DPP’s Mphepo blasts ‘amateur politics’ of Chakwera, CSOs over ‘Maizegate’:  Claims there is a plot of violent protests

Acting secretary general of ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Francis Mphepo has issued a statement in defence of the party vice president and Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development George Chaponda over Zambian maize misprocurement saga and accused leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera, the media and civil society organisation for plotting to incite violence because of the maizegate scandal.

Mphepo(right) in defence of Chaponda: Accuses Chaponda of plotting to incite violent protests

Mphepo offered defence of Chaponda and state-trader Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (Admarc), saying Admarc is dealing with Zambia Cooperative Federation (ZFC), a government agency and not middleman,  Kaloswe Commuter and Courier Ltd .

He said no money has been paid for the maize to Kaloswe, saying one of the terms on the contract was that ADMARC will only start paying when ZCF deliverers 10,000 tones.

Mphepo said the delivered maize so far is less than 5,000 tonnes and payment cannot be processed until the threshold of 10,000 tonnes is met.

“The reports in the paper that Admarc is buying maize from Zambian government through Kaloswe at $345 per ton when Kaloswe is buying it from Zambian government at $215 are grossly malicious and totally false,” Mphepo, a close ally of Chaponda, said in the statement.

Mphepo stressed that Admarc is dealing with ZCF who have “a few agents” buying the grain from Zambian farmers to deliver to Malawi on their behalf “but Kaloswe is not one of them.”

According to Mphepho, Kaloswe contract with Admarc and ZCF  was terminated.

“At one point Kaloswe tried to reinstate his contract with Admarc and ZCF by asking for an advance payment from the LC (letter of credit) which is in favour of ZCF,” said Mphepo.

He said the request was rejected because doing so “would have been going outside the LC’s conditions of payment.”

Mphepo also defended Admarc decision for taking an injunction stopping Daily Times from reporting on maizegate, saying it is not gagging orders but a court order to stop the paper from “printing lies.”

The state-trader has since lifted the injunction and the paper claimed it has been vindicated.

Mphepo claim the bad headlines of the maizegate is  politically inspired, saying it is “a sponsored plot” which has implications on national security.

“We know the schemers of this plot are planning violent protests against the current  unsibsdised  prices of maize at Admarc,” claimed Mphepo.

Mphepo accused Chakwera as one of the plotters “in the shameless fabrication” but did not name others.

The DPP secretary general said Malawians should work against “selfish chequebook journalists and irresponsible power hungry politicians.”

But leader of opposition Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president dismissed claims by Mphepo, saying he was peddling “shameless propaganda.”

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Foolish mphepo. May you be struck by lightening. Chitsiru!!!

Rift Valley

I am privileged to have known Mr. Mphepo for several years and he has never impressed me in those many years.


In actuall fact dpp didnt won the erections. Chilima can u see where u have brought the country to? Can u see how malawian whom u did steal from are suffering at ur expence???? Chilima u have a case to answer with God. All this is happening bcoz of u.. I was tempted to support u but looking at the role u played mmmm i draw back.

What DPP through Mphepo is. doing is what we call ‘INDITECT SELF EXPOSED’ What DPP has done by issuing that statement is an indicatikn that this maizegate is one of many plans by DPP to steal money for 2019 General electiobs as no more donor money is available to steal .Some stealing moves are working but for this is no longer a secret. Just keep quite otherwise it can create trouble for DPP as as party now or later. I think the right institutions to speak or defend this issue is none than ADMARC or ministry of Agriculture ..Now, am… Read more »
Mcp die hard

Allah may you take away Chakwera before he gets mad before 2019 so that he cannot see his down.In the old times telling lies one was punished by stoning.Thank Allah that Chakwera was not there otherwise he was going to be stoned. You mean reverend telling lies and you idiots uncircumcised praising him.
I think those supporting this lier are crooks and idiots. Malawians when are we going to be civilized.Too many low thinking people. Kamuzu messed up our minds and we are passing on this jealousy mentality to our grand children. That’s bad.

Mario pei

Take your kettle and piss in hell with your Allah

fart master

This is another piece of SHIT. A very violent man. Wamabodza, chief gossiper. Evil man. Kankhope kali gwa. Destroying our DPP due to careless statements like this one. Shut up. Mbuzi.

Binnwell Kachikopa

Who is a novice between Chakwera and you Mphepo? Your world Mr mphepo is crumbling, very soon nonse inu kuphatikizapo mbuya wanuyo mutha psiti ndi cardiac arrest. Mr Mphepo, you are walking devils with your dpp that is a must to be erased on Malawi soil. Just shutup your evil mouth please! Leave Chakwera alone!


God may you take Mphepo away from the face of Malawi like you did with Kudontoni. Ana anu tikuvutika.


Ha ha ha A Mphepo or Wind, Air, Chiphwisi Mwasandukanso Admarc spokesperson, Government Spokesperson, Procurement Specialist? close your mouth? you dont convice anyone let alone your people in your area don’t vote for you.


stupid chaponda kubera anthu osauka zoona?

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