Cyclone Kenneth effects hits Nkhata Bay: 20 families rescued by marine department

Cyclone Kenneth effects have hit the lakeshore district of Nkhata Bay which has experienced heavy down pour for the last two days, bursting Limphasa river and cutting off 20 families from the rest of the world.

Simwaka: 20 families have since been rescued by the department of marine.

District Commissioner for Nkhata Bay Rodney Simwaka said the 20 families have since been rescued by the department of marine.

“As I am talking to you now, the marine is still on the ground for any eventualities although the situation has improved,” said Simwaka.

He said his office is using community radios to give out tips on how to be safe in such harsh conditions.

Officials from the marine department said there have been no casualties during the heavy flooding.

Weather experts at the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services last week warned the deadly cyclone Kenneth had matured in Indian Ocean and might cause have in Nkhata Bay and other areas in the north.

Jolama Nkhokwe, director of Climate Change and Meteorological Services said the cyclone had matured at 986 millibars and was moving at 20km per hour but very soon will be moving close to 200km per hour.

“Nkhata Bay will be the most affected as well as some parts in the north but it will also hit some areas in the south like Phalombe,” he said.

Cyclone Kenneth is as a result of deep low pressure system developed in the Indian Ocean, according to Nkhokwe.

He said  cyclone will not have any other devastating affect to Malawi.

At least 38 people have died as a result of Cyclone Kenneth in northern Mozambique which has also grounded aeroplanes.

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Tate Nyoxy
4 years ago

The problem with Malawian reporters is that they concentrate on taking pictures of interviewees than pictures of the scenes and situation.

You will see a heading “MAN KILLS WIFE WITH A HUMMER” and in the picture you will see Police Spokesperson Dandaula kkk. Then I ask myself a question, is this the man who has killed a wife with a hummer? kkk

In this story we would appreciate if they had posted at least 2 pictures so that we can also see the damage caused by Cyclone Kenneth.


4 years ago

I can not understand the second sentence from the bottom of this story and I quote, ‘He said cyclone will not affect Malawi’. Is Nkhata-Bay not part of Malawi? Are the people in the hit areas along Limphasa River Mozambicans or Tanzanians? Am I not understanding English better than Owen Khamula, the writer?

4 years ago

Sad story. Thanks Marine Department for the rescue operations.

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