DC for Nkhotakota under fire over K46m development fund ‘abuse’

Nkhotakota concerned citizens are demanding for the immediate transfer of their District Commissioner (DC) Felix Mkandawire and other three officers for alleged mismanagement of Local Development Fund (LDF) amounting to K46 million and abuse of office.

Concerned Citizens in Nkhotakota demanding DC transferred

Concerned Citizens in Nkhotakota demanding DC transferred

The three include Director of planning and Development, Griffin Mhango, Lands Officer Lester Nyambosi and Intelligence Officer a Mr. Chavinda.

Spokesperson for the group, Reverend Father Dennis Kayamba (retired) said the DC and three officers have denied the people of Nkhotakota the right to development stipulated in the section 30 of the land laws that every person shall have the right to development by misusing the resources.

“We have evidence of an audit report which shows on how our controlling officer used the LDF resources between a very short period from January to June 2015,” he said.

According to the report, the DC in several occasions authorized subsistence allowances of K80,000 and fuel amounting to K75,000 a day to a single officer for a distance of one kilometer.

Sometimes, he said, the DC could authorize dubious activities in construction and supplies just to draw money from three accounts of LDF, locally generated revenue and District Development Fund (DDF).

Father Kayamba further said the citizens are suspicious of Director of Planning and Development, a Mr Mhango who was interdicted in the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology while serving as District Education Manager (DEM) in Likoma District.

“Our resources are ending up in the wrong hands making our district poor and this is why we are demanding for the immediate transfer for these officers from our district,” he added.

Member of Parliament for Nkhotakota Central, Peter Mazizi said he is equally concerned because most of the projects affected are in his constituency.

“People in my area will regard me as a person who cannot deliver but initially it is the office of the DC which has paralyzed developments in my constituency,” he said.

So far, the group has petitioned President Peter Mutharika , Vice President, Saulos Chilima and the Ministry of Local Government for action on the concerns.

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achoke boma lathu la nkhotakota..bwanji akakamira ku nkhotakota inatani kutibera kuno Yayi takana mukabe kwanu kumpoto…mukakamira tikutcherani seketera.


Kodi president ndi vice president nkhani mukuti nayo chiayani? Anthu a kk akufuna kuti nkhani mulowelepo chifukwa a minister a Gowelo alephera kuithetsa. Izi ndikuona zitha kubweleretsa magazi pa district. Public service reform ikuti chiani ngati munthu akuba ndalam chonchi? Nanga ACB muli kuti osapangapo kanthu. Izi ndizodabwitsa kwambiri kwangoti ziii ngati kulibe boma

Boma Ilo
Good governance issues were largely thrown under the carpet when the the district councils were created during Muluzi’s era. Some GTZ (now GIZ) technical advisers were always against such discussions. The triad of greed politicians, selfish chiefs and rent seeking district commissioners created district councils was a blueprint for thieving, human rights abuses and excessive greed. Having lost the legitimacy to steer development these people went about doing the business they are good at- thieving. People of NKK wake up. Even your chiefs could be helping defraud you through these greedy DCs. Which budget line does the DC use to… Read more »

When will Malawians wake up? Anthu akuba you are demanding for their transfer kuti akapitilize kuba in another district!!!! Wat a shame, they must be investigated and proscuted. If found guilty lock them up. There is no place for such kind of people in our society.

Mzaliwa wapa Nkk

Mizaliwa idzanga tichite kanthu apa.DC Thombozi naye naye anachoka atalemera amagwilizana kuba ndi Dho wapa Nkhotakota District Hosptal Dr Wanangwa Chisenga now in Lilongwe kuba ndalama za Chipatala.Akota kota adzanga tichangamuke, anthu enawa amabwera amphawi pochoka m’ma district ena.koma akafika kwathu kuno amachoka atalemera koopsa.ndipo timangoona osachitapo kanthu.

Its a shame and very pathetic seeing how we are senior civil servants are stealing. It pains me seeing how my hard earned tax is being misused and yet my poor folks who cannot afford a private hospital are dying because the hospitals Kamuzu left us have no medicine. My question to the Directors of Finance, District Commissioners, Chief Executives, Clinical Officers, Accountants and Accounts Assistants, how do you feel when you steal these funds and se eyour fellow Malawians , fellow church members, relatives, workplaces dying because they cannot access medication, public institutions collapsing? Soldier Luscious Bands asked in… Read more »

It seems its organised crime from the council all the way to ministry of local Govt officials.why not acting Principal Secretaries Mr Chris Kang’ome N Dorothy Banda? Wat Abut Minister Of Local Govt Mr T Gowelo? This Is Serious Issue And Needs Immediate Attention. Hon Minister, do you want blood shed in KK?


Atumbuka koma kubaaaa, ehhhhhhh


Zikukhala ngati zogwirizana ndi president coz palibe chomwe akuchitapo

mphatso jaffar

This is the worst DC we had experienced ever bfore,his a crook,scammer,fraudster infact ndi mbuli yooneka yophunzila,To u DC u hv to go n change other wise change wil change u itslf

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