Dausi rejects UN’s happiness report: ‘Malawi is the happiest place’

The United Nations’ (UN) World Happiness Report 2018 has ranked Malawi as one of the least happiest countries in the world but government has rejected the findings as flawed.

Dausi: Malawians are happy people

The report, an annual publication from the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, ranked Malawia at 147 out of 156 countries.

The World Happiness Report measures “subjective well-being” – how happy the people are, and why.

But government spokesman and Minister of Information and Communications, Nicolas Dausi,  has rejected the report  saying it is faulty.

“Malawians are happy people  and can be seen with happy faces in the village and urban areas.”

Dausi said data on happiness are notoriously subjective and should be interpreted with a dose of caution.

Despite African countries getting the worst happiness scores, one west African nation has bucked the trend. Togo came bottom in 2015 but was the biggest improver in the 2018 report, rising 18 places. Latvians and Bulgarians are also reporting higher levels of happiness.

Finland has overtaken Norway to become the happiest nation on earth, according to a UN report.

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How can one be happy when we are experiencing 36hrs blackouts? Mind your language Dausi, even our crops are bought at lowest prices ever when fertilizer is expensive. We are being expropriated under this govt mukunjoya ndi otiberanu.

The only reason why Dausi and fellow DPP conmen cannot make sense out of such a report is because DPP as a ruling party to them VALUE means NOTHING. As for all conmen their INTEREST is an END to all their MEANS in ALL their endeavours. Look, dpp will STOP at nothing to still be a ruling party in Malawi. In fact they proclaim it. Of course even if it means taking away human life. To dpp humanity and its CORE values means NOTHING. DPP will leave no stone unturned to return POWER, at any price to attain it, at… Read more »

A Santana tiyeni tizilankhulana apa osamangobwebweka zikakhala za ndale, izi ndizatonse izi si za .D.P.P or M.C.P ati dziko lathu chimwemwe mchochepa, inu muti bwaaanji kumeneko ni ozanuwo?

Chris Nazombe

kkkkkkkkk I din’t know that some ministers are fools. Malawians are happy? seriously?…… God is watching you Nicholas


Chitsiru. Sinanga iyeyo ndi nduna and mwana wake ali ku Embassy.


Let me remind Dausi that,by saying happy people does not mean by showing your smile or tooth.Being happy means,to feel comfortable,free mind,to afford everything you want etc


only DPP members, cadets inclusive are happy, no one can dispute that

Extra Point

How can people be happy when they have poverty levels at 54%? How can they be happy when electricity power is inconsistent, with lots of blackouts? Mr Dausi thinks being a minister means defending everything. Being honest show being gentle and serious about the future

Concerned Malawi who hates Santana
Concerned Malawi who hates Santana
Actually Mr Nocholas Dausi you are very insensitive and careless with your reaction to the report. Blatantly put Mr Dausi you are being stupid. Seriously which Malawians are you referring to?. I don’t want to belabour myself to give you fools in government a litany of factors and problems Malawians are facing to show how dischanted they are. Which people are you governing ?. It appears to me that there is a huge disconnect between the so called leaders and the led in Malawi . Koma inuyo Mulungu akuoneni ndithu. Munakakhala anzeru Munakakhala chete and tell the reporter that I… Read more »

Hon Dausi is too selfish to be human being

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