DR nonsense and African leadership

There is something about African leaders, and it does not matter at what level. Including those in non-governmental organisations and what have you, some private companies.

But the freaks are in the political arena.

Well, as a woman, may I take this opportunity to congratulate Malawi President Mrs Joyce Hilda Banda for making it ‘doctor’, courtesy of some Korean university. Now we can rest be assured that we will be struggling to refer to which’ Dr. Banda’ we alluding to – the late H. Kamuzu  or the living Joyce Hilda?

Just as we struggled to differentiate, but of course with little ease made it, between who was the true Ngwazi and again, the ‘copycat’. JB versus JK - 6 points battlefront colour

Looks like Malawians leaders have fast discovered that without any close reference to the late Kamuzu Banda, their leadership holds none the wiser. And apart from Muluzi, who of course always tried to evoke the spirit of the late Ngwazi Dr. Banda, the other two seem cocksure to attach their ‘administration’ skills to the Ngwazi.

Look, Nelson Mandela would as well by now have been called Dr, and indeed Professor. Had he gone back to his militant ways, perhaps he would be referred to now as Field Marshal, the highest the British military ranking can attain, if am not mistaken.

But since Mandela is a gentleman as he is down to earth, just like a few other brother leaders on the African continent, he is not envious on prefixing his name to such titles as Dr or Professor even nick names as Ngwazi, Mpezi, Kumtunda, Chtsulo cha Njani or Chiwongolero.

Am sure next time Ma’am travels West, the whites will try and beat the Asian by annexing her name to some Professor of Safe motherhood or something of sort. And knowing African leaders, the portraits will soon be pulled down and replaced with the Prof or Dr. lingo in the place of Mrs.

JB started humbly, by respecting her husband, that she insisted she be referred to as Her Excellency Mrs. Joyce Banda. Now with the doctorate of sorts, economics they say? She will fast be called, dare I muse, Her Excellency Mrs. Dr. Joyce Banda. And that will be fun!

Bingu wa Mutharika, may his soul rest dearly, had to ensure he gets that Professorship over the doctorate that he already had managed to stage manage. It must have been in the vein of trying to ‘upper’ over his kid brother, Peter, another ‘grey’ professor, that made him convince that other type of Asians to honor him with the title.

It did work, but Malawi lost millions in response as the portraits had to change. Yes, first from Mr. Bingu wa Mutharika to Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika, and later to Professor Bingu wa Mutharika.

With Mama JB, we sure will be spending more of our hard earned resources to change all those portraits, less some stupid Malawians forget who is doctor up there at Kamuzu Palace.

Yes, we need to be reminded who is what and where they belong day in day out, but this Dr. honors are now getting deep into Malawians’ pockets.

May I pass suggestion – lets ask the Koreans to produce the new Dr. Joyce Banda portraits right there where they belong, at that university, and also see to it that no Malawian earned penny is used to transport them over to Malawi.

Am sure today as Ma’am sits to chat away the health experts at her Palace in the capital, Lilongwe, JB will be addressed by the lingo ‘Dr’. And well, who does not need a doctor to discuss matters with doctors on the all important matter of medications?

So, doctor, yes. Let Ma’am enjoy it whilst she can – and hopefully that doctorate will help wise her up enough to find solutions to the medication shortfalls. Yes, maybe people will not die of easily treatable diseases due to lack of water drips, and the little pills that can save lives on a daily basis.

Again, I will not be surprised if one Ken Zikhale Ng’oma will not start to bore us with his ‘Doctorate’, and if my namesake, Patricia Kaliati, will not travel to Japan to get herself a Doctorate in Civic Education, if it may exist.

Africans and education titles they never deserve!

Congrats, yes, but do we really need to be bothered and milked of our coffers by these honorary stagings?

I guess not!

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