DPP duping Malawians on promises, sending country to abyss – Paper

Malawi’s governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been branded as dishonest and that it holds low the Malawian voter by its sudden change of heart and departure from its social contracts with the citizens through the manifesto, the country’s flagship newspaper has said.

DPP Manifesto

DPP Manifesto

The Daily Times newspaper on Monday led with a story titled ‘DPP continues to defile manifesto’ which the paper reported that Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe has defended the government’s continued borrowing up to almost K2.1 trillion.

And the paper in its editorial comment,  reminded that DPP in its electoral manifesto dedicated a whole chapter to “managing the public debt” in which it promised to only borrow for production and not for luxuries and consumption It also pledged to negotiate with bilateral creditors to turn loans into grants.

The paper expressed worry with the K2.1 trillion loan bills against the national budget of K1.1 trillion, quashing Finance Minister Gondwe’s defence of “extravagance” such as state of the art vehicles and chartered executive jets for President Peter Mutharika.

“The DPP-led government is also supervising serious assets stripping where its top officials and influential figures in society are sharing tractors that were bought using borrowed money. The most painful thing is that the loan was obtained on the strength that it would benefit poor Malawians and that the connected rich beneficiaries are getting the tractors for a song,” reads the editorial comment in part.

The paper pointed out that DPP either made its campaign promises in the manifesto “ignorantly or it just wanted to cheat the poor to vote for it.”

The comments went further to ask Malawians to demand from DPP administration “to stop sending this country to abyss just because someone wants to massage their ego.”

Finance Minister Gondwe told parliament: “I am not saying that we should not be very careful when borrowing, we should b careful. But what matters is not the amount we are borrowing, what matters is how we use it and what we borrow for and that’s where we should concentrate. If we concentrated on that, certainly, it would be very meaningful.”

The following are some of the major promises DPP made in the manifesto that ushred it into office:

  • Complete construction of university campuses in Karonga, Mzimba, Nkhotakota, Mangochi, and Nsanje;
  • Reduce presidential powers by empowering a special public appointments committee to handle the appointment and removal of top officials in various public institutions such as appointment and removal of the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Malawi, Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau.
  • Others were the Auditor General, the Director of Public Prosecutions, Clerk of Parliament, Malawi Human Rights Commission executive secretary, the Malawi Law Commissioner, director general of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation, Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) director general, and that leaders of other accountability institutions shall be on merit through a special public appointments committee;
  • In Chapter 4 (11) it emphasises zero-tolerance to corruption, fraud, theft and other economic crimes
  • To implement recommendations of past constitutional reviews including the facilitation of revised Section 65 on crossing the floor and to bring back of Section 64, on the recall provision;
  • Operationalising the Nsanje Inland Port;
  • Abolish the coupon system for subsidized farm inputs;
  • Make subsidised fertiliser available for every farmer who needs it.
  • Cooperate with and collaborate with the civil society and non-governmental organisations and the media; Pass and implement the Access to Information Bill;
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Bright mkosi

Alhomwe nthawi ndiyathu iyi tiyeni tidyelele timwelele azathuwa azilila ndi

J. B. C Atate

The goodness is that DPP has cheated those who voted for it if indeed the cheating has occurred. Have you asked those who voted for it and informed you they feel cheated??? We are well aware that Malawi is facing unprecedented economic turmoil which has affected all of us including Government projects. Moreover, any sane Malawi can testify to the fact that the turmoil is not completely DPP’s fault.

Jelbin mk

DPP is here to destroy Malawi. They sell everything belonging to Malawians to their friends and their party members and sponsors. History has taught us that these people are dogs and pigs. They sold MSB to their friend Thom for a song. They sold tractors for a song. They sold MHC houses to Peter, Vuwa and other to the then government officials. Is this what we expect from our suposed servants? They have taken it upon themselves to be our masters while all in all they are our servants.

It’s so sad when I read comments on this site. No wonder why Malawi has bad greedy leaders. They vote for someone not for the party. Malawi has most ignorance un educated without knowledge of politics and rights. Is because that they have not moved from their villages to see how other people live the other side? Or is it that they vote someone who come from their tribe and region not matter how he/she is even they don’t get anything from that person. I think it’s combination of all what is written above. Where have seen they give a… Read more »
Papa Chalo
The fact is that Voters (Malawians) are sleepy people. They have courageous human rights activists and some politicians but they don’t support them. How can Mcheka Chilenje single handedly dismiss duplicate documents on illegal purchase of maize? Even in banks do you get original copies. Do we all know that Escom will soon be run by family members? Ndiyetu muona, you will be generating power using your urine, sweat and stools to run the machine at Nkula. Reporters why don’t you use recorded speeches of Msonda etc? You try to justify your points verbally. Why not use such recordings so… Read more »

DPP sikuti inanama koma yangokumana ndi mavuto achilengedwe ndi mavuto achuma padziko lonse. Tiyeni tigwirane manja…..


Izi ndiye zautsiru. Bingu mmene amaba K236 billion ndichilengedwe?

koma abale inu eeh
The Daily Times and its affiliates are in business to sell “news”, and often they peddle in false news, especially when it comes to this government – because it is NOT MCP (aka Chewa) Fact: the media in this country think they are important, but they really are not. The print media, especially, is NOT influential here because many people can’t read, or do NOT read the papers because they are busy with existential aspects of life. And many who can read can’t really analyse the news critically. (Good for politicians – leading the blind.) Nobody I know in my… Read more »

Comments that attack other tribes should not be accepted hence they fuel tribal conflict.


we dont want tribalism


It is your stupid Daily Times which is tribalistic. It attacks Muthalika and this government because he is not Chewa. Look at what has been happening in MCP, did you ever this tribalistic paper attacking Chakwera and his MCP for their stupid fights in their party? The reason is simple. This paper is busy campaigning for Chakwera and MCP because of who they are, Chewa.

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