Jumbe proposes solutions to Malawi’s ailing economy

Salima Central Parliamentarian, Felix Jumbe, says it is overstretched expectation that a leader can turn around Malawi’s economy overnight without nipping out what he has described as backward culture and religion, colonial mentality and tribal politics that are deeply entrenched in the country’s governance system.

Felix Jumbe: Kingdom culture slowing Malawi’s progress 

“These four key factors make what we are, make the default system we follow and make the structure of our economy. If we are to transform for the better, we need to look at how we can change the DNA of these four key factors,” Jumbe told Nyasa Times in an exclusive interview.

Malawi, a landlocked country in Central Africa, was once a partition of various tribal kingdoms that later merged to become one nation under British colonial rule.

The white missionaries that invaded the country towards the end of the 18th century with their persuasive bible teachings, largely influenced the unification of the kingdoms.

According to Jumbe, the kingdom culture with an embodiment of colonial systems is still prevalent in modern democratic Malawi which is slowing the country’s progress.

“One of the beliefs in Kingdom system is that people are subjects and not citizens. And subjects are no better than the king,” he said.

Jumbe, a successful farmer and seed businessman who once served as President of the influential Farmers Union of Malawi, proposes industrialization as one of the key means of shrugging off the past which is haunting Malawi.

He said Malawi must industrialize its agriculture economy so that the country becomes a reliable producer and exporter of agricultural products that respond to the world’s needs.

“We need a gallant leader like the late Bingu wa Mutharika to lead the nation in bringing about that industrialization. For instance, Bingu prohibited street vending. Goods were sold in designated markets which enabled everyone to realize expected profit. We need revolutions such as these,” Jumbe eulogized Bingu who suddenly died in office seven years ago.

He added: “We need to restructure our settlements in such a way that there is enough land for activities that would add value to our economy. Otherwise, Villages are just using the land for cultural purposes.”

Moving forward, Jumbe showered praise on the current President, Peter Mutharika, saying he is headed for attainment of the much needed economic revolution for Malawi.

“It is a 1000 kilometers journey for Mutharika. And in his first one kilometer, he has initiated reforms in the public sector and brought the country out of macro-economic problems,” Jumbe pampered Mutharika.

However, some quarters have laughed off Mutharika’s purported improved macro-economic outlook, describing it as “cooked up” economics which is meaningless to ordinary Malawians.

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Mr Jumbe is basically ridiculing and undermining the president here. He implies that unlike Bingu his brother, APM is not gallant, that APM has no spine & courage to remove notorious street vendors from our city streets, that etc…..
And more importantly that despite him now having defected to DPP the president cannot even give him time and space to present his ‘ wonder prescription solutions’ to our ailing economy, APM is a daft.
DPP royalists have read between lines what Mr Jumbe is saying, he is cunning and ambitious. Be careful!!! Njoka saweta!!!

It is this mentality of yours Honourable Jumbe that is taking Malawi backwards. I don’t understand why politicians always look back to blame current situation and justify their failures. Politicians should be looking forward and correct the course having the knowledge of the past but inspired by future possibilities.A president should have the capacity to dream and articulate their dreams everyday to the electorate. I don’t understand why political leaders keep referring to the past (the past is gone) as if they have no capacity to change the future. yes of course there was slavery, tribalism, missionaries and atsamunda which… Read more »

Jumbe, you are an asset and do not expect liabilities to praise you. You were removed from your party by the same liabilities because you were too hot for them. Keep it up Hon Jumbe. The party that rejects it’s own and gets infested with normadic politicians will never win an election. You have a bright political future, Hon Jumbe, regardless of what will happen to you in 2019.

Cognitive DIssonance Theory
Cognitive DIssonance Theory

Normadic? I hope you know its meaning? Hasn’t Saulos become too hot to handle for your beloved party?


Kikkiikikikiki. Wathawa MCP wapita ku Lhomwe Kingdom


“We need a gallant leader …….” bwinotu. Meaning mu camp mwalowayo mulibemo gallant leader? Kani ma ambition a u President sanathe?


I respected this guy not knowing He is a very very Greedy Man.Defected to DPP because of his company Peacock seeds selling to govt.I hate you JumbeDont even dream of unwitting Kaphamtengo Yona.You are done as Honourable.

I am sure Jumbe that by playing around with words yoù have ended up saying the opposite of what you wanted to say. Your fellas in DPP will not be happy with you. A good president has a maximum of two terms (10 years) in office. With a distance of 1000 km cover in 10 years he has only covered 1 km in four years. Mr Jumbe that translates to 2.5 km in 10 years. So you see.it means your president is a very sad failure who should have been replaced the first year of his presidency.Even your joking DPP… Read more »
Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory
What about Kamuzu? It is this kind of mentality of not appreciating what others have done that is making us not to develop. Bingu was inspired by Dr Banda. bingu might have started well but ended badly, by the time he died all the things he stood for in his first term were gone: street vendors were back on the streets he even hosted a party for them. corruption was high, the economy was bad. You know the story Jumbe and when you were in opposition you made noise about it. What has changed now? One of the problems we… Read more »
You are right ” Agenda Setting Theory”, Malawi as a country and it’s ordinary people are not a problem; the problem are the people we vote for them as leaders yet they are useless that they change tunes not because they stand for the truth but to align their pockets and please their affliates. As a matter of fact without fear or favour, Kamuzu did alot for Malawi than all the democratic presidents combined despite of the evil things he perceived to have done while it was people like Jumbe in the old mcp who did those to please their… Read more »

Akulu inu lero ndiye mukuvomera kuti zinthu sizili bwino and your APM has only moved a kilometre in the past 4 years ……. shame on you! Just accept the truth that all is not well with the current leadership and he needs to GO!


Good thoughts Mr Jumbe but then! APM has 1000km and for the past 5 yrs he has moved 1km on reforms. Eeeish! Let him handover to others who run so fast. We need a president who board a plane running ! Not otherwise! Kwacha!!!!

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