DPP torturing Malawians, charges opposition leader Chakwera: MCP leader goes on the offensive

The leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera used the State of the Nation Address (SONA) response as the opportunity to bash President Peter Mutharika and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party(DPP), saying all the DPP cared about was power and getting rich while “torturing” the citizenry.Chakw

Chakwera: DPP is torturing Malawi

In a usual style of scathing speech in response to Mutharika’s State of the Nation Address (Sona) themed ‘We Have Delivered’ presented in Parliament on Friday, Chakwera charged that the DPP “torturing Malawians.”

He said: “Wherever you see the DPP in operation, it will not just turn a blind eye to the suffering of Malawians, but it will act as the catalyst for that suffering. It is not uncommon to hear a DPP official castigating respected community leaders, not caring about the hurt this causes. It is not uncommon to hear a DPP official using incendiary and foul language in a public address, not caring about the pain of humiliation this causes. It is not uncommon to see the DPP exploiting chiefs to divide communities, not caring about the social pains this inflicts. It is not uncommon to see the DPP government appoint or promote someone to a public office who was responsible for torturing Malawians in a previous assignment, not caring about the trauma this causes past victims.

“The DPP will even call a forty-five year old man a baby and unfit for the presidency, thus insulting 15 million Malawians under the age of 45, contradicting the constitution, and publicly humiliating a man who has a wife and children.”

Chakwera, who is also president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP),  said there is no need for Malawians to keep DPP in power as it has failed in the four years it has governed the country in the three key categories of often feeding Malawians lies and stealing from them and torturing them.

“It is not uncommon to see DPP cadets harassing, assaulting, and bullying people in the streets in broad daylight and in full view of police officers who are often reduced to powerless spectators. In fact, those of us on this side of the House have on several occasions been on the receiving end of the violence of blue-clad or blue-painted cadets in the North, in the Center, and in the South. And each time we have condemned the violence, the DPP machinery has dismissed our complaints.

“ But over the weekend, the aggression the DPP has tolerated from these cadets for years spilled over to two of their own MPs and even spilled into this house and victimized their own president as he delivered his address. And now suddenly both the President and the Vice President issue statements condemning the violence of their own charges, when we all know that these cadets have been doing this to peace-loving Malawians for years without a single word of condemnation from President Mutharika or his muzzled Vice,” said Chakwera.

He wonderers whether the suffering and pain caused by their DPP youth cadets and party officials only matter when it is inflicted on them and their loyalists.

“ When the President and Vice President were safe in their tax-paid palaces and their DPP cadets came to hack MCP members during Mulanje’s by-elections last month, why didn’t either of them say anything? Why didn’t either of them say anything against violence when their DPP cadets hurled stones at me and my delegation during the Gonapamuhanya event in Rumphi seven months ago? Why didn’t either of them say anything against violence when their DPP cadets attempted to mob me at John Chilembwe’s memorial in Chiradzulu two years ago?

“In 2013, when Professor Mutharika was arrested on treason charges, was it not his party cadets that wrote to President Joyce Banda threatening to set the country on fire if Mutharika was not released without conditions? Was it not his party’s cadets that responded to that arrest by disrupting social order in the streets of our cities and having running battles with the police? Was it not that year that one journalist examined the history of violence perpetrated by political parties since the late 1990s and concluded that the DPP is the party that has violence in its very DNA?

“So now after four years of DPP abuses torturing Malawians through dysfunctional systems; after four years of DPP policies torturing Malawians through the sale of land to foreigners while citizens remain landless in their own country; after four years of DPP directives torturing Malawians by banning them from selling their own maize; after four years of DPP officials torturing Malawians by verbally assaulting them at rallies and in the media; after four years of torturing Malawians by ignoring their cries against the sale of MSB, the buying of maize, and the borrowing of generators; and after four years of DPP cadets torturing Malawians through physical assault in the streets and bringing armoured vehicles and tear gas to block a peaceful march, the President and Vice-President have only now realized that violence is bad and should be condemned?”

Chakwera who was on jugular vein wondered f the President and Vice President think they and their political allies are the only people worth protecting from violence or that they are the only people whose suffering at the hands of DPP tugs is worth condemning.

He charged that the government had lied in promising that it would fight corruption, improve living standards, transform the economy, provide good governance and ensure equity and equality.

“And when President Mutharika came to this House on Friday, calling Malawi a nation whose economy has been fixed, millions of listening Malawians looked around them and saw only signs of a broken economy. When the President declared that confidence had been regained, when he himself knows that seven days earlier thousands of Malawians were in the streets of all three regions in a march of no confidence in his government, Malawians looked within them and saw only signs of lost confidence.

“When I heard him proclaim that projects were moving and hope is rising, I thought of the millions of Malawians who look ahead and see only foundation stones descending and living costs ascending. And that is certainly not the country I pledge my blood and sweat to build for Malawians as President,” he said.

