CSO’s want vigil at airport against ‘above the law’ Chaponda: Suspended minister bulldozes court order to perform ministerial duties in Germany

Human rights activist Allie Mwachande with backing from fellow Human Rights Defenders (HRD) including the vocal Gift Trapence who is also Executive Director for Centre for Development for People (CEDEP) plans
to mobilize Malawians of good will to hold Vigil at the airport on the day suspended Malawi Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Dr. George Chaponda returns home from Germany.

Chaponda: Has disrespected court order

Chaponda disobeyed court order restraining him from discharging his duties as Cabinet Minister until 31st January 2017 when the Mzuzu High Court is expected to make a ruling on government’s appeal through Attorney General Kalekeni Kaphale asking the court to vacate the injunction CSO’s obtained led by Charles Kajoloweka about two weeks ago.

In the first place, the CSO’s called for Chaponda’s resignation or firing by President Peter Mutharika and upon refusal by the two, they obtained an injunction which was granted by Justice John Chirwa at High Court.

The move was aimed at paving way for smooth investigations in the K23 Billion Maizegate scandal Chaponda is implicated.

In an exclusive interview with Nyasa Times on Saturday, activist  Mwachande said what Chaponda did was total disrespect not
only to the law of Malawi and Judicial System but also underrating all Malawians.

“What I see is that Honourable Chaponda is taking Malawians for granted; he thinks he is untouchable and he is above the Law. So what
I have suggested is that we mobilize ourselves [CSO’s] together with other concerned Malawians to be at the airport the day he will be returning.

“We want him to tell us upon arrival what he went to do in German because we have all the information that he went there and that he is
still discharging his duties as minister despite the court order.

“Laws have to be respected at all costs,” said Mwachande in a telephone interview while applauding the media for bringing to limelight
Chaponda’s German trip.

“It is high time Malawians rise up and hold these people accountable because they think they are our bosses and that they can play around with us. This is to do with the Law. Both the President and the minister took an oath to respect the constitution  and we
dont understand what this administration is doing and heading to,”wondered Mwachande.

Mwachande cited former Health Minister Yusuf Mwawa’s arrest some years back while serving as minister as a good example of respecting the rule of law.

Commenting on the vigil, CEDEP Executive Director Trapence while backing the idea said no one can stop an individual from exercising
his or her freedom and human right as enshrined  in the Constitution of the Republic of Malawi.

“Any person has the right to freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate as long as that is done within the law. As such I am in total support with those who are mobilizing each other to go to the airport to fight against impunity that Dr. Chaponda has shown based on the media reports that he is still performing his duties as a Minister despite court order restraining him from doing such. As human rights organizations we are supporting such calls for a vigil at the Airport” Trapence told Nyasa Times through a Whatsapp message.

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Vigil imeneyi mukakhalako ndo amani !!! kkkkkk!!!

So after the vigil what next? Do you have the muscle to make Chaponda step down? Chaponda and his president are not dunderheads like most commentators here. They are prominent lawyers and know what they are doing. You are just making noise as they say that empty tins make a lot of noise. It is long time you started making these noises but there is no indication that you can weaken this DPP. Despite all the support from PAC, journalists, CSOs there is still no support from the ground that can give hope to the opposition that they can do… Read more »
Let Chaponda continue to work for the benefits Malawians. He’s the man. And good for him to ignore that Rental Court of Mzuzu; a Northern Court for Northerners. As no sane unprejudiced judge, in this land, would make such a ruling. Not respecting, or plain ignorant about constitutional boundaries between the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary! It’s like that Chirwa judge was making his own law, and interpreting it too. What the f… ? And who would show up at the airport? Likely, only the Northern CSOs, which is almost all the Bwana’s detractors on this issue. More balanced and reasonable… Read more »

I think we should position a sniper at the airport for this guy. Mob justice is needed here.


I have no respect for president/ govt that has no respect for the courts. This behaviour is fascism not democracy as i know it.


I have no respect for s govt that doesn’t respect the courts! !!!!


Vigil at both airports
He plans to use chileka

Njoka Saweta
Kodi inu ma C S O which Malawians are you representing. Atumbuka inu you are representing your wives, concubines and mothers osati enafe musatinyanse (and your tummies). Even coMmission of enquiry the way things are moving have nothing will not fault Chaponda. If you have personal agendas or mwatumidwa ndi VP muyaluka. Bravo Chaponda these guys are irritating me too. There are issues to deal with in this country osati za zii ngati izi. Ndinu mumafalitsa kuti eter wamwalira pano muli ndi Chaponda. Manyazinso mulibe you loons. It’s not an a secret kuti you are trying to impress your paymasters… Read more »
james kalimah

inever seen sleeping nation like my country Malawi oh again this big head minister again who calls him self as minister has violated court order again,inever seen a stupid presdent like this with his lomwenism he is destroying our beloved country.he rather die or go back to USA to stay there wth Trump

zuzo dekha

kodi gudo akadali 50 years old. zatsala 10 years kuti acite RETIRE

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