DPP ‘south’ gives Atupele resounding welcome: Nankhumwa hails APM on running-mate

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) vice-president (responsible for the South) Kondwani Nankhumwa on Tuesday, May 12 2020, expressed gratitude to President Peter Mutharika for choosing Atupele Austin Muluzi, President of the United Democratic Front (UDF), as his running mate for the DPP/UDF alliance in the forthcoming fresh presidential election on July 2, 2020, describing the youthful AA  as “a grounded person with a huge and infectious personality”.

UTM members joining DPP-UDF alliance during Atupele whistle stop
DPP-UDF alliance whistle stop by Atupele
Nankhumwa (L) with Atupele in Mulanje
Atupele campaigning in Lhomwe belt
Atupele says he will ensure that various youth-oriented programmes that the President has already initiated should meaningfully benefit the youths.
Atupele in the Lhomwe belt
Atupele and Nankhumwa in Mulanje
DPP regional governor for the South, Charles Mchacha speaking in support of Mutharika- Atupele ticket
Crowds in Thyolo listen to Atupele
UDF vice president (south) Lance Mbewe addressing crowds
South in support of APM and AAM

“Right Honourable Atupele Muluzi is a politician with exceptional humility. There could not have been any better candidate to partner President Mutharika as running-mate in this election than Atupele Muluzi.

“I have known Atupele as a personal friend for a very long time. He has been my colleague in the cabinet; I have known him as a selfless politician who serves Malawians with diligence and integrity,” said Nankhumwa during a whistle-stop tour that Atupele conducted in Blantyre, Mulanje and Thyolo.

During the tour, Atupele addressed enthusiastic DPP/UDF alliance supporters at Bangwe in Blantyre city, Mkando Trading Centre in Mulanje West constituency, Chitakale in Mulanje South, Luchenza, Thyolo Boma and Bvumbwe Trading Centre.

Nankhumwa, who is also Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, extended congratulations to Atupele for his historic appointment.

“On behalf of the entire Southern Region, I wish to welcome you here as our running-mate. I am convinced beyond any thread of doubt that you have come of age having served as president of the UDF; as a Cabinet minister in various portfolios and also as Member of Parliament.

“In all these capacities, you have always been above board,” said Nankhumwa, adding that  41-year-old Atupele has demonstrated that he is a young man with an empowering vision for Malawi and that he has the best interests of the country at the top of his agenda.

“As DPP in the Southern Region, we’re excited with the choice of Atupele to be running-mate to His Excellency President Mutharika.  We know that the value that he brings to the presidential ticket will surely bring victory to the alliance and ensure that this government continues to serve and develop this country to uplift the lives of common Malawians.

“We’re excited with the choice of  Atupele because apart from the fact that he is president of UDF, a political party that DPP is in alliance with, his choice is also a vote of confidence that President Mutharika has in the ability of the youths.

“The President realizes that the youths have the capacity to deliver for Malawians at the highest level.  We must not forget that the youths represent the biggest voting bloc in this country, and they know their aspirations will be well advocated at that highest level with the choice of Atupele Muluzi as the next State Vice President,” he said.

Nankhumwa added  that the entire DPP Southern Region will support the Mutharika-Muluzi ticket “with exceptional vigour”.

In his addresses, the young and firebrand Atupele also thanked President Mutharika for appointing him as running-mate.

He said when he becomes State Vice President after the July 2 polls, he will ensure that various youth-oriented programmes that the President has already initiated should meaningfully benefit the youths.

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Malawi belong to the citizens

Kuba, corruption and bribes parties, UDF and DPP.Malawi citizens should avoid this alliance at all costs other wise umphawi mumalawi siudzachepa.Kunamiza wanthu number one,they don’t even follow their own manifesto.REMEMBER TO WEAR MASKS IN PUBLIC PLACES, SAVE LIVES.

9 months ago


Covid Phiri
Covid Phiri
9 months ago

In his message he said he will ensure youth oriented programs already initiated by APM meaningfully benefit the youths. Atupele is an empty head. Lucky to have gone to a private college in UK UK otherwise he could be just another mjomba. And he has not worked anywhere to show his merits. Bola Chilima he managed Airtel

Mr Truth Pains
9 months ago

If Atupele is failing to take a good care of his vehicles , how can he take care of the country at large??? That my question .

(1) check his Spare Wheel on top of the one tone truck he is standing , it is torn already but still he use it.
(2) His Hammer vehicle got break down on his way to whistle stop tours.

Is this Dude serious of taking care of this country when he fails to articulate his own stuff ?
Am sorry, this is not the right person to Trust.

Bwana Wa Ulesi
Bwana Wa Ulesi
9 months ago
Reply to  Mr Truth Pains

So what?

Malemu Alamu Pumani Mwakalamba

Kondwani Nakhumwa aka George Malemia hopes of leading dpp are over. Adad or agogo Pitala is dying very soon having reached human life span. Once he dies Atupele Muluzi will take dpp back to udf. This is part of Muluzi “Chubu Chopopa Yekha Adzapwetsa Yekha Scheme”. It’s worked and it’s all smiles on the face of the Muluzi. Inu a Nankhumwa chanu palibe. Akuyenda pansi a banja la Muluzi. Pitala is dying and munthu wobadwa during the second world War simwana. Just look at his arms. This man won’t make it to full term that is if he wins. A… Read more »

9 months ago

Atupele is a child whose loyalty can be bought. Once the results are announced, we will give him a ministerial position as quickly as possible in our inclusive alliance for peace and unity of the motherland. Atupele obviously won’t say no. Atupele is ours trust me on this. He won’t even think twice to dump DPP.

9 months ago

All Southerners can vote for DPP and Udf…we dont care. That will give the Mutharika and Muluzi families maximum of 3million votes. North and Central will gang up against Udf and DPP and will get atleast million votes. The game is over…mwatilamulira mokwana anthu a ku South…tatopa nanu! Tatopa ndi the Muluzi and Mutharika families, tatopa ndikumamva kuti munthu wa ku South yekha ndi amene angalamule dziko lino!!

9 months ago

Ku South komweko, kodi A Dadi alikuti, still nursing his wounds kikikikikikikikikiki

9 months ago

Welcome kangati anthu anakwatilana kale awa,kodi ndale zanji izi??? kkkkk mavuto alipo apa angoyamba.ATUPELE BASI KUTELOKU MMUTUMU NZERU MULIBE?

9 months ago

Chilima will soon be eaten by the crocodiles.

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