Dausi kicks up a stink: Bingu’s bad advisers now at work with JB

Spokesman of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Nicholas Dausi was again a marvel to listen to when he was guest on popular in-depth-interview Straight Talk programme on Capital Radio when he used his verbiage to attack  people who have surrounded President Mrs Joyce Banda, saying most of them were ill-advising  former president  late Bingu wa Mutharika.

The Mwanza Central legislator said during the programme that “the opportunist s that misled Bingu are now in PP.”

Political prostitution

He said in his long-winded style of speech: “Some people who are now claiming to be angles but played various roles in misinforming Bingu Wa Mutharika, are the same people who jumped quickly, pretending to be angels and right now they have surrounded the new president misadvising her government which is now in abyss of arrests, dismissals, vengeance and retribution. This is a result of being advised by vengeful people.”

Dausi said Malawians are able to make their own judgements, saying they should consider electing people “who are men of integrity, matured, pious, people who do not suffer political inertia and paranoia.”

Dausi: We must deal with peripatetic politicians

He maintained that “the opportunists who are now in PP government are the ones who misled Bingu. These are the ones causing havoc”

Dausi did not name any politician but asked President Banda to be “extremely careful with those that have surrounded her.”

“These are the people that made Bingu to be hated,” he pointed out.

DPP apology

Presenter of Straight Talk, Rhodes Msonkho, who is fast emerging as Malawi’s Stephen Sackur (who presents HARDtalk on BBC) asked Dausi on the apology DPP interim president Peter Mutharika for the mistakes the party made when it was in power.

Dausi said it was qualified apology, saying “we believe that its mature statesmanship, that is humane and that’s what Christian teaching tells us.”

He added: “I subscribe to what my president t said that we regret all the mistakes we made.”

Alternative Government

Dausi said DPP was relegated to the opposition following the death of president Mutharika and that they are now emerging as an alternative government.

“Democracy means that we must have an alternative government and DPP is an alternative government,” he said.

Asked on the agenda of the mass rallies the party has lined-up, Dausi said they were “trying to create a political barotemeter.”

He said campaign has not kicked-off, saying “ain’t seen nothing yet.”

“We have been in Mzuzu where people came en masse. We want to thank people from the northern region for such huge and momentous support which we have never had from time immemorial,” he said.

“People are happy, people are remembering what Bingu wa Mutharika achieved. They want the DPP to continue with the programme of development,” added Dausi.

Asked if DPP would retain back to power, he confidently said they will win 2014 elections.

“The question of power in Malawi is through a ballot box. In any competitive, inclusive, periodic and definitive polls, where the elections are free and fair, DPP will win fair and square,” he said.

And pressed why DPP still insists to carry on with another Mutharika brand after late president who became unpopular, Dausi said the party has not selected a presidential candidate yet but hinted Peter Mutharika has a head-start to be their torch bearer.

“We will have a convention. Everybody is mentioning that that they want a leader who is matured, who has academic credentials, a leader who has a vision, a leader who loves the nation and I believe we will do that.”


Dausi also said DPP was concerned with the rising insecurity in Malawi, saying it is a setback to development.

But quizzed on claims by Minister of Home Affairs, Uladi Mussa, that some of the crime were being sponsored and perpetrated by the former ruling party, he said those were “unsubstantiated allegations.”

“There is no politician worthy the sort who can encourage the people to injure, to be arsonists, meme, terrorising its own people,” he said.

He said the accusations were “totally unfair, wrong, illogical, it’s incorrect, it’s a fallacy, inertia, it’s totally political wide allegation.

“That is wrong. DPP has three pillars; security, development and justice. Infact we are worried because of insecurity. The government failure should not be attributed to Democratic Progressive Party.”

Section 65

On the anti-defection law, Section 65, Dausi said DPP “will relentlessly pursue it.”

“We want Section 65 to be applied quickly as quick as yesterday,” he said.

Asked why the DPP is pursuing the Section 65 issue now when the party survived on the Speaker not revoking the Section, Dausi said the party is fighting for respect of the Constitution.

“Two wrongs never make a right. Neither two zeros make a number. Have you erased the Malawi constitution? This is not a DPP thing. These people have crossed the floor, they have broken the law,” he said.

The lawmaker said there should be “no selected application of the constitution.”

Dausi said Section 65 should be applied to regulate “peripatetic politicians, nomadic politicians who are not principled.”

He said many MPs who defected to PP after the death of Bingu wa Mutharika “are terribly regretting.”

“Go around and do a survey, people want MPs to remain in their parties.”

He stressed: “We will relentlessly push for section 65 with all our minds.”


During the interview, Dausi was asked about the situation in his Mwanza central constituency where former minister Davis Katsonga wants to challenge him in 2014 elections under Chipani Cha Pfuko banner.

“Politics is a continuous struggle. It’s a struggle for intellectual, extrapolation, there is nothing personal and I believe the helter-skelter of mutlipartism will prevail,” he said.

Dausi said he has been using the Local Development Funds following laid down conditions and involving his constituents, saying “decentralisation at its best.”

The DPP spokesman who once served as vice president of Malawi Congress Party said he will remain a conviction politician.

“So long as I continue living in this world I shall be a politician,” he said, defining politics as “a public service- we must all serve the common good of the people.”

Asked if one day he would aspire to be President, Dausi said “in politics you can serve in various levels and be contented.”

Dausi who insisted DPP “will form the next government” pointed out that in Malawi he admires the leadership of late Kamuzu Banda, late Bingu wa Mutharika and now the current DPP leader professor Peter Mutharika.

“I admire leaders who are intelligent and geniuses,” he said, referring to Sir Winston Churchill that “a leader must have the qualities, academic prowess, academic credential s that are not dubious.”

Dausi did a praise singing to late Mutharika post-humously, saying he was “a great statesman, visionary leader “and that he “developed Malawi beyond recognition.”

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