DPP’s Kasaila irks MCP in Malawi Parliament over Nsanje ‘killings’

Nsanje Central Member of Parliament (MP) Francis Kasaila, who is also Minister of Labour, Youth and Manpower Development, on Monday afternoon provoked the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  when he said Nsanje district is developing under  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) as it was dead during MCP reign.

Kasaila: MCP only had a prison in Nsanje and thet used it to kill political opponents

Kabwila: Accuses Kasaila of having selective memory

Making his contribution to President Peter Mutharika’s opening speech of the current sitting of Parliament, Kasaila who boosted that he is in his eight years as legislator and would be re-elected in 2019 elections under the banner of DPP, said there is remarkable development in Nsanje.

“We have electricity, piped water, good schools, good roads and people of Nthondo are pleased with  the DPP administration,” said Kasaila.

“Nsanje today is not the same district which was referred to as naked. Under the DPP government we have benefited in terms of electricity, qualified doctors at our hospitals amongst other things. It is important to recognize that under the DPP, Nsanje has developed beyond recognition…”

He said under MCP administration Nsanje had only a prison as an infrastructure development.

“The only thing that MCP is remembered for in Nsanje is the prison which they (MCP) used to kill people,” said Kasaila.

When questioned of the allegations, he continued saying no one can even deny the involvement of the MCP in the deaths of what he said were the so called enemies of MCP including the likes of the late Dick Matenje. This, he said, can never be erased from the history of Malawi.

“They used the prison in Nsanje to kill political opponents. They were killing people,”  streesed Kasaila in a charged tone.

However his remarks prompted MCP members to stand on point of order. They included Salima North-West MP Jessie Kabwila,  Dowa East  MP Richard Chimwendo  and Kasungu Central MP Amon Nkhata, saying every member is under obligation to provide accurate information in the house.

Kabwila accused  Kasaila of having “selective memory” by claiming that Nsanje people are happy with DPP when recently MCP won a parliamentary seat in Nsanje Lalanje during the by-elections.

The MCP legislators also demanded Kasaila to substantiate his allegations that MCP were killing people in Nsanje.

Jiya said Kasaila was privileged to have the MCP old guard as his Cabinet collegues , citing Minister of Information and Communication ICT Nicholous Dausi as one of the former regime key operative. Others included Presidential adviser Hetherwick Ntaba.

Speaker Richard Msowoya asked Kasaila to back his allegation of MCP “killings” in Nsanje at the height of the 31-year-old reign of the country’s oldest party which was blighted by arbitrary detentions, killings, expulsions and disappearances of those opposed to founding president Hastings Kamuzu Banda.

“It is a shame that they are denying this. Former ministers Aaron Gadama, Twaibu Sangala, were killed ..” said Kasaila.

But pressed to present evidence related to Nsanje killings, Kasaila said he would submit the evidence “ this  Friday.”

MCP which ruled Malawi brutally in one party dictatorship has been on renewal political path with new crop of politicians and leader  Lazarus Chakwera.

Chakwera is already on record to have asked for forgiveness for atrocities committed during the one-party rule.

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A Kasaila kumeneko kulira??? Was it not you who said MCP can not win in Nsanje because they have no grass root stractures? What happened on October 17 2017 I am sure is sending bad signals to both you and your dpp. Kaya ufune usafune 2019 paulendo basi. We do not want mbuzi za wanthu a leaders.


a kasaila muluza 2019 mwapanga chani kwa tengani mwalephera muluza basi


Koma Kasaila???? Ndiye after talking all this, what next? How will it help people of Nsanje now??? Zoona izi iwe Kasaila kuononga nthawi mu parliament kumanena zimenezi???? Mxiiiii


Kamala imwe baa Francis Kasaila ndimwe jemwa, mumbakhala ku Nsanje kapena mtundaule. Let lecture Nsanje prison was built by atsamunda mwapiva baa. Kamuzu did Nsanje sec.sec.sch, Nsanje hospital, water, Bangula cotton ginnery zambiri and sitima inkayenda, pya ubenzi pyako pyo ife nafunabi mwapiva baa. Yaaliiiiiiii!


Maybe DPP is easily forgeting things, if I may ask, the 20 Malawians who died in Mzuzu during demo was it during MCP government, what about Njauju? Fooliiiiish Kasaila what development are you talking about ziwe la ng’ona? mbuli za anthu cant you see that a dark cloud has covered this nation. because you and your leader are busy stealing misonkho yathu then you say that is development ngati mukuzinamiza kuti muzabelanso mwanama because if a UDF tili nanu kuona zonse and this time ma move anu onse tikuaziwa.. Stuuuupiiid DPP


Kasaila! Whatever you said in parliament is totally rubbish. You think you are talking to your children?


Kasaila, For how long shall we live in the past? Wake up and move to the future. Ife tinali tisanabadwe nthawi unenayo asaaa kasaaaaila asa

Little boy kasaila mamina lende lende make wachepa Nazo. That’s why you were moved from ministry of justice to labour. You are very childish and useless. Even your colleagues who worked with atbWorld Vision told me that you are another useless mediocre person who cherishes in self aggrandizement. Now kasaila, ndale ukupangazo ndizachikale. Is it not your bed fellows in the name like ntaba, Dausi, elesoni muluzi Bambo ake atupere, henry mussa who were MCP mafias. If MCP committed atrocities, those individuals mentioned above can not be separated from such atrocities. Those atrocities are now in DPP with their movement… Read more »

Kodi bambo Kasaila, Njauju, Mbendela, Chasowa, Lawyer Banda anakafera ku Zambia anaphedwa ndi MCP? Ndi anthu angati omwe DPP yapha mzipatala ndi ma blackout? DPP ikupha anthu nthawi ino ya multiparty democracy …… anthu omwe amapha anthu ali ku DPP komweko Dausi, mtaba etc, useless…. tanenenani fundo za chitukuko

Dangerous Dave

You should mention the people who were brutally killed. Malawi was a better country under Kamuzu than any of these thieves. These stupid DPP gurus forget about the people they killed in Mzuzu in multiparty era in July . The names and graves are there. I call these people idiots.

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