Dzuka Malawi: Mchinji-Karonga then ka boom! Prophet Bushiri and Nangwale demise

The Malawi President Peter Mutharika is away for sometime. But back here, things are falling. Literally falling, people are starting to rise up, yes a Malawi akudzuka!Dzuka Malawi

For those who have seen enough “dowe” seasons, we can remember how Malawi was on fire in the leading up to 1992/1993. The trend is adding up and its not from established opposition. It is from the people. That is dangerous.

After years of dirty markets- despite paying fees everyday, after years of wanton stealing and corruption in Local Councils, people are demanding now what they think they deserve better services. Councillors- the other group of politicians might have been in office, but nobody has seen any change. People now want to drive home that change.

The story of Karonga and Mchinji protests shows the people power. Immediate audits, immediate arrests and tracing of public finances. Yep Yep Hurreh! My people are waking up. Very soon, even Capital Hill will wake up with protestors at their doors, demanding heads of Ministers and corrupt gangsters.

The public is tired. The opposition is busy infighting, the Civil Society is all dead and only focus on issues to gain publicity. People are crying for service delivery. I can predict Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Zomba, Blantyre, Mzimba, Rumphi, Nkhotakota, Salima, Ntcheu and Dowa all will soon experience the same.

If President Peter Mutharika continues to fail to act on corrupt officials, the wave of protests will spread and the biting hunger, the queues at corrupt immigration, corrupt road traffic offices, corrupt ministry of lands in plot allocations, corrupt ESCOM in installing power into homes, corrupt MHC in housing allocation, corrupt City councils, corrupt companies getting rich on peoples taxes and yes even corrupt Chiefs, corrupt politicians and everyone will soon find out what it means to be poor, broke and hungry.

I wrote some five months ago, anger and tension is brewing among the poorest. Poverty is growing and people read everyday someone playing with Government money and nothing happening to them.

The President has two options, dissolve his Cabinet. Fire the Anti-Corruption Bureau Chief and fire anybody and everybody that has been named as corrupt. Even by mere suspicion. Clean up the slate now, get all cashgate cases prosecuted quickly and I mean everyone, otherwise there is a growing feeling that cashgate prosecution has slowed down now than it was under Joyce Banda.

The second option for the President and the ruling DPP is to do nothing, keep fighting and wait for fate to decide which district will start lasting riots that will instigate a revolution Malawi has been sitting on. With free circulation of information, be assured other districts have noticed the results, very soon protests will break everywhere, unless the leadership makes deliberate move to address the glowing corruption everywhere!

Malawians no longer need Billy Mayaya or John Kapito to protest, Karonga and Mchinji has led the way.

The Major 1, Papa

I am not a fan of any religious leader, not at all. Big No! To me they border on charlatans milking poor and the gullible their resources in promise of heaven on earth. Heaven is in heaven, not here, period.

But for some reason I can say Prophet Shepherd Bushiri obusiness ideas are interesting. I am not sure about management of such a diverse group of interests, but I say his detractors in Malawi should stop associating the Major 1 or Papa  with politics and try to tap from his growing enterprise to benefit Malawi as well.

In our desperation to politicise everything we have politicised Shepherd Bushiri of the Enlightened Christian Gathering. The industry he is building, can benefit Malawi. I would ask  ruling DPP cronies to swallow their pride and offer Bushiri some land to build his mega church, duty free status if he brings some of his University and Mobile phone investment into Malawi and of course, ask him to partner with Malawian Airlines for all pilgrimages to his Malawi base.

Apart from that, if I was from Hewe, I would make his birth place and areas he grew up a tourist spot for his teams of followers to come and pray, I would make money out of everything.

It would not be a bad idea if President Mutharika or someone senior stopped by in South Africa and prayed at Bushiri, otherwise, its shauri yathu, while money and investments are readily available. Dzuka Malawi, Kamuzu used to say, I don’t like apartheid, but I can do business with them for survival.

I say don’t like Bushiri, but accept him as a businessman! He has shown great gospel propserty. As he rightly put it, “either be inspired or intimidated”, I choose to be inspired. Go deeper, Papa.

Go well Nangwale

Mary Nangwale was a patriot. She served her country well. People did not agree with her vocal approach to Police business and rejected her appointment, mainly just to teach the late Bingu wa Mutharika lesson.

She later served as a diplomat and returned home in 2012. Mary Nangwale’s appointment though short lived, inspired many other girls, many other females in police services that it was possible for a woman to lead the security agency.

She was lively woman, joking always but a serious police officer who took her work seriously. Her appointment and that of Joyce Banda as Vice President, were Bingu wa Mutharika’s lasting legacy on women empowerment. He just did not talk, he walked.

By the time he died, Bingu left a Woman Vice President/President, female Clerk of Parliament, lady Chief Justice, and had once appointed Lady Law Commissioner, Lady Attorney General, Lady Inspector General and many more.

Mary Nangwale, go well, you fought a good fight, you served your country with loyalty and dedication. May Your departed soul rest well!

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5 years ago

Please Dzuka Malawi aouthor can you write positive issues for Malawi. Other than the shits you are pasting here. You are foolish big time.

5 years ago

It is easier to convince Bushiri to invest in Malawi than to dream about Dangote. The investment climate is not conducive in Malawi and to attract Dangote is as laborious as kukolopa Lake Malawi. On the hand Bushiri understands our case and he would do it because he has to as our son. But knowing Mr Clueless, he would rather keep us as poor as we are than to swallow senseless pride. Kukhala mMalawi nkupirira.

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