Dausi says Fr Mulomole’s robbery not by regime thugs

Malawi government has parried away fears that robbers who invated offices at Zomba Diocese Research and Development where Peter Mulomole—the outspoken spokesperson of the Public Affairs Committee (PAC)—also works were regime thugs.

Dausi: It is wrong to blame government on the regrettable robbery act

There were assertions that the regime thugs may have been behind the incident to instill fear and panic to PAC spokesman  after  a quasi-religious body and governance watchdog had delivered a statement at news conference that poorly rated the administration of President Peter Mutharika and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), saying it has failed to govern the country.

But Minister of Information, Communication Technology Nicholous Dausi, who is also government spokeman, reacted to the news reports, saying is simply wrong to blame government on the “regrettable robbery act.”

Said Dausi in a statement emailed to Nyasa Times: “It is unfair to suggest that the crime was orchestrated by agents of Government in response to an uncomplimentary statement by Public Affairs Committee (PAC) last week without evidence.”

Dausi said the attack on government by PAC is not the first time, but, as always, government “will continue to defend their right to speak even as we do not agree with them. “

The statement reads in part: “This Government does not believe in using violence against voices of dissent. In any case, the statement by PAC was unanimously condemned by the public and has no effect that it can worry Government.”

Dausi said government  “sympathise” with the Catholic Church to which the affected property belong and Father Mulomole whose office was directly affected.

“We commend Father Mulomole for refusing, even in his distress, to speculate on the alleged crime. We agree with him that until the findings of the investigations are completed by the police, any speculation is counter-productive,” said Dausi.

The robbers went away with K2.5 million in cash, computers and other office equipment.

PAC would be holding ‘future of Malawi’ conference in May this year where it will ask Malawians to decide the next action.

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This is the work of Mafia Nicholus Dausi.


Dpp yafuna kukuziwitsani kuti Zomwe amanena a PAC Ndizoona zokhazokha nchifukwa chake achibale izi.

monty masache

eshii sorry, so bad


What about all the past robberies in catholic churches? DPP again? Mwagwa nayo. Be it known that this PAC has no trust of Malawians as it was a few years ago. Chingota and Mulomole have shown their political colours which is very unfortunate. No wonder the cracks in this committee. The meeting in May will expose the PAC leadership and the other members will tell their bosses the whole truth. Let us wait for the day.

Rift Valley

Yes, bwana Dausi this is not the first time PAC has attacked government. However PAC’s stings this time were more painful than before and we know DPP is very averse to criticism judging by it’s reaction to recent events such as the Dulani survey whose author, by the way, was intimidated by MRA thugs recently.

Pepani bwana. You have a difficult job of defending the indefensible and you make yourself laughable in the process


Cash yake k2 million?
Ndiye mukuyelekeza ndi Chaponda,zoona?


Abiti 2 million malawi kwacha mkachianinso. Nanunso zoona mupange compare 2 million ndi 2oo million? 2 million ndiogulira mchenga able inu

I have a feeling this is the work of those that hate DPP. They believe any attack on PAC especially this time that it is vocal against government will turn people and the faith community against DPP. DPP would be very stupid to attack members of PAC immediately after they held a press conference very critical of government. Some people sympathetic to the opposition may have done this. My advice to PAC members and all those that are very critical of this government is to be careful with those they may perceive to be on their side. Judging from daily… Read more »

what is the truth? I thought both the victim and government have said that they are still waiting for the report from the police. Guys learn to be objective.


shameless he goat


Chakuvutani chizungu anzanga a ma comment…… sanati cash yokha….. kkkkkkkk Ma Kadeti ndakudziwani. Osatha chizungu

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