DPP’s Msaka takes Machinga by storm, steps up campaign to winning Parliamentary constituency

The vice president of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the Eastern Region, Bright Msaka, over the weekend stormed Machinga Likwenu constituency, accelerating his pace for a parliamentary seat in the May 2019 polls.

Msaka: Intensifies campaign

A lawyer by profession and a former diplomat in Canada, the United Kingdom and other countries in Europe, Msaka promised swift action to end the cycle of poverty that has left the majority of people in the area locked down in misery for so long.

“It is now time, time for our people to start enjoying the fruits of development,” Msaka told a gathering of party supporters that thronged Liwonde Community Ground in Machinga over the weekend.

“For so long our people have been fed to a diet of lies,” said Msaka, “and it is now time to have a real taste of development.”

Msaka, who is also Minister of Education, Science and Technology, said since the dawn of multiparty democracy in 1994, the constituency has passed through the hands of a number of parliamentary representatives, who promised so much in their campaign messages but delivered very little when they took office.

Flanked by the Deputy Minister of Defense, Overton Chimlirenji, DPP Regional Governor for the Eastern Region, Julius Paipi and other party gurus,  Msaka said it is high time people stopped giving their vote to people that are mere political journeymen, whose sole aim in politics is to enrich themselves at the expense of the poor masses.

As a former chief secretary in government, Msaka said he believes he has what it takes to change the fortunes of the people of Machinga Likwenu.

On the preparedness of the DPP ahead of the tripartite elections in May 2019, the head of the party in the eastern region said the ruling party is at this moment like a runaway train and is unstoppable.

He said under the tutelage of State President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, the DPP-led government has initiated a number of key development projects in the eastern region, such as the construction of the 75 kilometre Liwonde-Mangochi road, construction of 10 secondary schools in Machinga and Balaka respectively, provision of food relief to those affected by last year’s prolonged draught, all aimed at improving the livelihood of the people in the region

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10 Comments on "DPP’s Msaka takes Machinga by storm, steps up campaign to winning Parliamentary constituency"

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Waste of time Bwana, that constituency it’s yellow by birth, after all what did you do to the people of this area when you were the head of Government ? Youth were staving for job opportunities.

Yahya Yahya Jammeh

The story is incomplete- it lacks background information. It doesn’t say who is the current MP in the area Msaka is aspiring to become the MP that he should say what he said.


Yes, Good observation, but furthermore!!!! Where have the presidents over the past 25years been coming from? Two from Eastern Region, 2 from cousin Lhomwe belt. And Msaka was at the helm of civil service. Who is Bwana Msaka trying to blame here? Are u not part of the culprits?
Bwana Msaka needs to be reminded that it’s much worse in regions/ districts that have not been DPP/UDF-favoured leadership over the 25 years.
SHAME on thieves!!!


Motomoto Masaka,
A UDF akugona tulo atha ngati maketani, monga mwakunena kwao, iwo akungofuna kugonetsa President Peter kuti achotse maina a Kamuzu omwe anabwezeretsa Mose aiwala kuti akutha malo moti ayambe kampeni hahahahahah.

This is time for introspection Honourable Msaka. Ask yourself whether you did the best with what God gave you. Did you indeed look after God’s children the way he intended that you do? Did you conduct yourself in a selfless, moral and ethical manner when delivering what God gave you. God did not intend that you keep what He gave you but rather to spread the given gifts to those that have nothing or little. Until you have deeply introspected and being brutally honest with yourself; you can campaign hard all you want….God won’t give you the seat at all.… Read more »

Hahahahahaha ati intensifies Campaign kkkkkkk sangawine uyu. Wathu ndi Lali yemweyu


This is the right material, wherever you go, whichever party you join.well experienced. enawo can not match him well aged .the right choice as per my vision but iam mcp

Ife wathu ndi Lazaro

Kkkkkkkk. Msaka where we’re u not to develop your area? Did u wait for u to be MP? This is cheap thinking. Do MPs develop their areas or councilors?
Koma mupusise akwanu konko poti sadziwa izi.


Trouble with Malawi is that it is the people you see in this picture who vote for people like Msakka and the likes of them.They haven`t got a clue what to expect from proper politicians.As long as someone goes there and shout some nonsense, they will vote for them! Poor Malawi!!


You mean you have been whom you are meaning per your profile/CV and you waited for this time to help or transform your area mmmmh to me your not fit to be a leader your a selfish individual because with your post which you were holding in government you could have even influenced the change of not even your constituency only but the whole Machinga by now you could not have even by now go and do vigorous campaign but being called by the people from your area by damand.. My description of you is a retired selfish man

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