursement of the K4 billion and the resignation of Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe and Kondwani Nankhumwa (Minister for Local Government and Rural Development) over their roles in the scam.
They  argue that the K4 billion allocation is illegal and not in the best interest of Malawians; hence, the need to immediately cancel it.
The demonstrations, which the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) and opposition political parties are supporting, will be held under the theme For How Long Shall Malawians Continue To Be Taken for Granted? Loss of Public Trust in the Current Administration: Time to Reclaim Our Destiny .
The demonstrations are also being supported, among others, by the quasi-religious Public Affairs Committee (PAC), the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and 10 opposition political parties that  include the country’s former vice-president Cassim Chilumpha as president for Assembly for Democracy and Development (ADD), presidents for People’s Progressive Movement (PPM)Mark Katsonga Phiri, Malawi Forum for Unity and Development (Mafunde) George Nnensa, United Transformation Party (UTP) Newton Kambala and People’s Transformation Party (Petra) Kamuzu Chibambo.
The political parties, which also include Republican Party, United Independent Party, New Labour Party, National Unity Party and Malawi Democratic Party, say the culture of impunity that has dominated the Malawi political space for many decades, must be stopped now
In Lilongwe, where they expected the Presidency to receive their petition, the CSOs plan to march from Chisomo Private Secondary School in Mchesi, via Kamuzu Central Hospital (KCH) Roundabout, through Lingadzi Roundabout via Parliament Building to Capital Hill.
In Blantyre, CSOs will protest from the Upper Stadium via Chipembere Highway to the civic offices, while in Mzuzu, they expect to march from Katoto via Mzuzu Clock Tower via High Court Round-about to civic offices.
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Lazaro Chatsika

Koma atumbuka ndi a gulukunyinda to borrow Wamisala Winiko’s terminology. Mukuona ngati mungagwetse DPP anyani inu? How many times have you tried this with your myopic PAC and failed?


DzukaniAmalawi, where is rioting taking place in Malawi to warrant the premature return by the President?
MCP yanuyo ingovutika singawine chisankho. There are only two parties in Malawi with experience to govern a multiparty state and these are UDF and DPP. MCP imadziwa kulamula Boma lachipani chimodzi so that when they kill people, by their nature, as they did with Matenje, Gadama, Sangala and Chiwanga, no one should ask them.
My friend you are just wasting your time with Malawi Crocodile Party; Itaye kongilesi before it is too late.

Kunena Mosapsyatila
You are a useless, brainwashed and pathetic DPP zealot. You don’t love your country and are illiterate on world affairs. A caring leader cannot leave his house on fire and keep himself busy with globe trotting. It only happens to a useless professor like your dump founded MOYA. He is a coward and not ready to face the reality of running a govt. With this scenario about to unfold, he will not return quickly to his own backyard to settle things down rather he will hide in one of the expensive hotels in one of these rich countries, observing the… Read more »
If we ever needed proof that DPP and the president aren’t caring, then this is it. President Ramaphosa had to cut short his important UK (which our President also attended and is full there), to address his people, in one of nine provinces, which was rioting because of the very issues that our CSOs are raising. Ramaphosa cared enough for his people and the country to go back and address the people himself. Now for Malawi, the president doesn’t find any need to come back to his country and address his people about bread and butter issues. There’s a national… Read more »

Some CSO Leaders are chamba smokers. Umunthu unapita kuti? Kodi anzeru ndiwo wokha?


Ine,ndikudabwatu is it the,president who debatef and,passed the apprpfiation bill into law ,to allow, treasury to,diaburse the 4bn? The speaker is the right oerson to receive it….a mtambo ndi anzanu dziwani iziizi..MULUNGU,SAMALEKELERA IWO ONYIZA UTSOGOLERI OMWE,IYR ANAUIKA..mungozitengerapo maautso pa moyo wanu..why set a militant approach on a simple,issue..njiru imeneyitu ikutsatani ,dithu…ng’oma yanu yalilitsa,ing’ambika posachedwapa..malwa

Old AP Munthali

Nkhutukumve yokalamba njamakani. Siyingamve mpaka nkhwangwa ili mmutu in May 2019.


Pitala and saulo were not there when lazalo passed the 4billion in question. Just give you senseless demands to lazalo. Mwagwa nayo kachikena aphwanga. Anzanu mulimbana naowa nganzeru.

Now it’s clear, this is the implementation of the revolt by Chakwera. The reason why they want to cancel the disbursement is to ensure that no development takes place in the north because according to MCP leadership through Kusamba Dzonzi kuli anthu ochepa. The population there is below MCP’s threshold. Mr Mtambo, where will the district councils take your rubbish document to? Are they not taking the same to OPC? OPC, please designate a cleaner to receive the document who should place it in the in tray for the attention of the Chief Secretary. Why should Mtambo together with his… Read more »
Hope Mr mtambo be civilised we are in a modern world why should pipo go march just to present a petition? Can’t you just post it or email it direct to the President? U can again go alone I don’t think its too heavy that you need the nation to carry it .I think the best solution is 2019 not marching bring the peaceful nation. I suggest again give the petition to the speaker of parliament coz its parliament that was debating it so that they can redebate . can you organise again a march against the bishop coz we… Read more »

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