Dzuka Malawi: Lets swallow our pride, people are dying

I love Malawi. I write to try and influence a bit of positive thinking and change in our politics. But this week all that energy has been drained. Malawi is bleeding, losing its bright and energetic, the wise and the ordinary.

Malawi just like the rest of the world is facing a huge crisis. A crisis that has been in making for over a year now. Nobody has energy to fight. Nobody has power to pretend to have answers. Every morning we are greeted with very bad news. News of death.

Its like the angel of death is flying over our nation every night and choosing who to choose to take back home. The Prophets and religious leaders have absolutely no idea what to tell the congregation. One truth has come out, most of money or miracle claiming prophets were not send by God.

If they were sent by God, they could not have had crossovers or night prayers and expose their congregations to Covid 19. The boom we are seeing now has squarely three groups to blame- those partied hard, those politicians that went into hospitals without masks and those who were pretending they cant pray in their homes but in a bigger group.

Of course Human Rights Defenders Coalition, Honourable Timothy Mtambo, Vice President Saulosi Chilima and Former President Joyce Banda need to be as vocal telling or educating Malawians on the dangers of Covid 19. These are very critical voices that need to be in front of the this battle.

I could feel President Lazarus Chakwera’s voice cracking having lost his two friends and workmates on Tuesday. Next time delegate someone to speak, just appear at the event. It helps to be human. My deep condolences to the Cabinet and the President. To the Sidik Mia and Lingson Belekanyama families, God gave and God has taken, his name be praised always.

But we did not need to reach where we are, if Malawians learn to change the way we do things, we always leave it to the last minute. We don’t want to change the way we want to do things. More importantly we don’t want to listen those we think have different opinion.

I know Tonse Administration is embarrassed especially about Covid. They have been caught off guard. But greatest humans always achieve greater when facing their lowest moments. Malawians have faced the worst and come out stronger.

The first and provable strategy to contain Covid is to restrict movement of people. Not a popular opinion but it has to be done. At this stage we need a minimum of six to eight weeks like Ireland or Germany. Learn from Singapore as well.

Here is how you limit movement-

  • All persons over 50 years of age and those suffering from chronic illness should stay home.
  • All students in boarding schools should be tested and quarantined for the same period. Teachers should be tested every two weeks.
  • Day scholars should be using schools in shifts. Examination classes three times a week and non-exam classes two times a week. Disinfect classes.
  • Open more testing centres across the country.
  • Close bars, video shows and churches. No events, even of 10 should not be held for 8 weeks.
  • Market spaces should expand all traders even if they spill on the roads should be trading at 2m apart, wearing masks. Controllers should be at all entry points to ensure distance, sensitisation and wearing of masks.
  • Close all Government agencies- recruit more Covid 19 assistants, open 1,000 bed centres in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Zomba and Mzuzu. And 200 per district.
  • No fuel allocation to anyone to be paid in 2 months, the money should be used for Covid PPE and equipment.
  • Introduce community disinfection programmes, each village and township to be disinfected once a week.
  • Recruit all health workers in retirement and students in final years or graduates to beef up personnel.
  • Close borders and airports for two months, extend where necessary.
  • Introduce cash transfer for small businesses, those above 60 and tax breaks for industries not firing people.
  • Encourage digital meetings. Even Covid 19 task force should meet digitally.

This and more would change the course of direction in the next two months. It will peak sometime in February; we should expect more deaths and more sick people. Our healthcare is not prepared at all to manage the crisis.

If we start today, we have six weeks to start reversing the trend. If we don’t start today, and waste time and money on meetings or buying flowers for Covid 19 meetings as shown on Wednesday, we will have a crisis nobody will manage.

Dzuka Malawi. Covid 19 is real. Politics wont help us, but leadership. Let us focus on health sector first, the rest of the money spending projects should be postponed until the pandemic eases. A partial lockdown as explained can help us start looking forward to tomorrow.

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1 day ago

That’s truly us such but the problems is people we think negatively.. And we need to see things to go on waste in order to take action… We need to bare in our mind to see how our friends and relative are suffered..

1 day ago

Hello I’m new

2 days ago

Yes. The first to swallow their pride is the president Chakwera, Chilima, Joice Banda, Mtambo and company in fact all those who downplayed Corona virus and mocked the then president. Apologize to Malawians first before persuading them to change their mindset. Tell them that you selfishly misled them else few people will listen to you now.

Nothing else but the truth...
Nothing else but the truth...
2 days ago

The biggest problem is the way we think, leaders can not think for us, but us for ourselves. Look around, people behave differently but when things come to waste we want leaders to think for us.

Last edited 2 days ago by Nothing else but the truth...
No time to waste in JHB
No time to waste in JHB
2 days ago

It sounds intelligent on paper. Once you close all economic activity, you may not even have the money to implement what you have suggested sir. It means economic ruin. There must be a good balance in the lock down is implemented people can die of hunger before they die of COVID-19. Not all your suggestions are bad but some are totally bizarre

Mzakwacha Nixon's
Mzakwacha Nixon's
2 days ago

Palije chamahala….
All what you hay suggested can’t contain Corona,
Let’s just accept and be careful on our own.
You can’t control wishes of Allah,never…. strong duas only can ease Corona not all what you suggest, vyawaka pera.
Clossing boarders,airport s,ise tileke kukwera ndege,for whaaaaat?employing more Covid staff,who will pay?Malawi Govt?you are joking.
Kwazulu Natal

Concerned citizen
Concerned citizen
2 days ago

Fanatistic, realistic proposals there. Very well thought out. Ofcourse, knowing politics and public service delivery in Malawi none of this will be implemented. Cheers and stay safe.

2 days ago

Corona virus is not like ibola or Corella to scare people since we can easily avoid catching it if we keep to medical instructions , if we keep avoiding where we are told avoid we don’t need any help from somewhere because this is about obeying instructions who will come and obey for us since everyone in the world is affected

Back Lash
2 days ago

Singapore. Germany. Taiwan. You may want to skip these comparisons. I understand M M was admitted to ward 3A. He was not pleased with the ablution facilities there. And decided to use his home ablution facilities. (..the rest is his-tory)

2 days ago

Shut up you dunderheads, the same mouth of yours says all people over 50 should stay home and the same mouth says retired personnel should be recalled to beef up health personnel. Which side of your stinky mouth should people listen to? I detest it when people with below average human intelligence are vocal simply because they want to shine that they know how to write. Tame your mechanical brain. You are not in the task force , please do not confuse them…mxiiii!

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