Daza says corruption is the new oppression in Malawi: Hits at DPP’s ‘Lhomwelisation” of public service

New opposition party Democratic People’s Congress (DEPECO) president Dr Chris Daza has warned that “corruption is the new oppression in Malawi” and accused the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP0 government of being similar to the dictatorship, saying his party is ready to rescue Malawians from armpit of poverty which is being propelled by worsening corruption.

Daza addressing a rally at Mayani: Corruption is the new oppression -Photo by Alffed Chauwa, Nyasa Times

Daza was speaking in Mayani, Dedza during a political rally.

The former Cabinet minister in the Joyce Banda’s People’s Party (PP) administration, Daza said his  DEPECO party is concerned that  “the rich are getting richer in Malawi”  and the “corrupt are getting more corrupt”.

Daza, who once served as secretary general of Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and is an evangelist, said the current DPP government had failed the people.

“When DPP came to power, Malawians were promised a better life. They were promised a chance to take control of their own lives through quality education, through access to economic opportunities, through ownership of property. But look today, people are  getting more miserable expect the elite and others  from  one corner of the country as the majority poor remain stuck in hardship and despair,” he said.

Daza said many people today are facing extreme food poverty,  the rising unemployment rate and national debt was growing.

“Life for poor Malawians is getting tougher by the day,” he pointed out.

Daza said most Malawians remain poor because of a corrupt system, designed to look after the elite at the expense of the poor, keeps them in poverty.

He said DPP has created a system that pockets enormous amounts of tax money meant to be spent on the people but corruption is allowed to flourish.

Daza blasted the DPP saying it has become so clueless that the only consistent element about them is policy inconsistency.

“The encouraging news is that we in DEPECO have come on the scene to make things right for the country,” he said.

Daza said Malawians have reached the tipping point.

He called for the exit strategy for  the Farm Input Subsidy Programme (Fisp) and channel the funds towards irrigation projects which have more potential to make the country food secure.

Fisp – which has been rocked with abuse with intended beneficiaries, in some cases, not getting the subsidised fertiliser – was a short-term solution and Daza said there was need to assess other relevant programmes that government can use.

He said if t his party is voted into office next year, Fisp will be abolished.

Daza also hit at DPP for practising nepotism, accusing President Peter Mutharika’s administration of favouring his Lhomwe tribe.

“Because I come from Ntcheu does it mean that all the key positions should come from Ntcheu” said Daza.

Pressing home the nepotism accusation, Daza said the “Lhomwelisation” of the public service and public appointments must be stopped.

He queried that all key positions in government are being held by people from the Lhomwe Belt—where Mutharika also comes from.  He said the ‘shameless” trend is diluting the whole essence of national meritocracy— doing things on merit.

But Daza said God will not forsake its people and that Malawi will get liberation;

“I have no doubt in my mind that Malawi is on the verge of a new era,” he said.

Minister of Information, Communication and Technology Nicholas Dausi, said Daza is making mere “political tantrums.”

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Empty rhetoric from Daza. The basis of his claims are not supported by statistical evidence. He will not score political points by attacking tribes. He has already lost the lhomwe votes by showing his disdain of the people. We need leaders who can fish out real issues that can transform our nation not these same innuendos.

Tenzi Mzungu

Those who are dominating are northerners if we take their population into consideration.For every 10 civil servants with senior grades 6 are northerners . For every 10 extension workers from NGO 8 are northerners. Thus why Bingu wanted to correct this and became very unpopular. Thus why there’s Cold War between northerners and Lhomwes.

Pension Nenereko

My foot! Ask those who have worked with Daza the so called ambusa, they will tell you ndigulu loti if I do not have it nobody should have it. Upresident amaufuna kwabasi. See nsalu anapanga kale nkope yawo. Adachita liti convention to confirm him as a presidential candidate. Tiyenazoni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Observer Weniweni

In politics when you start marginalizing one section of the people based on un-researched divisive issues just know that you cannot go anywhere. A politician worthy his salt knows how to accommodate all people regardless of their tribe religious affiliation etc. Every vote counts in politics. It does not help to margimilise Lhomwes who are a very large tribal group and you hope to rule this country or make any headway??? Muiwale. You have failed before you have even started a Daza.

Revolutionary Thinker
Revolutionary Thinker

Malawi needs people like Daza. Why not him? Why Peter? Why Lazaro? Wake up Malawians, Malawi needs new thinking. We are poor after being Ruled by MCP, UDF, DPP and PP and u still think the same parties have anything to offer>? Wake up!


DPP ndi MCP zikoli simuzalamuliraso MCP nkhaza zosezija ife tibwelereso konkuja ayi mumagulisa cards Mayi wamimba ndi mwana wosabadwa inu tinathana DPP nonkhaso mukuziwa kuti mwalephera kuba kwachuluka inu siwonena ndi amisala akuziwa kuti mwalephela iyi ndithawi ya DEPECO nthawi yachinyamata iyi nkhalambanu khalani pasi Dr Chris Daza kozekani kuzakhoza zikoli 2019 ndi lanu


Boma ilo!!!!!! 2019 DEPECO boma!!! Tatopa ndi mbava inse kuno Malawi

Mavwembe Mzembe Zembe

Inu atumbuka ali mbweeee mmaofesiwa simukuwaona and you go and mention of Lomwelisation? Bull shit! Go to Illovo, Yoneco, BLM, Mzuzu University, Chanco, Ministry of ujeni, Judiciary etc etc and find out how many Lomwes or tumbukas are there and report back.

A Daza mwachepa nazo izi ndizama Biggy like APM.


Lomwelisation??? I wish the Government (all departments) could come up with the list of all civil servants in Malawi including their posts/grades, their tribes and where they come from. You never know may be the civil service has been Chewalised or something. This could settle this claim once and for all all. Give us all the facts Mr. Daza. May be we can believe you.


This country needs people like Daza. Learned But God fearing. Malawi is the poorest country after being ruled by MCP, UDF, DPP and PP. Time for new things .

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