DPP youth leader reveals more MPs in Team Chilima: Asks Mutharika to admit failure

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) youth director Lewis Ngalande has written President a Peter Mutharika a letter in which he has disclosed more names in the party which are supporting a crusade for leadership change in favour of Vice-President Saulos Chilima.

Chilima and Mutharika: Rift widens
Ngalande: Mutharika must tread very carefully on this issue
Rev Malidon Ndau confirms he is supporting Chilima

In a letter seen by Nyasa Times, Ngalande said DPP is divided on the leadership issue, and urges President Mutharika to call for a party executive meeting urgently.

He said a good section of the members are rallying behind Chilima, aged 45, to represent the party in the May 2019 general elections as a presidential candidate.

“In case you do not know Mr. President, it is not only (Patricia) Kaliati, (Allan) Ngumuya, Winiko (Bon) Kalindo, Noel Masangwi and (Lewis) Ngalande who are champion Nina for Chilima’s presidency. There are people like Francis Kasaila, Grace Chiumia, Aaron Sangala, Peter Kumpalume and Madison Ndau who you think are with you, but they are in Chilima’s camps, “reveals Ngalande in the letter.

Reverend Ndau, a DPP lawmaker and former government spokesman has confirmed he is supporting Chilima-for-Presidency crusade, saying Chilima was “the only hope for a better Malawi”.

He said Mutharika better leave the political stage now with a good legacy than be dragged to continue in power and leave with a battered image.

“Mutharika has done his part and it’s time for him to go,” Ndau said.

Ministers Kasaila and Chiumia were evasive when asked – amangolubwalubwa – saying they are behind Mutharika.

Sangala said he is not supporting Chilima but when asked if he is backing Mutharika’s candidacy, he declined to comment.

Kumpalume said he told a news conference by DPP lawmakers in Lilongwe that Mutharika is still active and should represent DPP in the May 21, 2019 Tripartite Elections and that’s his official position.

Ngalande said DPP members have not had a chance to give their views because the party has not held any national governing council (NGC) meeting in the past four years, saying Mutharika should call for an urgent meeting to resolve the widening rift.

He challenged President to admit leadership failure and resolve the worsening crisis in the party.

“As a leader Mr. President, admit you have failed and the problems have reached a cancerous state but it’s not too late to turn the tables,” reads the letter in part.

Ngalande insists some people who claim to endorse Mutharika were also giving allegiance to Team Chilima, saying some of the MPs who endorsed the President on public “sneaked to your VP at night and promised their allegiance there.”

He insists DPP is sitting on a ticking time bomb if these issues are not thoroughly discussed and resolved.

“Mr. President Arthur Peter Mutharika, you are the biggest problem that has contributed to all this mess. As a leader, you have entertained confusions in the party long enough and gave [sic] them power to manipulate you with lies…,” reads the letter in part.

“You have betrayed the trust of many in DPP by sharing some great intelligence with wrong people, which in return [sic] created enmity among your soldiers,” Ngalande says in the letter.
Callista Mutharika, widow of former president Bingu wa Mutharika and sister-in-law to Peter Mutharika, was the first to raise the issue which she said she had to do that to protect her in-law President Peter Mutharika from ‘beasts of prey’.

She said DPP cannot win with Peter Mutharika as a presidential candidate.

Ngalande said it is true that are people that have surrounded the President and are misleading him.

“Some of them are his advisers. The former first lady was not off point when he spoke of beasts and thieves surrounding the President, these things are there, and we know it,” he said.

Ngalande said some senior members of DPP will soon come out and express their views on the leadership issue and urged Mutharika to tread carefully and “seriously rethink” his position to represent the party in next year’s elections.



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2 years ago

Julius Malema was an asset in ANC in South Africa. When he felt let down by ANC, he left the party and formed his own. Late Gwanda Chakwamba was an asset in MCP to such an extent that Kamuzu endorsed him against JZU. When he found MCP unattainable, he left the party and formed his own. Mai Joyce Banda was one of the founding members of DPP but when she found DPP unaccommodating, she left the party and formed her PP. Malema was no where near Ngalande in terms of influence in ANC and the youth in his country. Late… Read more »

country man
country man
2 years ago
Reply to  Hatton

If that’s what you preach to your family then I am afraid you are nurturing un-democratic Malawian who shall trouble us with pangas (Zikwanje) in their time.

Alamu Mwakalamba Pumani

Chitsulo cha Njanji could not take such nonsense and just ask Bakili Muluzi, Cassim Chilupha, Joyce Banda and others. This APM is just useless. He is failing to handle his party and no wonder the country is bleeding. No wonder there is a lot of stealing. Pitala is insipid and alibe fungo ndithu. I would not be surprised ngati akunyumba saganizira Gwaladi. Hahahaha Pitala mpaka Ngalande kukulowani Mchala?

2 years ago

Nyumba ikamapsa anthu amathawamo u yo wa udf yo akutanimo akufuna kutola zotsala mayoooo

2 years ago

APM likes miseche. He is a gold medalist in gossip. Addicted to b/s and lies invented and fed to him by Ben Malunga Phiri. Weak President. Pathetic old man.

2 years ago

tiyen nazoni, i hop yong ster will lead the rance….. tatopa nany azi gogo opanda mano mkhamwa inu…..

2 years ago

bunobuno; it is you who is stupid and userless. kuzolowela kudya zakuba. mbuzi yopanda mano kunsi

2 years ago

Moto bhu!

The Patriot
The Patriot
2 years ago

I support that APM should stand again in 2019, so that he can be humiliated and beaten clean by Chakwera.

Watematema Mutu
2 years ago

Who is fooling who in DPP??? Is it APM or SLC?

2 years ago

Chilima yemweyo kuti wawawa!

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