DPP investigates anti-Muslim slur by regional governor

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it is shocked that one of its regional governors is reported to have urged people in Mangochi not to vote for Muslim candidates, saying the party is now investigating the matter.

Kasaila: We will investigate

DPP spokesperson Francis Katsaira said a team of  party officials would be investigating the matter and an appropriate action would be taken against Julius Paipi, the regional governor for the eastern region if proved that he said it at a political rally in Mangochi.

“As a party, we cannot condone such behavior. The DPP is not a religious organization, it comprises of supporters from all different faiths in the country,” he said.

The Muslim remark angered Mangochi district campaign director for the party Wellington Mangulenje who has since resigned from his position in protest and withdrawn membership from the party.

However, Paipi said he never said that people should not vote for a Muslim candidate.

“My parents are both Muslims and Christians, therefore how can I say that. If I said those words, people would have protested right away at the rally,” said Paipi.

He challenged Mangulenje to bring forward evidence to prove that the regional governor uttered the words.

Both Muslim and Christian leaders in the district have since asked for calm in view of the alleged religious attacks.

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Basi Pamenepa Asilamu tonse tidzavoter MCP ndi Lazarous Chakwera ndi Mia Wakeyo Mwachikuwawe. Mumva M’bebe a DPP muonanso!!!!!!!

Family and Corrupt Party
Family and Corrupt Party

Why against Paipi when he is only promoting your policy? Pitala did same with Chimunthu Banda. We hv clips. Mhango Jappie has been saying so on Mia and his wife. Goodall said so about amwenye. Your supporters on different fora say every day about Chakwera. This is why it is your policy to quota system. Roads constructions are clustered in MTL than any parts of this country. So nepotistic……..
Nzachidziwikire DPP don’t want moslems. Mungofuna ma vote awo basi….and damp them to revenge what Bingu did with UDF.

winston msowoya
It seems to me that the DPP has lost its political trend hence,it is engaged on national divisive machinations to win national support.By the way,where did the Governor go wrong? If he differed from Islamic idiologies,this is not an issue,the whole world Christians do not agree with Islamic preachings of hatrade and violence and,afterall,what anti-Muslim slur did the Governor utter? It seems Muthalika and his serviles are out of touch with the masses of our people.It is a fact that the DPP runs one of the most corrupt regimes in Africa without a parallel with Zimbabwe,Kabila’s Congo,Museveni’s Uganda and many… Read more »
kaka ni dada

Paipi yawola ikufunika replacement!


This is what happens what a political party preaches language of divisiveness as opposed of unity. The party should relentlessly walk the One Malawi One People message. Malawi isn’t made up of tribes or regional groupings. We are a sum of all those with common Malawi destiny. We are not our religion, we are Malawians who happen to be Moslems or Christians. I am not Lhomwe, Sena, Mang’anja, Tumbuka, Yao, Chewa; I am a Malawian.


Goodall said, racist remarks in Mzuzu about MCP getting money from Amwenye what did you do with him?




Katsaira pretty well knows he is being a HYPOCRITE here. APM himself, a LHOMWE by tribe, president of this country and a likely DPP presidential candidate for next year’s elections is on RECORD of having instigated tribal undertones against Henry Chimunthu Banda, former speaker, who was then a DPP presidential aspirant.
Who can post that audio clip on this forum to remind Katsaira, “amayiwala msanga ngati a Malawi ambiri”

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