DPP hits back at JB on linking Bingu to K577bn cashgate

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has described as unfortunate and uncalled for former president Joyce Banda claims that former head of state Bingu wa Mutharika and his party are allegedly linked to plunder of K577 billion of public resources between 2009 and 2015.

Kasaila: So far so good

Kasaila: Rejects DPP role in K577 cashgate

DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaira said his party has no connections to the alleged looting of public money, saying Banda served as State vice president at that time and she could have blown the whistle.

“She should be reflecting on how she lost the elections, miserably, coming third,” said Kasaila, a senior cabinet minister in the Peter Mutharika administration.

Banda has issued a media statement suggesting that Triza Namathanga Senzani, a former principal secretary now serving a three year jail term for plundering public money was sent by the government to implicate the former president in the scandal for political gains.

The former president claims she has information that the government wants to use people to implicate her, saying Malawians are better judges.

Banda left Malawi soon after losing the elections to Peter Mutharika and her name has come out in some cashgate cases including that of convict Oswald Lutepo and another convict Leonard Kalonga.

Kasaila said Banda is merely venting her anger with Bingu for leaving her out as a DPP presidential candidate for the 2014 general election and her subsquent booting out from the party.

Other legal minds have been asking Banda to come back home from the self imposed exile to defend herself in a court of law but law professor Edge Kanyongolo says the state has not yet laid charges against her therefore she cannot be called in court.

Kanyongolo said the only way to clear her name is through press statements until the state drags her to court.

Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu said the cashgate cases are now going into the last phase involving politicians.

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Mzimayi uja ndiwakubadi. Komatu wina ananena kuti bwino naye wamandasi uyu.


Why killing Njauju who was given file involving 577billion. Fotsekeni agalu akuba inu. Nawoni anthuwa inu a German, UK, EU and Norway. These DPP want to hide. Catch them to be prosecuted and there is no immunity here.


I find it unfair to blame the whole DPP for sins of afew. JB started cashgating when she was vice president(under DPP regime) and continued as president(under PP regime). Why just not pin-point her than incriminating others just because they haven’t changed parties/name of party?


Katsaila’s defence does not hold any water.
If DDP is clean,invite auditors. Malawians ,DDP isamaname.challenge them to invite auditors.


Anthu oipa inu mulibe chison nd moyo wa Amayi


Ine ndingoti mulungu sangakamulowetse munthu kuntendere wake kumachita kuti zonse zomwe akudya, zogonera, zovala zakuba kwabera anthu mulungu samapondereza wina alinse amene imayenera kuti ndalama imeneyi ikamupeze ngati citzen mukamubwezera pamanso pamulungu dziko lakutha ili, bingu ali kuti pano ali m’kati kufunsidwa za cashgate tinkamuchemerera kuti ndi abwana lelo sult yomwe mudamuvekayo ndiyomweyo sakusitha.


Time will tell that JB is correct. How else could Bingu have built Ntata Palace?

Steve Ng'omba

Kodi inu tizingomva za JB daily? Osakangontuta bwanji azayankhe sizomalemba ma press statement achani. If she is clean she should just come & clear herself osati kumangolemba zibaluwa, zachamba eti! Nanunso aboma chimene mukulephera kukantenga nzimayi wakubayi ndi chani? Ndakwiya heavy


You would think dpp would be very quick to release the forensic report on the 577bn because as it is claimed most of that money was squandered or stolen under jb govt between 2012 and 2014. Why all this delay then?

Joyce angobwelako kunjako bwanji? As long as she’s barking alikunjako there is nothing credible that will come out of her rantings. She should subject herself to due process face and answer to whatever charges maybe preferred against her. Our judiciary is very independent – if she’s clean she will be absolved and if she’s guilty let her face the music. Basi! In anycase she can run but will not hide. Being a former President she should know the long arm of the law can catch her wherever she will be hiding. Transborder fugitives like her are not outside the reach… Read more »

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