Dausi says politics is happiness-maximisation: ‘I am wise because I know am foolish’

Minister of Information and Communications Technology Nicholas Dausi says there is still austerity measures by the government and dismissed accusations  of the purchase of new President’s luxurious top-of-the-range Lexus, saying it was necessary addition.

Dausi (right) telling Brian Banda: ‘You and Kasakula are there to make sure this government is destroyed…’your reporting is wrong, erronous, full of innuendos, conjecture and  malafide’

Dausi, who is also government spokesperson, was featured on Times Exclusive interview on Times TV hosted by no-holds barred presenter Brian Banda.

Banda quizzed Dausi why government  which is  struggling to feed 6.5 million food insecure Malawian, amid many economic challenges, President Peter Mutharika decided to buy K100 million ($100 000) vehicle.

Dausi said the procurement of the posh Lexus vehicle  was necessary.

“Do you want to say because you want salt from you neighbour, you go there naked?”

“There is prudence in the way we have run finances,” said Dausi

Dausi said: “For the first time since 1964 President Arthur Peter Mutharika has encountered one of the most calamities, drought, floods, cashgate, donor freeze, but we have managed to develop the country.”

The government spokesman then accused the host Banda and editor-in-chief of Times Group George Kasakula of being fierce critics of the government.

“You Brian Banda and you have a friend George Kasukala, you are wrong people, and you make some persuasive arguments to put the government in disarray. That is wrong,” said Dausi.

Asked on whether President Mutharika will act on 13 files of the forensic audit in the grand corruption which allegedly involve some serving cabinet ministers, Dausi said there are just “conjectures and malafide”.

On worsening corruption in government, Dausi said those who make accusations should bring tangible evidence.

On why the President established a Commission of Inquiry on Zambia maize import saga but could not fire Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda who is accused to have played a role in misprocurement, Dausi hit by saying “you should not have pathological hatred with Honourable Chaponda.”

Banda also asked Dausi on perception that President  Mutharika is “passive” but the Minister of Information reacted angrily, saying that was disrespectful to slur a Head of State names.

“You cannot call the president to be passive. He is the President and he deserves respect,” said Dausi.

During the interview, Banda also asked Dausi, who was former state chief spy, on his appointment to Cabinet, saying observers are giving an analogy that he has been drafted in Cabinet “to deal with him.”

He said: “It is extremely unfair, erroneous, and wrong and malafidy.”

On his new role as government spokesman, Dausi e argues that the purpose of government is not just to create economic growth, but also to promote individual happiness.

“The intention of politics is the maximisation of happiness,” said Dausi.

Dausi gave over 30 quotations during his answers in the interview and  said  to him learning is a continuous process and that he strongly  believe in the  job training, quoting Socrates : “I am wise because I know am foolish.”

The government spokesman pointed out that President Mutharika takes his time to watch Times Exclusive program on Times TV.

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chaponda okuba chimanga

inetu chaponda ndkazakumana naye ndzamuthuzula diso chifukwa ndimunthu opanda chisoni ku mtundu wa amalawi. dausi naye nd mbuzi coz akuikira kumbuyo zolakwika….bushiri 2019 bomaaa!!!!!

thitherward wendo
The Honorable Nicholas Dausi impressed me with his knowledge of the philosophers of the Age of Enlightenment. In our own benighted age, erudition is rare. If the honorable gentleman wishes to bring his happiness studies up-to-date, I suggest he read ‘The Politics of Happiness: What Government Can Learn from the New Research on Well-Being’ by David Bok (2010), and ‘The Economics of Happiness’ by Mark Anielski (2007). The honorable gentleman also made several classical references. Perhaps in a study of Roman civilization we can find ideas that may improve our own civilization. For example, by now all of us are… Read more »
M Sizini

7/10 – Thitherward. I found your loquacious comments quite interesting, amusing, and annoying – in equal parts. However, you have not really come to any conclusion. If Mr Dausi is so great, shouldn’t you be advocating his appointment as the world’s first Minister of Happiness?




A Brian its only that u should ask Dausi ,palibe zachitukuko nkamwa mwanu mutation mwaimila u President muluza mawa omwe ,Dausi nkamwa multi mwaa kuyankha ngati wangodya ma naches posachedwa ,good job.

Honourable Dausi was excellent here. He presented himself very well. One time while at Capital Radio Brian Banda had an interview with JB then as a VP who had fallen favour in DPP. Brian spent the whole time licking JB’s boots, handbag, arse, and was falling all over JB. After the sudden death of the late Professor Bingu WaMutharika, JB ascended to power and made this little piece of shit as her press secretary. During that period, I don’t doubt that he partook cashgate money (60% we hear was going to abiti in cash). I do not expect Brian Banda… Read more »
Adam Kunje

Do the media in Malawi do awards? This boy Brian Banda needs to be honored. I will not be surprised if BBC calls on him. Well done Brian Banda.


what can one learn from dausi – insinuations basi!


Congratulations my brother Daus for knowing that “you are wise because you know that you are foolish”. This is from your answers and arguments wth the press guys whom you accused without perhaps just to impress your boss who gave you that job. Have a nice day and continue!!!!!!!

jealous down, I always thank god for the gift of characters like Mr Nicholas Dausi,,,,he is so talented speaker, he speaks with a real purpose and applies living examples with a mixture of big words that are otherwise easy to understand. but Malawians should have time to appreciate values in our human resources regardless of political differences, not always talking bad about our statement like dausi. iam MCP member because Mr Dausi is A DPP member,,,,,,in a decent democracy, development will come if MCP CHAKWERA ideas are interacting positively with DPP. APM ideas. we are all Malawians if we learn… Read more »
Seeing reality I know when the president goes outside his Republic (Mutharika Republic) he is surrounded by rich people in suits. He can not see the poor and the hungry we live with in the villages. I would expect his men and women would interact with us and tell the President about the high levels of poverty and suffering we are going through. An honest messenger would say exactly how life is for an ordinary Malawian. It is proved to me and others that the challenges Malawi faces are too big the regime. We gave them an impossible task. They… Read more »

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