Dzuka Malawi: Joyce Banda vs Peter Mutharika, the blood and the tears

Former President Joyce Banda is a very bitter woman. Twice, not once, has Professor Peter Mutharika been directly or indirectly responsible for her political misfortunes. First, as a heir apparent to late Bingu wa Mutharika, Banda was effectively sidelined in preference to the President’s brother. She was bitter, she created all sorts of noise and the public sympathised with her.

Then came 2012, the gods of Zomba mountain smiled on her. She never forgot. Those that know Joyce Banda will tell you, she never forgets and always vengeful if you cross her path. There are a couple of Civil Servants, Journalists and Politicians she never forgot or really forgave after some crossings. Perhaps as a politician, she fails to pretend and that has always led to her downfall.

As a President, she pounced on Peter Mutharika, charged him with treason. Don’t worry treason in Malawi is a misdemeanour, basically meant to silence perceived political enemies. She locked up Mutharika and his closest allies. She forgot some of the Cabinet Ministers who are opportunists who were in front proposing and electing Peter Mutharika in his absence at State House as DPP acting President. Effectively lining him up for some strange unconstitutional path.

When the plot started backfiring, they quickly abandoned Peter Mutharika and went to Area 12 where they presented themselves as “political angels” who were there to save our democracy. Joyce Banda quickly embraced them and went after the remnants of the DPP.

JB, one of Malawi’s best political actresses, as my close friend calls her all the time, can hold a bible on one hand and plot to fire you on the other. Ask many who have been with her from Ministry of Gender, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Vice President and as Head of State.

The Police obtained a warrant of arrest for Joyce Banda in cashgate related case. Effectively ending Professor Peter Mutharika’s record as the only President who has not arrested his predecessor. It was soon bound to happen. Those that have heard him speak of his Lumbadzi cell experience, knows that deep down his heart, he wants Joyce Banda to spend a night there, at least one night.

So Bakili Muluzi arrested Hastings Kamuzu Banda on murder charges, John Tembo on something else including Treason and robbery. Brown Mpinganjira on treason and Gwanda Chakuamba on something else. Then late Bingu arrested Bakili first on corruption, Gwanda for calling him stupid, some Army Generals and former IG for famous treason and finally his Vice President Cassim Chilumpha for a poorly scripted assassination plot.

We thought Joyce Banda, the victim of Bingu’s ruthlessness will learn from the past. No she had one agenda- lock up Peter Mutharika and her number one woman enemy Patricia Kaliati. Remember the first day she took office, only hours after being in office- she fired two people she believed were key enemies Patricia Kaliati and Peter Mukhito. Of course, she would hunt Mukhito in every Commission of Inquiry but failed to find dirt to prosecute him. But that’s how bitter she was with anyone who was loyal to Mutharika.

Now President Mutharika is setting the stage for his successors to continue the bitterness towards the next generation. This brings us to 2019 elections campaign. There will be blood and tears for every corner.

2019, Joyce Banda would support even the devil himself to see Peter Mutharika out. Peter Mutharika would want to crush out anyone threatening his position and complete his five year mandate and leave the Presidency in safe hand.

The problem is the battles have very little to do with Malawians. They are personal and they will turn bloody.

The opposition talking alliance, threatens the DPP. Sidik Mia’s early joining of the MCP has kickstarted the campaign period. Everyone has to win, or this is their last chance.

In the end, Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has to win, or MCP hawks will demand that he leaves the stage. President Mutharika has to win or he will be hounded by whoever comes after him. Atupele Muluzi needs to make a strategic decision or massive failure in 2019 fails end of his political career, so too many who have put up their hopes and dreams on 2019.

Dzuka Malawi, the next 21 months will be bloody politically, the battle will be as in 2014. President Joyce Banda trying to sink President Mutharika at all costs. She will of course not run and the DPP has made some powerful enemies with liquid cash, from Prophet Shepered Bushiri whose ECG members are loaded in DEPECO to Joyce Banda, whose satisfaction will be the downfall of the President.

From the terraces, we say the first round of Dzuka Malawi bout is on October 17, 2017. Whoever wins Nsanje Lalanje and the Ulemu Msungama will have a feel of the actual battle in 21 months. The battle of lifetime has just began!

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Pepa joyce
Pepa joyce
4 years ago

Looks like Aunt Joyce Banda has no friends in the media. Amayi Joyce Banda chonde sinthani

Droba Gabi
4 years ago

Kwali zako if phee kudya mbatata

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