DPP regional governor Paipi caught in illegal fishing

Dust is refusing to settle in the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) eastern region as its regional governor Julius Paipi continue to be drawing more controversies.

PP Eastern Region Governor, Julius Paipi at it again

Paipi, who is a renowned fisherman conducting his trade on the shores of Lake Malawi in Mangochi , was recently caught fishing in prohibited areas during an inspection which was conducted by the Parliamentary committee on agriculture and fisheries officers from Mangochi.

While patrolling on the lake on Friday, the committee members led by its Chairperson Chidanti Malunga encountered Paipi’s trawlers fishing in protected area B which is reserved for breeding of fish.

When Paipi’s boys saw the inspection boat following them, they started running away to some deep waters. But the inspection boat followed them and they caught them before confiscating the fishing nets and other materials.

In an interview, Malunga confirmed that boats belonging to Paipi were caught contravening fishing regulations and were subsequently fined MK400, 000 by the courts in Mangochi.

Chidanti further blamed the DPP governor for using his political influence in bulldozing into fishing in areas where other fishermen are not allowed to fish due to their nature of being natural breeding areas of fish in lake Malawi.

In a video clip circulating on social media which was apparently shot by the inspection team, one of the fisheries officials told the MPs that they are having problems with boats belong to Paipi because he threatens them every time he is caught in the protected area.

“If we are having problems patrolling on the lake it is because of this man. He uses his political power to threatens us every time his boats are caught. But today he is very unlucky because he has been caught by you fellow politicians so we will see how he is going to threaten you,” said one a fisheries officer in the clip.

In his remarks Chidanti said the committee, which was accompanied by leaders in parliament of all the parties represented in parliament, is very much concerned that Paipi, instead of him being exemplary is leading in illegal fishing.

He indicated that the team will meet to map the way forward because Paipi’s action has the potential to encourage other people into breaking fishing regulations.

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That`s what happens when you have corrupt leaders. They are all the same especially mabulutu awa.


mwaba misonkho yathu nde mwapitanso kukabanso kunyanja kkkkk koma DPP AYAYAAAAA!!!!!!


This is the DPP I know. Crookery and thievery is in their DNA. We can not remove crookery and thievery which is in DPP but We can remove DPP from governing this country, (Chakwera 2018).


It is just a matter of time before this man is brought down to his knees. He is ending before setting a foot in the realm of lasting history.


they made these laws that they are breaking.where are you twenty nineteen.?ooh i see you are just arround the corner.shaaa


None story. People have fished, cut down trees and killed wild animals all these years. The suggestion that Paipi is doing so because of political influence is utter nonsense.


Bwande you are an idiot. The greatest challenge in our country is that people of your reasoning are many


You are also idiot U Dodo because of politicise everything

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