DPP not spared of internal wrangles: Top brass strategically positioning themselves

The governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is not spared the internal wrangles as individuals are strategically positioning themselves in readiness for the party’s national elective convention in readiness of  next year’s Tripartite Elections.

DPP top brass jostling for positions

Happy Kayuni, a political scientist based at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College, observed that  the current squabbles in the opposition is also in the ruling DPP where people are fighting for positions.

Kayuni observed in local press said the DPP squabbles are not exposed because the State machinery tends to reward those fighting with some positions which is not the case with the opposition.

All national governing council (NGC) positions will be up for grabs, including that of party president, although it is a foregone conclusion- President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika is likely to stay at the helm of the party, automatically winning the DPP presidential ticket when general elections are due in 2019.

Other positions, which are likely to be less scrambled for are those of ‘regional’ vice presidents, which sources say occupants are largely determined by President Mutharika. They reveal that the epic battle will be on who will replace Dr. George Chaponda as DPP vice president for the South.

Chaponda is answering money laundering charges, among other counts, for his alleged involvement in the alleged fraudulent acquisition of state maize. He was also fired as Minister of Agriculture when it became apparent law-enforcing agencies were closing in on him.

Minister of Local Government Kondwani Nankhumwa is busy campaign in the rank and file to replace Chaponda. He faces resistance from field marshal Ben Phiri.

Other two ‘favourite’ vice presidents are Goodall Gondwe for the North and Dr. Hetherwick Ntaba for the central region. The two are also likely going to sail through at the national convention without much ado.

“The vice presidency in the DPP is more of a ceremonial position than influential. What will be most exciting will the battle for the position of secretary general. This is the most influential and powerful position in the DPP as it is in most of the major political parties,” said a source close to the DPP inner politics.

She told Nyasa Times on condition of anonymity that the incumbent DPP secretary general Greselder Jeffrey wa Jeffrey will also face tough competition during the national convention.


According to the source, Jeffrey is likely to face stiff competition from former DPP administrative secretary, Clement Mwale; former DPP secretary general and Speaker of National Assembly, Chimunthu Banda, former DPP secretary general and National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) director under DPP, Bintony Kutsaira, among others.

According to the source, among the three ‘hot contenders’, Mwale comes out tops because of his “impeccable educational and professional credentials as well as his unquestionable loyalty to the party”, among some strengths.

Mwale is holder of Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from Chancellor College and Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Pebbles University in USA. He is currently studying for a PhD in Business Administration.

“He served as an administrator at the DPP national headquarters during the late President Bingu wa Mutharika’s time. He was the custodian of all party data and operation at policy levels on a daily basis. At the time when DPP was in ‘wilderness’, he was the administrative secretary,” said the source.

On the other hand, Chimunthu Banda is also well educated with good political history and stability. He once served as secretary general of the DPP before he became Speaker of Parliament.

She said while Chimunthu Banda has a glittering political career, he is loathed within the DPP for allegedly conniving with former President Joyce Banda and her PP administration to prevent Peter Mutharika from becoming Leader of Opposition in Parliament.

“Chimunthu Banda competed against Mutharika at the DPP national convention in 2013 and lost. Full of bitterness, he announced that he retired from active politics. DPP membership would be at pains to elect someone who is retiring from retirement; who obviously still holds grudges against some sections of the party following his convention loss,” she opined.

Kutsaira is the allegedly the worst of all candidates for the SG position, according to the source’s analysis. She claimed Kutsaira dumped the DPP in 2012 when it was rumoured Bingu wa Mutharika had passed away “even before government had made an official announcement”.

“His chances are extremely slim. He may wish not to try it at all. He joined People’s Party to save his job as NIB director. He is simply selfish,” she claimed.

Jeffrey wa Jeffrey refused to be drawn into “petty politics”, claiming she is too busy growing the DPP’s membership “to engage in useless political battles”.

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Sad to hear from Mulome wa Mulomole. One who poses to be educated should not be emotional. This is why our party is surrounded by people who can not advise our president. Let’s be one Malawi and one people.

Mulomo wa Mulomole

Stupid political analysts from Chanco at it again. But what do you dull lecturers really teach our children at Chanco? How did such a dull lecture secure a teaching job there? MMMM very pathetic analysis. And do you really think that a PHD holder is good material for an SG of a political party? Are you trying to campaign for the little known Mwale of yours? To me, Grezelda is best, seconded by Kutsaira. Chimunthu has a heavy head and a heavy tongue not good enough for the position of SG.

On the SG election people will not look at education of the candidate. This is politics and people will look at political cleverness to choose the candidate. The Mwale you are praising here can be the worst not Kuntsaila. The SG need people who can talk and shake people of other parties. People who when stands up to talk the other parties shiver and shrink. We have this type in Wa Jeffrey, Kaliati, Kuntsaila, and at a lower tone, Chimunthu Banda. Not the Mwale you are talking about. Coming from the Nyasa Times reporter we can clearly see that this… Read more »

Full of viruses!

Mzanga Dausi

Tawauzani achimunthu akutaya nthawi ndi chipani cha alhomwe. Join MCP a newly refurbished national political organisation poised not only to win but to develop the country in the next five years.

Party of Death and Darkness
Party of Death and Darkness

Unfortunately, you who call yourself Mzanga Dausi, are just hallucinating.

Mzanga Dausi

Sadly you who I am very certain is an online dpp activist, a cadet who is is being used like a condom, a grown up but with warthog understanding, can’t make sense of the current political dynamics in the country.


kkkkkkkkkkk This one is the dullest political analyst I have ever come across. Positioning oneself for a post its not a wrangle.

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