Dozens of foreign drug dealers arrested after Malawi police crackdown: ’We’re coming after you’

About 17  foreigners suspected to be drug dealers in the Capital City Lilongwe have been arrested after a huge police operation to deal with an ‘epidemic’ of  drug and substance trade across the country.

Perpetrators of drug syndicate should be brought to book

The arrest of  Nigerian  Alex Ojukwu nicknamed ‘Old man’ led the detectives to other multiple drug lords who were picked for questioning.

The crackdown comes at the back of local communities in the Atea 47 in Lilongwe warned that a growing syndicate in illegal and dangerous drugs will kill and destroy the future of vulnerable Malawian youth.

This comes as Hanif Randera family in Lilongwe agonised over the death of their son Riyagh, 26, in Brazil a few days ago, who reportedly made the trip without the knowledge of his parents , swallowed cocaine-filled conforms to evade detection of the drugs on security checkpoints.

However, some of the swallowed condoms in him bursts .

Nigerian Ojukwu confessed to have bought the young Malawian an airy ticket to Brazil as his drug courier.

Police have launched a drive to eliminate drug dealing by foreign nationals – mostly Nigerians –  following reports that Malawian youth are being used by drug lords as peddlers of high-value illicit drugs.

Deprivation, peer pressure and lack of job opportunities are cited among factors contributing to the youth involvement in peddling and substance and drug abuse.

A police top detective warned drug dealers that officers were “coming after them”

“We will continue with this, and my message to those supplying these substances  is- we are coming after you. I urge members of the public to contact the police if they are aware of such activity so that we can work with them in an effort to target these dealers,” said the detective who asked not to be named.

Meanwhile, an appeal has been sounded for government and its partners to expedite the passing of laws to regulate drug use and trafficking before more youth are exploited and abused.

Youth should, instead, be given education and employment opportunities to realise their full; productive potential as human capital.


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Punish for distributing and supplying drugs us 5 years in prison or a maximum fine of K150 000. ..
Drug ngati aChina cocaine ka 1 gram kokha ndi k300 000 kujaku. ..
Is there any deterant here?


In Malaysia and Indonesia, it’s a death sentence


Police if you want more drug dealers go to Chitipi trading centre in the afternoon hours. Strange faces assemble there and exchange parcels. These are Nigerians, Congolese, Tanzanians and even Zambians


Most drug dealers are the top DPP government officers.


Fighting Drug Syndicates at this level is no longer a school game…Police alone cant handle them…I believe in vigilantes.


Keep this pressure up and clean the whole area! Don’t relax after this! They all the drug dealers should know that you don’t mess with Malawi!!!! They will wipe out our country by killing our youth these peole! WE DON’T WANT THEM IN OUR COUNTRY!!!!


The blitz is just for show to demonstrate that the Police is doing something and that DPP is indeed serious about dealing with crime and drugs problem. You’ll be surprised that within days, these criminals are back in the streets peddling drugs. Even if the cases go to courts, they will bungle the deliberately so that they’re acquitted for lack of evidence. DPP-led government is benefiting from the whole criminal set up. Very sad for Malawi that our “fathers” are willing to kill an entire generation for quick bucks.


if you help your government to get these peddlers to be accountable our country will be saved. Lets not just leave it to the government! Lets protect our country


Police learn to value people that know the job than pushing them away to remote areas. People like Bob mtekama need to be well resourced and not be deprived opportunities at work place. He is a top cop who is able and does sacrifice for his country security.


The police are very much benefiting from the proceeds from these deals. These foreigners are in drug deals, money laundering and smuggling of goods into and out of the country all which the police, immigration, MRA know and assist..Just visit all Burundian shops you will find more than 80% smuggled goods. I heard one Burundian saying it has taken almost 5 years since the immigration police flushed them in the residential locations. I dont know how true this is.


close such shops! come on we cant watch while our country is being ransacked!!!

The government must do more than the arrest. One wonders if we have laws in Malawi regarding the presence of foreigners. I don’t hate foreigners but the fact is every person coming to Malawi like any other country must have valid reasons and duration of the stay. But we see foreigners in the locations, in some cases more than five people living in one house. What they do nobody knows. The land lords are Malawians, they don’t even bother to get guidance from police or relevant authorities on how to rent out their houses to such people. How do you… Read more »

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