DPP’s Kudontoni puts a spin on ‘time to enjoy’ remarks

Malawi ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Ecklen Kudontoni has exercised spin on what he told a Party meeting on Saturday in Mzuzu that all national statutory corporations’ CEOs must support the government without question, saying he was “misunderstood.”

Kudontoni: Exercised spin

Kudontoni: Exercised spin

In a statement issued Friday, which Nyasa Times has seen, Kudontoni said he “understands the strong belief of President Arthur Peter Mutharika and the undertaking of the DPP to separate state functions from partisan functions to ensure professionalism in the delivery of public service in Malawi.”

The statement added that the DPP are aware of the discrepancies that would creep in should they mix party and state affairs.

“One of the arch programmes of the DPP administration, which seeks to ensure efficient and effective delivery of public service in Malawi, [is to be conscious of this factor].

“Secretary General Kudontoni believes that in stating the need for public servants to desist from indulging in partisan politics in discharging their duties and encouraging them to support the government of the day, he was misunderstood as meaning that public servants must support the ruling party.”

Public servants were further assured that Mutharika’s government has “not abrogated on its commitment to let them do their work without political interference.”

On Wednesday, main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) h unleashed venom on the “crass and insensitive” remarks and had further asked the DPP to withdraw.

“MCP demands a retraction of such undemocratic statements and a censoring of the official [Kudontoni] by the Party [DPP] leadership unless what was said reflects his master’s voice,” leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera had said in a statement.

But after making the remarks at the rally, Kudontoni was asked to clarify by the press and said the party receives reports that some CEOs are participating in party politics and work against DPP.

He said the party will report to responsible authorities about anti-DPP public servants for redress.

Kudontoni made the remarks come at the DPP meeting amid the removal of district commissioners (DCs), council chief executive officers (CEOs) and other officials in senior government positions.

Chancellor College associate professor of political science Blessings Chinsinga said civil servants should not be victimised for not supporting DPP.

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The Patriot

You can fool some people sometimes but you cannot fool all the people all the time! Kudontoni was heard by all and sundry clearly and he does not need to spin this one! A chewa anzeru anati:ukayenda siya phazi ukasiya kamwa lidzakutsata! Lero si izi mwapusapo baba!!! Akuchotsani ka udindo kopatsidwako!!!


Kudontoni ndi mbuzi ya munthu.


Chibwana was a gentleman not this fool and idiot. I am suprised that SCOs, political parties, political commentators and the church have not asked this fool to resign or DPP to fire him the same way they handled chibwana case. Anyway chibwana was a smart and educated guy as compared to this baffoon. Its unfortunate that even the so called president would sink so low to back this idiot and this come to explain to calibre of president we have in this country. Seriously this idiot should be fired

kashuga kamchere

Do away with constitutional discrepacy.and ihave no comment in whether that retraction is adquate or sincery


This GS sulks!! He is totally over posessed with power. People know these colours now and Mr SG from now on try to shut your probosiss. The retraction doesn’t carry water. The lickadges are “Hellstorm”. The Party’s goals have been skipped!! Bwana APM and Bwana Chilima remove this man as you are doing with other “Redeployments”. This is a goat of a person. Shame upon him! Mmmxx!!!


kodi is what lazaro ran away for from the pulpit?kabwira castigated HIV mitembo but ur dunderhead president was afraid of his nantchatho and kept kukamwa bwafu,why?


Malawi has handsome young men in the names of Kudontoni ,Winiko, Nsaliwa , Mwanavekha ,George Chaponda, Peter Mutharika , Enoch Chihana and Binton Kutsaira. Just to mention a few.

Think Tank

It is either he is a fool or we are. We know that stardard retraction from you so called politicians. You discuss secret policies but to the magic of microphone,one of you let the cat out in the heat of excitement. When you foam at the mouth,jumping up and down,prancing,ears full of hand-clapping noise,women allulating,like alcohol your tongue loosens then you blurt out things you talk in secret. Jesus said,what ever you say in secret will be shouted in the streets. This damage control has failed,sir. No one misquoted you. You are now misquoting yourself.

No Amount of back tracking will save you and DPP. The damage has already been done and it has just confirmed what most Malawians have always thought about DPP. I feel pity For you secretary general because the DPP gurus has felt their exposed shame and forced you the insane person to come out again to plaster the damage. Even told you or wrote you or spoon fed you what to say!!! And still saying the wrong things!!! You can’t hide the natural behavior of DPP and you were spot on!!! Those DPP gurus trying to change the leopards spots… Read more »

Paja nthawi ya Mukhito wina anati “sapepesa”.
Lero winanso wanena kuti kudontoni “sapepesa”
Munthu akayamba kufa kumayamba kugontha ndi mkhutu.

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