Didn’t I tell you government kills?

There is something going on in this country. Something that we knew has always been on our mind. That our government, starting from when Sir Glyn Jones handed over State House to us, that, the government of this country, or the people who run it, are murderers. Cold-bloodied murderers.



Let me start from people who may not have been with us during the times that the UDF was in power. It may be that you also have forgotten. I want to remind you of Sheikh Bhagdad. Sheikh Bhagdad is not with us, because he is buried. He died. Others say he was killed. They say the man of God was killed because he engaged in a significant disagreement with the Mr Government. Mr Government was not happy. Knowing that he had all the power, including that to disrupt evidence and the power to do and undo things. Sheikh Bhagdad’s death was in vain. The said culprits are still walking the streets—killed by the government.

There is then the reggae maestro Evison Matafale. Evison wrote a scathing letter against Mr Government. Mr Government was not happy. Charges were drafted and Evison was arrested. He was transferred from Blantyre to Area 30 in Lilongwe for the usual interrogation that people who are enemies of the State are subjected to. He died. We heard that he was killed afterwards by Mr Government. Evison was buried and the story was that he died from natural causes. But the Nyabighi clan believe the prophet was hit in the head and died after being beaten up by people sent by the Government.

You may be thinking that I have been creating these stories. No problem with me, because many times I create stories. There was this event when, as vice-president, Mrs Joyce Banda’s car was involved in an ‘accident’. She contends that this was a murder plot aimed at eliminating her. She clearly says that Mr Government was the culprit. It was arranged to accedentalise her so that she does not pose a political threat. But we hear there was a cover up from the high places. Mr Government skipped jail, waiting to be successful next time.

Then there was the issue about the Polytechnic student [Robert Chasowa] who was said to have “committed suicide”. For intents and purposes, the evidence that was shared was that the young man was a victim of foul play. Yes, there was the suicide note that appeared and disappeared. In fact, it was the Malawi Police Service (MPS) that showed us the so-called “suicide note”. We hear Chasowa was murdered on instruction from Mr Government.

The badness of government in this country cannot be disputed, so it appears. Mrs Joyce Banda was nearly killed by him. But this sad story is not only for the former president. The incumbent State President has also a story to tell. When he was arrested for treason and jailed at Lumbadzi, Mr Government sent phony doctors to inject the Professor. Who can now deny that Mr Government is evil?

  • The article first appeared in The Nation
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lee john

well done Mr. Government.
Let congulatulate them.

Henderson Tepeka

Difficult but God knows


Mr. Government, the serial killer who is above the law!

Senior Citizen

If someone would tell me the story of matafale I will happy, why Mr. Government I also the story of Orton Chirwa it went the same but Mr. Government God knws wat to do with u…….;-D

Emmanuel Masamba

yes police do it on instruction from above


wy matafale?mr government?

wobeba wanga

Mr Government is a killer except the current.


What the learned professor is implying is that Government killed Ralph Tenthani


John wa chilungamo comment 49 monga sukudziwa kuti matafale was killed? He was chased in chileka and a sharp object was thrown to his head ukufuna kunama chani? Akakhala ndi TB nde kuti ndi imfa> Angati akudwala Tb ya Aids kunja kuno? Matafale yake inali ya fodya ok? backing government as if umadya nawo bwanji?

We miss thus reggae guy, it hurts ndani samafuna moyo. solution sikupha ayi no wonder opha anzawo onse akuvutika now.


In ur analysis,is it Mr Government dat kills or his handymen?????

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