Don’t politicize University of Malawi fees hike issue – Civil Society

A group of civil society organisations calling itself Civil Society Platform for Constructive Dialogue (CS-PCD) has called upon politicians in the country not to politicise the issue of proposed UNIMA fees hike as a way of achieving their political ambitions.

Maxwell Matewere:  Dont politicise

Maxwell Matewere: Dont politicise

Addressing members of the press in Lilongwe, Chairperson of the group Maxwell Matewere said the matter has been politicised by both government and the opposition.

“We are compelled to agree with sentiments raised by one of Malawi’s prominent religious leaders Reverend Levi Nyondo of the Livingstonia synod that politicians have hijacked the issues of university fees hike.

“There has been misinformation without merit and objectivity on the matter which has bordered on political sentiments,” he said.

Matewere said the group is aware that some politicians have camped in Zomba galvanizing students for or against the proposed vigil.

Undule Mwakasungura who is also a member of the group said while the group sympathizes with the students in raising their concerns about the fees hike, the students ought to be objective by weighing all factors that ought to be considered in handling the matter.

“The students have to be objective, there is a need to raise alternative in their arguments rather than wishing that they would want to continue with the current unsustainable fees.

The group pointed out that they feel the argument to continue with the current fees was a non starter saying Malawi already ranks lowest in university fees in Africa.

“For public universities in Malawi to highly compete with other universities in Africa, there is need to raise the standards of the same. In order to educate a student in Malawi, tuition would cost K1, 108,000.00 per student and one would note that even the current proposed fee structure is already highly subsidised,” said Mwakasungura.

He said it was sad to note that the majority of the students that are worried about the fees hike in public universities come from private secondary schools like Kamuzu Academy where they used to pay about 1.2 million kwacha per term for their education.

Mwakasungura wondered why such students would want to pay less fees when they go to public universities.

“If we are concerned about the quality of students and education standards in our universities to be higher and at the same time we want our universities to compete with top universities in Africa, we also need to pay higher for the same,” said Mwakasungura.

Another member Fryson Chodzi said Malawians ought to know that while the fees hike has been proposed, government has put in place safeguards to guarantee maximum right to education through the higher education students loans and grants board so that needy students have access to the loans for their education.

“It should be noted that the spirit of reform is that there should be cost sharing in education between the government and the students. The current proposed fees hike already puts government to share a larger burden of the cost of education.

“The UNIMA students ought to be aware that the tax payers will not be happy to continue financing the education of the students if they continuously display such disruptive and politically behaviours,” said Chodzi.

He however, called upon the University of Malawi Students Union (UMSU) to use dialogue as the best resort for resolving the current impasse than the vigil they want to hold.

Chodzi said the civil society organisations were willing to facilitate dialogue negotiations between the two parties which might bring a compromise.

The current fees for all public colleges in Malawi is at 275,000 kwacha and the proposed fees by the university council are 570,000 kwacha for chancellor college, 610,000 kwacha for polytechnic and Kamuzu college of nursing and 760,000 kwacha for college of medicine.

However, government approved 400,000 kwacha for Chancellor College, 450,000 for Kamuzu College of Nursing and Polytechnic and 500, 000 kwacha for College of Medicine.

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A lesson to all Malawians start taking your responsibilities seriously. You bear 20 children because you think government should pay for their education? its high time we start being serious about these issues and stop these rudimentary arguments.


UNDULE MUST UNDERSTAND THAT Malawi Is the poorest country not only in Africa but the whole world. it is not in order therefore to compare Malawi Universty fees with South African universities or any other country on earth. Malawi is the poorest on earth. If you want to have a proper comparison then take Livingstonia University, Catholic Univeristy, and other Malawi local universities because they are trading under the same economy. What is the percentage of students from kamuzu academy among the UNIMA student population?………Undule is dope

lets stop giving excuses about our poverty to get free stuff. its high time people started doing something for their government and realize that the world doesn’t operate on freebies and rather if you want something you have to work for it!!!!! ulesi a Malawi and kuzolowera zaulere that is why we will never get anywhere ! everywhere people pay for their college education, only very rich countries offer heavily subsidized college education and our poverty should actually make us lean more towards cost sharing with the government. WAKEUP MALAWI AND STOP DREAMING……IN REAL LIFE YOU WORK HARD TO EARN… Read more »
This group is shayiti. Mwakasungula is a wacker. You are the ones who need to use reason and not the students. Are you students yourselves? Or do you have a relative or your kid that you are paying school fees for? You are the ones politicising this issue because you have been bribed. Am ashamed that I come from the north. Undule thinks through the asshole. You want school fees to be 1mill compared to other countries forgetting that our economy is as useless as you are Mr Mwakasuku. Civil society my foot. Please UNIMA students beat these dogs to… Read more »

If the economy is bad then where will govt get money to pay these fees.

Let them go and get a student loan – there is nothing for free in this world. We can not continue taxing same 10% for ever whilst the so called poor continue to irresponsibly churn out children.


the majority of people who are advocating for increased fees went to school using kachasu money today they have forgotten that and they want to purnish other students who are going to college using kachasu money .


its not punishing them, learn lessons from that, their parents were selling Kacahsu to pay for education, it wasn’t free, hence comparatively the current cost is a joke if you expect to get proper college education. Costs sharing people!!!!!! government is already heavily subsidizing education, stop looking for freebies……handouts are killing us that is why there is cashgate everywhere because people want returns where they haven’t invested anything at all……


For the first time Undule if he really said this I can say he is now STUPID. Can UNIMA have majority from Kamuzu Academy??? Foolish and I hope mwamuika mawu mkamwa m’bale’yu. On radio he only said there is need for dialogue


Those who claim that majority of students at UNIMA come from rpriivate schools like Kamuzu Academy are stupid. There are many students who cannot manage to pay such fees. How much money do people get paid per month to afford such fees? That is why there is alot of stealing in these country by public servants. We are not saying that UNIMA should not have increased the fees, but this could have been a gradual increament.


Then why can’t you just stop manufacturing babies? Who forced you to have those numerous poor souls (children)? I think it’s not fair to some of us to see the government spending my tax on children whose parents are irresponsible like you.


Do not act like you are the only one who pays tax… With your salary, can you afford to dress n feed n pay tuition of 400k for ur kid? I doubt if u r even a graduate

Kanthu Ako!

So the answer is free university education? come on!!


Providing tertiary education is critical investment that any responsible government does with pride. University council and government should understand that providing university education is government responsibility and therefore should ensure that the youths are not denied their right to the same. How does government make decisions of investments. when you consider Malata subsidy, we can easily stop this and divert the resources to running of the universities. invest in the future development rather than consumption only.

@atate….thanks. However, I have two things to say. First, Malawian parents should learn to be responsible for their own actions. Why are we “manufacturing” these precious children when we know we don’t have capacity to give them their needs? Finally, the issue of human rights is misunderstood in Africa including Malawi. A right goes hand-in-hand with responsibility, at least in fully matured democratic countries I know. But in Africa, we claim to have a right to B, D, M, and Q without responsibility. Government is not a relief agency and it is not its responsibility to pay school fees for… Read more »

And who told you tertiary education is a right?

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