Chakwera said the President was delusional in declaring that his party had delivered on its party manifesto.

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So what is the solution to all those shortfalls of DPP adminstration as u have listed pastor chakwela. What will you do if you win in 2019? Tell us also what you will do to make Malawi a better place to stay. I don’t think people will vote for you because of your knowledge about dpp’s weaknesses but because of what you say you & your MCP will do for Malawi if u get into power.

Excellent Speech

Go to MCP manifesto. This wasn’t time to give alternatives but respond to Sona.


You jealousy fellows,just count how many loving Malawians and literate have backed chakwera and those who have commented in favor of APM.The figures will show what has been written on wall come 2019.As one of those suffering in the hands APM,i tell you DPP should be ready to transfer powers and fear no arrests over corruption.After all,its own babies are up against him.what else would make you believe that this duplicate party is collapsing? Chakwera will make a day.Gustaf please hands off.you can’t block the wish of the majority of souls wanting change.

winston msowoya
Chakwera seems not to be a real politician,he is a garbage Politian.Which people are being tortured by DPP? It is extremely unbelievable for Chakwera to accuse DPP of torturing people,leaving the murderous MCP.Doesn’t he know that the MCP killed thousands of people and hundreds more injured among the Jehovas.MCP killed Albert Muwalo,Twaibu Sangala,Dick Matenje,Aaron Gadama,Dunduzu Chisiza,Richard Madinga,John Gwengwe,Attati Mphakati,Augustin Bwanausi,Matupi Mkandawire,Orton Chirwa,Lifford Mkwapatila Mhango,the list is long.How would the present leader of MCP so ignorant to acknowledge this fact.What were Maula and Dzeleka for? When it comes to torture,thousands had been brutally tortured and left to die painful demise.If Chakwera… Read more »

Msowoya if you deliberately choose to close your eyes to the torture that DPP is exerting on innocent Malawians then that is your own fate. Chakwera is just highlighting on the overt torture perpetrated by DDP with explicit examples. Most people know that the old MCP was full of torture, abuse, killings etc and this is why Chakwera has come in to cleanse the mess that the old MCP had caused on innocent people. Your comparison of DPP and present MCP is lacking substance and maturity. Revise your material as regards to contemporary polical state of affairs.

Bingu dumped DPP.very painful
Bingu dumped DPP.very painful

Iwe cadet u can write wat u want. But that speech was Obama type. Wow.
We are going to battle it come May 2019.

Amene muganiza Chakwera ndale satha wait for more surprises.
MCP Moto


Chakwera is very brilliant,he can lead Malawi to a better economic position, boma ilo 2019


Good observation, well constructed, only that some people won’t agree because we live in two different worlds, one without black-outs, no dry taps, and all bills paid by the same poor people who put you in power that you don’t even know the cost of living- and the other world where people stink as if they were never created by the same God, starve like they were never born from a woman, and you ask youself; are polical leaders real humanbeings with souls just like all of us?


Boma iloooooo a DPP ngati simukuvomere kulakwa pa zomwe a pulezidenti chakwera akukumbutsani apazi pomadya nokha masuku akupsya ife nkumatinamiza kuti mutengo wa Malawi mudakweramo masuku sanapsye nde kuti nzerudi mulibe


The man has fire in his belly his brains do reflect the inner resolution to suffer with the people unlike the DPP leadership which engages political circus. May the Almighty bless this brilliant son of Malawi


Who is ‘Gustav’ that supports the DPP.? He must be blind and irrational if he cannot see the mess that his countrymen have to tolerate under the DPP government. Perhaps he enjoys staying in the five star hotels and visiting the stadiums that his president has ‘built’. Perhaps he has his own personal electrical generator and his own private health provider. If he has recently visited a rural village, he must have worn a blindfold and taken his own special food supply. There can be no doubt at all that he is delusional.

Mcp Dpp afford

You idiot Chakwera I wish you had removed the name mcp. Mcp butchered us seriously. Who were we under mcp you idiot. When I see this foolish devil I always go to the toilet. My bowls gets loose.
Stop saying those no sense words you stupid leader with your crocodile party. Remember the four cabinet ministers which your party butchered and Jehovah’s witiness..Over my dead body mcp will never rule this country. Better afford,Dpp than this crocodile party

Agenda Setting Theory
Agenda Setting Theory

typical of a DPP supporter, living in the past. Talk about today man. People are concerned with what is happening now. digging the past will not help you and your party to win votes. By the way next week we have a holiday remembering Dr Hastings Kamuzu Banda who was the president when all what you are accusing Chakwera of was the president. ndiye musamatukwane anthu. pepani ndikudziwa kuti simumadziwa kuti izi zingakuchitikileni.


Kkkkkkk. Ukumva kuwawa. There will be low voters participations in South. Pipo are disillusioned.
Koma north and central will go in large numbers.
MCP Moto
Kodi woyimira DPP 2019 ndindani?


Uyo Head of State 2019

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