DPP’s Kasaila slurs at MCP’s Mia, says Lower Shire people are not ‘masikini’

Spokesman of the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Francis Kasaila has accused  the media for portraying people in the Lower Shire as ‘masikini’ [beggars] to Malawi Congress Party (MCP) politician and business tycoon Sidick Mia .

Kasaila: Attacks Mia

He made the remarks Wednesday in Lilongwe during a news conference in which minister of information Nicholas Dausi was clarifying on the alleged interference of the DPP in the forthcoming by-elections in Nsanje Lalanje.

According to Kasaila, people of Chikwawa and Nsanje eat from their sweat and not from Mia’s handouts.

“We, people of lower shire are not happy with you the media. You are disseminating information that we are beggars to Mia while we are not. Who is Mia to us? Go and ask the civil servants in Chikwawa, they will tell you who he is,” he added.

He demanded respect for the people of Nsanje and Chikhwawa saying people from the areas are not fools, sellouts or beggars at somebody’s house.

Kasaila, who is also Member of Parliament for Nsanje Central, was responding to a question as to whether the DPP is shaken with the recent development that saw self-styled Lower Shure political giant  Mia joining the MCP.

Throwing out any kind of threat or concern regarding the move, Kasaila went on to say that people from the Shire Valley are not Mia’s puppets that whatever he says, they will dance to it.

“Do not look at us as tools. People of Nsanje and Chikwawa are people who think on their own. They are people that depend on their own sweat.

“People from Shire Valley get so angry when you talk about it this way because the impression you give is that all of us are fools of somebody else. We are not,” Kasaila said.

The DPP spokesman  also questioned the achievements that Mia had made in the area when he abandoned the DPP after the death of the then President Bingu wa Mutharika and joined the Peoples Party (PP) that got into power.

“I want to ask you people to tell me how many MPs for PP came from Nsanje and Chikwawa when PP was in power? And why should Mia be a threat today just because he has joined the MCP,” Kasaila challenged.

He charged that people from Shire valley are strong minded people who know what they want or not.

He cited the example of the late Gwanda Chakwamba who at one point in his Malawi Congress Party (MCP) political career commanded a very large following from the Shire valley.

“But when he continued moving on from one party to the other, we dumped him. These are the people from Shire valley. We can assure you that we are not sell outs because we are people who know what we want.

“So if you are talking about Mia, leave us alone. We will show you in 2019 what we are made of,” he said.

Member of the DPP National Governing Council Ken Msonda was careful in his words when he commented:”In politics all politicians are important but very few are useful. The useful ones are the ones who can actually get you votes during elections .”

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In the MCP, don’t forget that we are experiencing a fight between Msowoya alongside his northern region followers, and Mia alongside his Lowershire followers. They both want to contribute votes to MCP. Supporters from both sides need their man to be runningmate. It is obvious that any losing side will not support the party, this Chakwera knows pretty well. Both sides are not originally from central region who would vote for MCP on regional lines. Its easy for Msowoya’s supporters to dump MCP out of frustration Same with Mia’s supporters if their man is denied the runningmate post. So MCP… Read more »

Mia woyeee!


kasaila watha nzeru – why highlite such remarks! It’s one’s choice to choose; donot put ALL in one basket


We will see and hear the voice of the people of Nsanje after the polls take place. Kasaila is right people of Nsanje aren’t beggars of Mia and same is true to Malawians. We aren’t beggars of DPP. We will show DPP what Malawians are made of come May 2019. Dont take us for fools and sellouts as you think we are.


you say civil servant ,what about those who are not civil servants kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


All in all, Dpp knows/assumes Mia is not a threat : then why bother talking about him? After the by-elections in Nsanje lalanje I don’t know what else Hon. Kaisaila is going to tell country. To my knowledge Mia has a bigger following in the lowershire than Hon. Kasaila who is struggling with his own Constituents.

Ife anthu a ku lower shire tinabvutika kwambiri pansi pa ulamuliro wa MCP. Even the Mia family suffered in one way or another. His father (MHSRIP) joined UDF because of the cruelty MCP did to people ofChikwawa and Nsanje. Mia may be rich but not a threat at all. We are shocked that he wants to bring MCP to lower shire when this party killed a lot of people. The party of darkness and death. The party whose hands are full of blood. Sitingayiwale. Chakwera is another worse dictator. He has chased key people like njobvuyalema . He now works… Read more »
Strongly speaking Mia is a NOMADIC POLITICIAN he is a well blessed man of Malawi but he is never looted he goes were the wind blows …… if the wind blows to the Dessert he is there, if it blows to the Grave he also goes there kkkk!!! I don’t think he ca be trusted ……. If he is giving hand outs let the people recieve and eat …… because VOTE yanu ili mu mtima, tiyeni nawoni andalewa tiwadyere yaaaa!!!! Tiyeni tilandile nsalu zonse za zipani…..& we should try to attend ma campagn meetings azipani zonse kuti tidye nawo kkkkkkkk!!!!… Read more »

It’s very funny what Katsaira is saying. He wants to be referred to as the giant of lower Shire when by far He is not. Why does he always talk about Mia when Mia doesn’t talk about him. His days of being someone in the Shire valley are gone puse puse ailuza seat yake ya u MP. Mia is not even scared of Katsaira or DPP but the opposite is true. Bwana Katsaira please tame your tongue


Start the
Walakwanji Mia, Ngati zakuvutani mutule pansi udindo

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